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Information About My Gambling Blog

Welcome to my online casino blog.

The primary purpose of this blog is very simple – I will pick an online casino, then deposit $100 at this online casino, taking advantage of any casino signup bonus that the casino has. I will spend the next couple of weeks playing at that casino, either going bust in the process or winning lots and lots of money. The blog will end when I either clear the signup bonus and am able to withdraw, or when I go busto.

Along with documenting and blogging my play at each online casino, I’ll also provide any information about customer support, deposit and withdrawals, and any problems that I may encounter. I’ll also provide a full review of each casino to give you more information on it, if you also are interested in playing there.

Now – why am I doing this? It’s quite simple – as a part-time job, I write up articles for gambling websites. I’ve written up articles for various online poker and sports betting websites, but decided the time has come to tackle online casinos, and write reviews of them. However I am dedicated to my craft – I don’t want to find a review of an online casino at another website, then just “spin” the content and present it as fresh. I want to get to know all these online casinos, so I get much better at writing the reviews, and learn the ins and outs of it.

As I started testing out these online casinos, I decided it would be fun to have an online casino blog. It’s something I’d enjoy writing about, and I am sure there are some people that enjoy reading it.

I also want to just be upfront about this – often you will see links to the casino with URLs like this:

These are affiliate links. If you visit the casino and sign up via one of those links then deposit money, I receive a flat fee for you becoming a real money player. I don’t receive money if you lose or anything like that – just a flat fee if you sign up and deposit. The fee ranges from $50-$150 depending on the casino. My aim is not to get rich from this blog – it’d just be silly of me not to be an affiliate, when I could have the blog basically paying for itself, and saving me from spending $5200 a year!

This will never affect my opinions of any casinos. You will generally get my opinion as I play at each casino, and tell you my likes and dislikes while I play. I will then provide an honest and personal review of that online casino, followed by a factual review.

I will also cover any special sidebets I do with friends, or any betting I do on special events in general. Basically if I’m gambling, I’m going to blog about it!

If you have any questions about this blog, feel free to contact me at Thanks for reading, and I appreciate all feedback.

Be responsible when gambling.

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