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Blackjack Terminology/Definitions

Blackjack game is a popular game played in casinos. In blackjack, players play against the dealers by comparing cards and not against his fellow players. A deck consists of 52 cards and the aim of the blackjack game is to reach 21 points or have higher points than the dealer without exceeding 21 points.

If you’re new to Blackjack, one thing you need to do is pick up all of the Blackjack terminology. As Blackjack is so popular you will hear a LOT of slang and lingo.

If there’s something you hear at the tables not on our list, please just let us know and we’ll get it added to the list for you – assuming we can figure out what it means!

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1st Base: The first player to receive cards and is seated on the left side of the dealer.
3rd base: The last player to receive cards and is seated on the right side of the dealer.
21: The desired total points in a blackjack game.
Ace: An Ace card has two valueS, 1 or 11, depending on the player’s choice.
Ace Side Count: It is a term that is used by counters when counting only the Aces that have been played.
Ace Neutral Counting System: This is a counting system for cards that don’t add value to Aces.
Ace Rich: Ace rich is used to describe a deck of cards that has more Aces than usual.
Action: A term used to describe the total bets that a player places in the pot.
Anchor / Anchorman: See 3rd Base
Back counting: This is a blackjack card counter who doesn’t play at the blackjack table but whose work is to count the cards played at the tables as he watches. He/she only joins the table when there is a good chance for them winning. However, casinos don’t allow them to join the game until the cards are shuffled again.
Balanced count: Having equal points (both plus points and minus points) when card counting is done.
Bankroll: The total amount of money a player has and is ready to play with.
Bar: This is denying some blackjack players playing if they are suspected to be card counters.
Bet spread: A term used to describe the difference between a card’s counter’s minimum bet and its maximum bet. 1-3 spread means the player’s maximum bet is three times bigger than his minimum bet.
Big Player: A term used to refer to a highly ranked card counter that uses a team of small-ranked counters blackjack counters.
Betting limits: The minimum and maximum amounts that can be placed as bets on a blackjack table.
Betting Ratio: A betting ratio system that is used by casinos to spot card winners who increase their bets when the cards are in their favor. They compare low and high bets on the table after every round and identify suspicious bets made by card counters.
Bottom: This is a cheating technique that is used by dealers. The dealer deals one 1-2 cards from the bottom of the deck if the upper cards are unfavorable.
Blackjack: Blackjack is a game of cards, made up of a card valued at 10 (namely Q, J, K) and an Ace, in which the player attempts to approach 21 without exceeding it.
Burn cards: Describes when a dealer finishes reshuffling the decks and removes the cards on top of the deck and puts them in the discard tray.
Break/Bust: A term used to describe when the player has exceeded a total of 21.
Card counting: This is a term that is used to keep track of the cards in a deck and using it to gain a winning advantage over the casino.
Card sharp: A term used to describe a card player who is a professional.
Camouflage: A behavior adapted by some card counters so as to avoid being barred from the casino.
Counting system: This is a counting system that is used to predict the odds of winning by assigning points to cards and counting the cards.
Cut: Cut is used to deck a deck of cards that is split after being reshuffled.
Cut cards: These are colored plastic cards being used to cut the deck after being reshuffled.
Deal: A term used when a dealer issues players and himself playing cards.
Dealer: This is a person who deals out the cards and removes losing bets and pay winninf bets in a blackjack table.
Discard tray: A plate in which the dealer puts the cards played after each round.
Draw: This is calling for another card to be handed to you by the dealer. This however doesn’t refer the initial playing cards.
Double down: A player can double by playing an additional bet which is equal to his original bet and subsequently draw one and only one additional card after seeing his cards in his hand. This is a move that may only be used on the first two cards and when you have a total of 9 to 11.
Early surrender: This is opting out before the dealer checks out for a blackjack.
End Play: This is the final play made by the player before the cards are reshuffled if he/she notices some advantage in his favor during the first part of the hands.
Even Play: This is when your bet equals your winning money.
Free Cards: These are all the Jacks, Queens, and Kings cards. There are 12 free cards in a deck of 52 cards.
Free Down Game: In this blackjack variation, your second card is placed facing down
Free up Game: In this blackjack varation, all the cards are placed facing up.
Hand: A term describing cards that are in a player’s hand.
Hard Hand: A total hand of 11 and above with an ace mostly valued at 1 or a hand total without an ace card.
Hi Lo Card Count: A term used to keep track of one’s cards in a blackjack deck by using the counting system.
Hit: Receiving another card while playing the blackjack game.
Hole Card: This is a card that faces down card that is dealt to the dealer.
House: Refers to the casino.
House Edge: The amount the casino expects to make with each win in the blackjack game.
House Rules: These are the rules that both the casino and the players must adhere to while playing blackjack.
Insurance: Insurance is a bet placed when the dealer’s Ace card is facing up. Half of a player’s initial bet is placed against the dealer having a natural blackjack. However, if the dealer has a natural 21, the bet doubles and if it is not doubled, it is lost.
Limit: This is the minimum and maximum amount that you can wage in a casino blackjack game.
Late Surrender: This is an option to surrender if the dealer does not have a blackjack
Maximum Bet: This is the maximum bet that you can wage in a casino game.
Natural: This is a two-card hand with 21 points.
Pat: A hand with cards worth 17 points
Point count: A method used to calculate the net value in the end of the hand by card counters.
Push: The player keeps his bet when his total equals that of the dealer.
Running Count: This is term that is used by card counters to describe the long run state of the current deck played.
Shiner: A cheating device that player’s use in order to peep at dealer’s card.
Shoe: Equipment (wooden or plastic) that is used to dispense cards.
Shoe Game: They typically use 4, 5, 6 or 8 decks and are dealt with a shoe.
Soft: A term used to describes the hand that has an Ace card whose value is 11 as opposed to an Ace card whose value is a 1.
Split: This is when a player deals two cards of the same rank and chooses to play the them separately and place a bet each time he plays the card.
Stand: This is when a player stops asking for more cards.
Stiff: This is a hand whose possibility of exceeding 21 points is high. This can result if a card whose value is 12, 13, 14, 15,or 16 is drawn.
Surrender: This is an option of abandoning your hand and recovering half of your initial bet.
Tie: See push.
True Count: In a card counting system, true count is the running count adjusted to account for number of cards in the deck or shoe to be played.

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