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Big 6 & Big 8 Bets

The Big 6 and Big 8 rolls in craps are NOT a one-time roll and stand until the player hits the point or rolls 7. As far as being a good or bad bet, in our personal opinion, the Big 6 and Big 8 bets are not worth betting on simply because they pay even money and the actual odds are 6-5, meaning the house has a considerable edge of roughly 8%-9%.

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If you’re thinking of betting on Big 6 or Big 8, consider having a wager on the 6 or 8 place bets. These bets pay out 7-6 and the house edge on these bets is only around 1%-2, since the actual odds are 6-5.

So, in short, Big 6 and Big 8 are not good bets, even though they are not a one time roll wager.

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    Additional Big 6 & Big 8 Questions:

    It seems to me that since the ways to roll the 6 or the 8 is 5, betting on both at the same time would offer better odds since the ways to make a 7 is 6. Is my logic faulty? Why, since 5 plus 5 is a 10?)

    There are 36 combinations that can come out when rolling two dice. Place 6 and Place 8 are 10 of them. That’s a 27.78% chance. There’s 6 chances of a 7 coming out, which is a 19.44% chance if you’re interested.

    Anyway, there’s almost an 50/50 chance that the Pass/Don’t Pass bet wins. It pays almost 50/50. There’s a 1.4% house edge. So, for every 100 bets, you’re going to lose, in theory, $1.40.

    On the 6 and 8 bets, the chances are 6-5 and they pay 7-6. The house edge on this is 1.52%. So, for every 100 bets, you’re going to lose $1.52, in theory.

    So, while the difference is small, it’s down to what the casinos actually pay you that makes those bets value. I wouldn’t put you off betting on the 6 or 8, but there’s no distinct advantage over the Pass/Don’t Pass bets, in fact there’s even less. You have to remember that although you have 6 AND 8 with the bet you suggest, there are 26 rolls that you will lose straight away with. When you bet the Pass line, even if you don’t roll a 7, you can win instantly with an 11, or by hitting the point. And if you don’t roll a 7 straight off and hit a 6 or 8 as the point, there’s a 27.78 chance you’ll win, so your bet isn’t over after just one roll, like your 6 or 8 bet is.

    As I say, it’s marginal, but the odds and payouts give the nod to the Pass/Don’t Pass bet, just because you can have more chances to win on it than simply having one roll.

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