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How Online Casino Legislation Differs Across the US

Gambling Legislation within the US

The activity of gambling in the United States is legal on federal levels. Each state has the responsibility or right to regulate it within state borders and in the digital sphere.

Each state was given the right to regulate sports betting within its borders after the Supreme Court nullified the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) on 14 May 2018.

In other words, within the United States, there are state-specific gambling laws that regulate and restrict different types of gambling. When gambling online at WV online casinos, you must always check with your state’s local gambling laws before proceeding with any online gambling activity.

Also, take note that within the United States, there are no federal gambling laws that prohibit offshore sites from accepting online bets from US-based customers. Two specific Acts in the United States pertain to gambling in the US.

Federal Wire Act 1961

The Federal Wire Act of 1961 was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy to stamp out organised crime. The Act is not intended to focus on individual gamblers but rather on illegal gambling websites. This federal statute makes it illegal to pass gambling information or gambling instructions across US states.

This law is the subject of many current court cases as it has not addressed all other gambling forms, and it’s currently under reconsideration. Federal law allows gambling, but specific restrictions refer to interstate and online gambling. Each US state has the authority to prohibit or regulate gambling and online gambling within its borders.


Utah and Hawaii are the only states that prohibit all forms of gambling within state lines. All other US states allow gambling in some form.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006


This Act is not directed at banning online gambling. Instead, it pertains to outlawing financial transactions between offshore gambling service providers and US citizens. The UIGEA 2006 led to many offshore online gambling operators closing their doors to US customers.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 prohibits a person (or persons) from accepting credit for betting, other forms of payment, electronic funds transfers, or checks from a financial institution to settle unlawful gambling debts.

US States Allowing Online Gambling

There are states in the US that allow gambling. These states allow land-based gambling and online gambling within their borders. According to federal law, each state regulates gambling as it sees fit. Many states do allow gambling on fantasy sports. States include Michigan, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and West Virginia.

Below is a detailed table:

US State Online Sports Betting
Alabama No No
Alaska No No
American Samoa No No
Arizona No Yes
Arkansas No No
California Yes No
Colorado No Yes
Connecticut No No
Delaware Yes Yes
Washington DC No Yes
Florida Yes Yes
Georgia No No
Guam No No
Hawaii No No
Idaho No No
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes
Iowa Yes Yes
Kansas No No
Kentucky No No
Louisiana No No
Maine No No
Maryland No Yes
Massachusetts No No
Michigan Yes Yes
Minnesota No No
Mississippi No Yes
Missouri No No
Montana No Yes
Nebraska No No
Nevada Yes Yes
New Hampshire Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico No Yes
New York No Yes
North Carolina No Yes
North Dakota No No
Northern Mariana Islands No No
Ohio No No
Oklahoma No No
Oregon No Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Puerto Rico No Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No Yes
Texas No No
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia No Yes
US Virgin Islands No No
Washington No Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes
Wisconsin No No
Wyoming No No

The introduction of new laws and amendment of standing laws to keep up with technology advances that drives online casinos and betting sites is slow and lumbering, but the US Federal and state legislatures are moving forward.

Watch this space in about a year’s time to see if anything has changed. Don’t bet on it.

Be responsible when gambling.

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