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Where To Play Daily Fantasy NHL Hockey?

First of all – I’m going to assume you know what Daily Fantasy Hockey IS. If not, then be sure to read our article What Is Daily Fantasy Hockey? and that will answer all your questions.

Now Daily Fantasy Hockey is BIG and getting bigger every year. So there are a TON of new daily fantasy sports websites opening up. You have to be careful – many of these are having tons of money thrown behind them and are failing hard. While I don’t want to use the term “fly by night” – the fact is this is already becoming an oversaturated market, so you want to stick with the trusted, reliable brands.

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The two best places to play daily fantasy hockey at are DraftKings and

Both of those sites have been around FOREVER. They are both very trustworthy and reliable and both have major positives. Honestly I’d recommend signing up at both DraftKings and FanDuel, because they both have different things to offer.

If you are going to choose one, I’d go with FanDuel as they usually have the most guaranteed hockey tournaments. In saying that though – DraftKings have ran some major NHL promotions as well which is why it’s best to get accounts at both.

Let me quickly go over both sites, and give you information about each one when it comes to fantasy hockey:

Why Play Fantasy Hockey at FanDuel:

  1. Points system for forwards & defenseman: Goals(3pts), Assists(2pts), +/-(1pt), PIM(0.25pts), PPG(0.5pts), PPA(0.5pts), SOG(0.4pts).
  2. Points system for goalies: W(3pts), SO(2pts), SV(0.2pts), GA(-1pt).
  3. Pick 2 LW, 2 C, 2 RW, 2 D, 1 G.
  4. $2 entry tournaments with guranteed prize pool of $2000+
  5. $1 entry tournaments with guaranteed prize pool of $500+
  6. Multi entry tournaments, 50/50 league tournaments, head to head tournaments
  7. Entries as low as $1, as high as $535
  8. Detailed stats breakdowns of every player, plus news
  9. $55k salary cap with great balancing on salaries
  10. $120k NHL Power Play, with $15,000 1st place prize
  11. Deposit bonus for all new players
  12. Separate mobile style, allows you to check stats and enter your team from your smartphone with ease

That is just SOME of the reasons you should play there. So be sure to head on over to FanDuel and sign up now.

Why Play Fantasy Hockey at DraftKings:

  1. Freerolls – play for free and win cash prizes.
  2. Tournaments as low as $0.25 up to $530.
  3. Multiple guaranteed touranments from $600-$1000.
  4. Pick 1 LW, 1 RW, 1 C, 2 D, 1 G and 3 players from ANY position except goalie.
  5. Points system for forwards & defenseman: Goals(3pts), Assists(2pts), SOG(0.3pts), Blocked shot(0.5pts), PIM(0.1pts), Short handed Goal or Assist(1pt), Shootout Goal(+0.2pts), Hat Trick Bonus(1.5pts).
  6. Points system for goalies: W(3pts), Save(0.2pts), Goal Against(-1pts), Shutout Bonus(+2pts).
  7. $50k salary cap.
  8. Optimized mobile site – easy to use with Android, iPhone etc.
  9. 100% first time deposit bonus for new players
  10. Free entries for new players into guaranteed tournaments.

As you can see – both sites are slightly different with a lot to offer which is why we recommend both. Be sure to sign up at DraftKings.

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    If you had to pick one out of FanDuel and DraftKings – which would you recommend?

    Honestly – it depends on the sport. For NHL, I would play at FanDuel.

    What is the best strategy for Daily Fantasy Hockey?

    I’m going to write a long article on that at some point and I will link it here when done. However for now – focus on the goalie. Shots on goal +0.2pts is the big one. You’re going to be looking for a goaltender who will get a ton of shots against him without conceding too many. If you can nail that – you’re almost guaranteed to be in the money. Stay away from “who will get a shutout”. The points aren’t worth it.

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