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Different Types of Craps Games

Craps is a fantastic game to play both in live casinos and when you are playing at an online casino. Playing craps live is like nothing else in the casino, especially if you get on a hot streak throwing the dice. While online craps does not have that excitement, it is still a fun game, with a lot of different bets to make. However, if you are a long-time craps player, you might be getting bored of your favorite game, but do not want to lose the excitement that the game brings. So you should have a look at the different variations of craps that are out there, most of them with a regional twist, so they might not be offered everywhere you look.

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The major variation of craps that you can find in live casinos is crapless craps. This game can be found in Las Vegas casinos, and as the name suggests, the game is the same as traditional craps, but with one major difference – none of the numbers are ‘craps’. So, if you roll a 2, 3, 11 or 12 on the come out roll, they become point numbers instead of being winners or losers instantly. This game changes the dynamic of the game slightly, and it can bring about more action. There is a slight shift in the house edge, with the pass line becoming heavily in the house’s favor at over 5%, instead of being one of the best bets in the casino – so avoid that bet if you decide to play crapless craps. At the time of writing, crapless craps is not available at any online casino, but that is not to say that once more live casinos offer the game it won’t become commonplace in online casinos.

Another variation of craps that you might have heard of is street craps. There is a full article on street craps on Casino Answers, which should answer any question you might have. Of course, street craps is not available to play online, and I would not suggest actively seeking the game out on the street. Instead, get some friends round to play if you are interested in playing this variation of craps. It is a great variation of craps to play with friends, because all you need are two dice and some friends.

New York Craps is a variation on the traditional craps game, and it is played mostly on the east coast of the United States (if the name was not a complete give-away!), so do not expect to find this in Las Vegas or California. This variation does not have Pass bets, Come bets or Place bets, which is obviously the main difference between this and traditional craps. Bets on specific numbers are the main focus of New York Craps, and the payouts do not have any house edge, but wins are subject to a 5% levy. So, while the game is much simple than craps, the odds are not in your favour with the removal of the pass and come bets – you are trading an advantage for simplicity in New York Craps. Again, this version of craps is not available online.

As you can see, variations of craps are not available online right now. There is not enough interest in these games to make it worthwhile for the online casinos to offer them – they are extremely niche games played in extremely niche markets. That being said, it is a good thing that online casinos do not offer these games to their players, because their odds for players are far worse. If you stick to playing traditional craps, you have the chance to play a game with an extremely favourable house edge, and that is something you do not want to lose in any game. So even if New York Craps of Crapless Craps shows up at your online casino, if you already know how to play craps, it would not be worth your time switching. However, if you do want to learn the basics of craps, simpler games may just be your entry to the wonderful world of craps betting. Either that, or you can read the articles on Casino Answers to better understand craps without having to hunt out a crapless craps or New York Craps game.

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