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What Is The Best Strategy for Craps?

When it comes to games of chance, there are many strategies that have been developed in order to give the average player an upper hand. Mastering one strategy can be challenging in itself-yet how do you know that it is the best strategy?

There is really no “best strategy” – there are quite a few strategies people do have for Craps however or Craps Betting Systems, and I’m going to cover them here for you.

An overview of some more popular hypotheses, below:

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Craps Strategy #1: The Monte Carlo Fallacy

Unfortunately, it is a popular belief to think that chance games such as craps are not really chance games at all-that there is a mystical higher power controlling the fate of the game. The Monte Carlo Fallacy, or “Gambler’s Fallacy” as others call it, is the belief that outcomes that have all ready taken place in the games before and leading up to the current bet will have an effect on the dice’s outcome during the present. For example, if the average gambler has been to other tables and has rolled eights all night, he might get to another table and think to himself, “I wont roll an eight now since I did it before, therefore I need to place my faith in another outcome.” And then that gambler will bet differently, believing that the “fates above” are controlling the outcome of the dice.

When playing craps, it is imperative to understand that the main mechanics of the game (the physical rolling of the dice) are an independent event. In the Statistics probability theory, this means that the outcome of one roll does not, in any way shape or form, affect the outcome of the next roll. Each time our example player from above rolls the dice, he has a one out of eighteenth chance of hitting an eight, no matter how many times he has rolled an eight before during his night. There is no way that this type of superstition will affect your craps game for the better. The only thing one can take away from this strategy is to except the fact that it is exactly what it claims to be: a fallacy.

Craps Strategy #2: The Dice Control System

The Dice Control System is not much of a step up from The Monte Carlo Fallacy, but it at least has more sound reasoning behind it. The idea of this strategy is to position the dice and throw them in a very specific way, using probability statistics in reference to the amount of times the dice will roll and therefore be able to predict how they will land. While it is not impossible to accomplish, most casinos require that the dice hit the back of the table, or they use dice that are shaped with points on the ends, which makes the dice spin differently all together, and therefore both of these factors make this system flawed and unpredictable. This strategy also applies to “Betting the Opposite”, which is when a player look at their pair of dice, determine what numbers are facing the table away from them, and places their bet based on those numbers. As stated before, the rolling of the dice is an independent variable, and there is no greater likely hood of rolling the numbers that are currently facing away from you, just because they are facing away from you. If you are playing craps at home, then this isn’t the worst strategy to use (if you have excellent motor control), but when you plan on playing in a casino, this strategy becomes null and void when you walk through the door.

Craps Strategy #3: The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting System is when the player doubles their betting amount when they lose a previous bet. The idea is to win back what you have lost by making high-risk bets. While this could be a lucky way to win some money, to practice this system on its own is entirely foolish. Although craps is a game of chance, it is foolish to try and place serious bets on a strategy also based on chance. This system is best paired up with an actual game playing strategy, like the one detailed below.

Craps Strategy #4: Betting The Odds

One of the more sound betting strategies out there, Betting The Odds most certainly takes your game of chance and turns it into a plausible mathematical probability. Each time you roll the dice in craps, there are 36 possible combinations those two dice will make, and because of those combinations, seven ends up being the number with the highest probability rolled (with six possible combinations). If you add up all the combinations, you get a 50/50 divide on odd number combinations versus even number combinations, but because seven has the highest probability of being rolled, you have the chances of rolling an odd number tipped lightly in your favor.

Now, many take this strategy to heart when advancing in the game, playing the Pass Line with max odds ensures that there is low house advantage (thanks to the pass line) and even after there is a point established, the odds are always in the player’s favor in terms of probability, even if only slightly. This offers the player the greatest chance mathematically of winning a bet. Another combination of betting the odds includes playing the Pass Line with place bets on either six and eight or five and nine. When betting on these numbers, you calculate that you have a seven out of 36 chance of rolling a seven, plus either 10 out of 36 chance of rolling six or eight, or eight out of 36 chance of rolling a five or nine. 7+10 equals 17, which means betting on six and eight makes the probability of you rolling a desired number almost a 50/50 shot. When using five and nine, your probability goes down to 15 out of 36, but still gives you a 42% chance on rolling your numbers, which is not terribly bad and can be a good way to add to the excitement of the game.

It is important to understand that while there are many tips and strategies for playing craps, at the end of the day (no matter how many Statistics lessons you have picked up and how much math you have done in your head) it is a game of chance. It cannot be accurately predicted or rigged in any way, and the most sound advice that can be given while playing? Just have fun! After all, it is just a game!

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