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Amazonia Bingo

Amazonia Bingo is among the numerous Internet casino games that are based on the traditional bingo, including 75-Ball Bingo, Bingo Bash, Speed Bingo, and 90-Ball Bingo. Amazonia Bingo is also modelled on Amazonia. “Amazonia” refers to the Amazon Rainforest, which is depicted in the graphics of Amazonia Bingo; “bingo”, an exclamation which denotes happiness, was initially pronounced as “Beano”, wherein it also meant an 18th century bingo variant which substituted beans for numbers. Amazonia Bingo players aim at forming any of the four winning combinations (patterns).

Amazonia Bingo: Game Review
Virtual cards, which resemble those used in the traditional setting, are used in the Amazonia Bingo game. There are a maximum of four cards; each of these cards, which have 3 by 5 layouts, have fifteen numbers, which translates to a total of sixty numbers for the four cards. Other symbols that are used in Amazonia Bingo comprise of ten wild animals (players select six of them) that are ordinarily found in the Amazon River Basin, including a parrot, hornbill, bush baby, anteater, and butterfly, although their presence is triggered by the bonus round.

In order to play Amazonia Bingo, players first set their preferred stakes using the plus (+) and minus (—) buttons, which are adjacent to the “Bet” feature. Secondly, they set the preferred quantity of playing cards out of the four cards, which can be only one or all of them; again, they set the cards using the “+” and “—“ buttons that are on either side of the “Cards” feature. Afterwards, players press the “Play” icon, which prompts a draw whereby numbered balls start flowing above the cards. Note that, when starting to play Amazonia Bingo, the software usually activates the four cards (by default), although they can not only be reduced but also changed by pressing the “Change cards” icon at the bottom left side of the interface. There is a strikethrough on matching numbers. Green and yellow coloring is used to indicate won lines and misses, respectively.

There is also a pop-up that asks the players whether they want to purchase extra balls. The bet sizes of Amazonia Bingo are between $0.10 and $10.00, wherein the “Total Bet” is the bet size multiplied by the number of cards. In order to win in Amazonia Bingo, players are required to match any of the four patterns; these patterns appear on the card’s layout as: “1L”, which pays X3; “2L”, which pays X100; “S” tilted sideways, which is the Bonus; and a 3X5 pattern, which offers X1500.

Amazonia Bingo has a progressive jackpot, which is triggered if the player’s winning combination is marked using thirty balls out of the first batch of 33 balls. However, qualifying for this bonus also requires players to play using the four cards and to stake more than $1 on every playing card. Amazonia Bingo has an auto play feature, which is located at the bottom right side, and a turbo-prop that can be accessed through the drop-down menu at the top left side, beside the “Extraball price” feature.

The sounds and graphics are spot on, especially the realistic depiction of the fauna and flora of the Amazon Jungle. Unfortunately, Amazonia Bingo players have relatively few and far between winning chances, and exceedingly few winning combinations.

Amazonia Bingo: Strategy
There is scant information on Amazonia Bingo’s RTP rate, but the house edge of most bingo variants is between 3% and 11%. It is recommendable to buy extra balls if the player stands a chance to complete a winning pattern, although this comes at an added cost.

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