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Can You Play Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Online?

Over the last few years, online casinos have been offering live dealer games to the already huge line-up of games being offered. Live dealer roulette and blackjack were the forerunners to many live dealer games, and casinos have not looked back since. The reason for the number of games being offered is twofold – it brings as much of a live casino feel to the online player as possible, but it also offers full transparency of the wheel or cards. Some people trust live dealers more than they do random number generators. Now, that mistrust is completely unfounded, but some people still like to think that way.

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Caribbean Stud Poker, after perhaps blackjack, roulette and baccarat, is the most popular table game at the casinos. It offers players the chance to win a big progressive jackpot, as well as employ some level of skill to the game and it is also relatively fast-paced compared to other table games offered by casinos. It is all about trying to create a hand better than the dealer’s hand, and, where possible, achieve a higher payout by hitting stronger hands – the better the hand, the better the bonus payouts. But the main draw of Caribbean Stud Poker is definitely the big progressive jackpots, which can be won for just a $1 side bet if you hit a Royal Flush.

Right now, nearly every online casino offers Caribbean Stud Poker, sometimes under a different name, and some casinos also offer some variations on the game, such as Caribbean Hold ‘Em Poker, or Oasis Poker, because it is such a popular game. However, right now there is no live dealer Caribbean Stud Poker being offered by online casinos. Unfortunately, right now the demand is not there across the big casino platforms such as Playtech or Microgaming to be able to justify the expense of offering live dealer Caribbean Stud Poker. However, it would be a fair assumption to say that if the popularity of online Caribbean Stud Poker was to pick up, the casinos would offer it with a live dealer option.

That being said, there is one live dealer game which is very close to Caribbean Stud Poker, and that is live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em. Various live dealer casinos offer live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em to its players, and the game is quite similar to Caribbean Stud Poker. The bet starts off with an ante bet, just like Caribbean Stud Poker. Two cards are dealt to each player and to the dealer, followed by three community cards known as the ‘flop’. Then each player must decide whether to fold or call. A call is two-times the ante bet, while a fold means the player surrenders their ante bet. This decision is more or less the same as the decision to continue playing your hand in Caribbean Stud Poker. If a player calls, the final two cards are dealt, and then hands are turned up and the best hand wins. Unlike Caribbean Stud Poker, where the dealer must have A-K for their hand to qualify, the dealer must have a pair of 4s or better in Caribbean Hold ‘Em. If the player wins, the call bet is paid 1:1, and the ante bet is paid out depending on the payout table. If the player’s hand does not beat the dealer’s hand, the ante and call bet are lost.

So, it is extremely similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, and you can play it at Playtech ‘s live dealer casino, which you can experience at Bet365 Casino, which not only offers live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em, but live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette, live dealer baccarat and live dealer European roulette. The software is great, and the dealers are extremely easy on the eye. The live dealer games at Bet365 Casino are definitely worth trying out, as the experience is as close to the real thing as you can get without having to leave your home – it really does put non-live online casinos to shame.

So, while you cannot play live dealer Caribbean Stud Poker, Playtech do offer the next best thing in Casino Hold ‘Em. But if that’s not for you, you can still get the same excitement from your traditional Caribbean Stud Poker game, minus the live dealers. For now, at least – in the future, they might just get train their dealers up on Caribbean Stud Poker.

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