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Why Is Craps Fun To Play?

You know, if I’m going to a casino for a fun night out, have a few beers and catch up with some old friends, the first place I go to is the craps table. Why? Well, craps is a hell of a lot of fun, that’s why. I love it and my friends love it, too. We stand around the craps table, have a great time and there’s never a moment of silence. So, what makes it so fun?

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Well, have you ever been allowed to spin the wheel at the roulette table? No. Does the dealer ever let you deal at blackjack? No. What about baccarat? Didn’t think so. But in craps, you get to throw the dice! Yeah, it sounds like a silly little thing to get excited about, but it’s great. If you’ve never thrown a 7 on your opening roll and had over a dozen people cheer it, you’ve never lived. If you’ve never went on some sort of hot streak and, after you’ve “sevened out” had congratulations and thanks from players at the table, you’ve never lived. And if you’ve never thrown a hard 10 for that one guy with $50 on it and won, you really haven’t lived. I never get those people that pass up an opportunity to throw the dice, I think they’re missing out on the fun of it and, at the end of the day, we all want to have a bit of fun when gambling, otherwise it becomes a boring job and I never want that to happen when I’m gambling. Plus, because I’m with friends, we give each other a bit of friendly banter whenever one of us has a terrible roll. It must be the best game to play with friends. You’ll know what it can be like sitting at the blackjack table and you’re so worried about what’s going on at the table that you sit there in silence with your friends doing exactly the same. No, in craps, you throw the damn dice and you’re responsible for their bets!

But don’t think that throwing the dice is just for live craps. Oh, no. Check out the craps table at Tower Casino or if you’re in the US Slotastic Casino. You can choose to “throw” the dice. A computer generated arm comes up holding the dice and you throw it that way. It seriously adds a new dimension to an online game that used to involved just clicking a button. I love it and have spent hours just playing craps over at Tower Casino with my computer generated counterpart, because it’s so cool. I’ve yet to get drunk and throw abuse at him for “sevening out”, but I have thrown a few choice words his way.

Also, the atmosphere gets added to by the stick man when he calls out each roll. There’s usually some slang thrown in and it really gets the table buzzing. Again, if you’re playing baccarat or roulette does the dealer/croupier start talking jive? It adds to the fun of it. If you’re playing online, just learn some of the slang terms and shout them out after every roll. Of course, make sure you’re alone when you start shouting “Yo!” after every 11 rolled. I won’t be held responsible for the breakdown of any relationship if your partner suddenly decides you’re crazy.

Are there any other reasons craps is fun? Oh, hell yes! There are so many bets you can place when playing craps that you’ll never be bored. Sure, if you’re playing sensibly, you bet the pass/don’t pass line and make your money that way, but you can bet every roll of the dice if you want to. You can bet the field, bet dice combinations, you can be individual numbers, or you can bet on the roller to be an unlucky son of a bitch and throw a seven before he reaches his point. Yeah, a lot of them are perceived as sucker bets, but I don’t care, because I’m there to have fun. I’m not playing with some sort of system (Martingale, d’Alembert, Oscar’s Grind etc), I’m just chilling with some friends and having a few beers. But, it’s also the same when I play online. Actually, placing bets at online craps is a lot easier than playing live craps because you’re the only one at the table, as opposed to a scrum of people all trying to make sure their bets are on and acknowledged. All you have to worry about it clicking the right places and you never have to rush because someone is ready to roll. Also, have you ever had an online stack of chips knocked over by an overambitious throw? No, neither have I.

On a more serious note, craps is also fun because it offers you one of the fairest bets in the casino. The pass/don’t pass bet has slightly differing odds, but both have under a 1.5% house edge and you don’t need any skill to make the edge so low. Yes, blackjack and video poker can have a much smaller house edge, but you need to learn strategy for this. In craps, go to the table/load the table up, decide whether you want to bet on the pass line or the don’t pass line and that’s it. You don’t have to learn anything, you just make your bet and the house only has a tiny advantage compared to other table games like this.

Finally, craps is fun if you like playing with systems. I wouldn’t recommend using betting systems other than for a bit of fun, but because even money bets are offered on the pass/don’t pass bets, you don’t have to adapt the Martingale system, the anti-Martingale system, the d’Alembert system, Oscar’s Grind or any of the rest of the systems out there. Playing something like blackjack using a system is harder because you are supposed to double your bet on certain hands, surrender others and it can get confusing and if you don’t do these things, blackjack quickly become a -EV proposition. So, along with roulette, craps is ideal for using betting systems and if you want to try any of the systems out, get yourself over to Bovada to try them out, because it’s the perfect place to have some fun playing craps.

So, in conclusion, craps is a hell of a lot of fun, both online and offline. In my opinion, anyway. If you don’t believe me, check out Tower Casino or Slotastic Casino and I promise you’ll be as hooked as I am to craps. If not, you can go back to the grinding boredom of blackjack!

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