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What Roulette Etiquette Is There?

Roulette games at live casinos can be fast and furious, and can be intimidating to new players. The action is constant, and there are quite a few things you need to know before you play live casino roulette.

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The most important roulette etiquette is knowing when to place your bets, where to place your bets, and when to wait.

Between each spin of the roulette wheel, you are generally given about one minute to place your bets. After this minute, the dealer will pick up the white ball, and start spinning the ball in the opposite direction that the roulette wheel is spinning. During this period you can still place bets at this time. However the roulette dealer will eventually state “No more bets”, and wave their hand over the layout. This is when the ball starts to slow down, and at this point you must stop placing bets, and don’t touch any chips that are currently placed on the roulette betting layout.

When the ball has stopped in a number, the roulette dealer will mark the number of the lot on the layout, and remove any losing bets. The dealer will also pay out winning bets at this time. You are not allowed to take your winning bet off the table or touch your chips until every other person has received their winning bets.

The other thing you need to know in Roulette is WHERE to bet, and this is quite important. Here is what a roulette betting layout looks like:

roulette betting layout

Now some bets are obvious. All dozen bets, red or black bets, odd or even bets and high or low bets have a large section to place your bets on. However the other bets may be a bit confusing. Here are the other type of roulette bets, and where to place your chips:

Straight Bet: Place your chips on the number that you want to bet.

Split Bet: Place your bet on the line between the two numbers that you wish to bet.

Trio Bet: Place your chips on the line at either end of the row that you wish to bet.

Four-Number Bet: You must place your bet directly in the middle of the four numbers you wish to bet, on the point where the corners of the four numbers meet.

Five-Number Bet: To place a five number bet, you place the chips on the side lines where either the 0 and 1 or 00 and 3 touch.

Six-Number Bet: Placing a six number bet means you have to place your bet on either of the side lines at the point intersected by the line dividing the two rows that you wish to bet.

Column Bet: At the bottom of each column is a box entitled “2 to 1”. This is where you will place a column bet.

And that’s it – that’s really all you need to know to play your first roulette game. It’s best that you practice it first, so check out the beginner Roulette tables before playing for the big money.

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    Additional Roulette Etiquette Questions:

    The casino was giving me free money at Roulette?

    When playing roulette I made a 74€ bet on red, which was the winning colour. Since the two 2€ chips were underneath, the dealer didn’t notice and even payed me out correctly, but the table supervisor remarked him about the 2€ chips. At that time the two even stacks were still on red and as I was ready to take the chips by my side the dealer made a remark that I only could play 10€ chips or bigger and asked me (and here I was a little bit thrown off) if my bet was 70€ or 80€. Since I was a little bit surprised by the fact I could choose a higher bet after the spin, I paused for a moment and I even offered him the 8€ back which I thought came from the 4€ that was void. I even thought for a moment that my whole bet had become void because of wrong bet placement. The dealer looked at me strangely and the supervisor tried to explain me what my options were but I didn’t understand him (he was sitting at a distance). At the end that supervisor saw that I was not getting his point and I took the 148€. Could you explain me what was going on? PS the minimum bet on colour in that casino is 20€. thank you very much!

    From the sounds of things, it sounds like the casino was just attempting to avoid any confrontation.

    As you play Roulette, you no doubt know that it is a fast-paced game and emotions are often at a high. It seems to be the game where players seem to have outbursts at the dealer/croupier the most.

    In this instance, you had bet 74€, however the casino only lets you bet in increments of 10€.

    Now normally, what the casino should have done was simply refund your bets of 4€, and paid you out on the 70€ bet. However it sounds like the casino just didn’t want any problems to arise. Some players would “freak out” at that idea, stating that they bet the money and they should win the money, and cause problems – which would hold up the game, and possibly cause that player to leave.

    So the casino decided to present it in a way where you would – I don’t want to say “got one over the casino” – but you’d be happy at the outcome. Of course I can understand how this would be confusing because the casino is basically saying at that point “Here is some free money”. But really it’s a small price to pay to keep a big gambler happy.

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