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Let It Ride: The Martingale Betting System

One of the most popular betting systems for casino games is the Martingale System. While it was initially created for the game of Roulette, it can also be applied to practically any casino game there is, including Let It Ride.

The Martingale is popular because it can really get the heart pumping. It’s also a very simplistic system to use and there’s really not much to it, which is why it’s the most common betting system – even among players who have never actually heard of the name and come up with their own system.

Let’s quickly explain how the Martingale betting system works, before applying it to Let It Ride. You bet an amount – we’ll say $1. If you win – you continue to bet $1. The only time your bet amount changes is when you lose. Then you double the initial stake. So if you lose $1, you bet $2. If you lose $2, you bet $4. And so on and so forth. Whenever you win you go back to your initial stake. So if you are down to $16 bets and then win – you immediately go back to $1.

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The Martingale System is popular due to the theory of not losing so many bets in a row. Of course each bet is independent of the other and to actually profit with the Martingale system you need infinite money, but as long as you have a cap for how much you are willing to lose it can be a really entertaining betting system.

Now here’s how Let it Ride works. You need to place 3 bets of the same amount with the option of keeping bets on the table, or pulling them. This is where it can get confusing for people. What if you put down 3 bets of $1 on Let It Ride while trying to martingale it, and then pull back $1 and then lose? Do you go to $6 or $4 or $2?

Plus with all of the different betting options available and the payouts it can get confusing. Does winning with three of a kind compared to a Flush change things?

There’s two ways I would recommend when trying to Martingale Let It Ride:

1: The Easy Method. Let’s stick with the $1 bets. So you put down $1 on each betting spot. That’s a $3 bet. Regardless of what happens – if you lose the hand, you would put down $6. Then if you lose that hand, you would put down $12 and so on.

The math doesn’t work perfectly with the Martingale – but it’s just a lot easier to handle. The whole point of the Martingale Betting System is you don’t put much thought into it – and that works perfectly for Let It Ride when you do this.

2: The More Accurate Method. It requires a little bit more mindwork – not too much though. You just need to keep track of how much you pull back.

For example, you place down 3 $1 chips. So you have bet $3. However your hand is bad, so you pull back $1. Then you pull back the other $1. You’ve risked and lost $1. So you should risk $2 on the next hand.

Obviously – that doesn’t work with $1. It depends on the betting limits at a table – but ideally you can be using $5 and $1 chips. So let’s use an example that works:

You bet $5 each, so that’s $15 total. You pull back $10 and you lose $5. On the next hand, you want to risk $10 total. Again it doesn’t exactly work but you could place bets of $3 on each to bring it to $9 which is close.

That solution is a lot more complicated though. I would highly recommend just doing the easy method.

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