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What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino?

If you have been anywhere near the internet recently, you will have seen the word ‘bitcoin’ popping up now and again. In fact, even more traditional media outlets are picking up on bitcoins. For example, one of the morning news programs ran a feature about a coffee shop that would only take bitcoin payments. Now, that is all well and good – paying for coffee is great if you have bitcoins, as is paying for things electronically, but what about if you want to win some? You might have a a bitcoin or two sitting spare, and you have no use for them, but what about the opportunity to spin them up into a far more princely sum? Well, the good news is that it is not only coffee shops and sites on TOR that are coming round to the bitcoin way of thinking. In fact, online betting is at the forefront of the bitcoin boom, with online bookmakers and casinos popping up that cater specifically to bitcoin bettors.

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But what is the best bitcoin casino?

As you can expect, the actual number of casinos that take bitcoin payments is not going to break any records, but there are several out there, so it is important to do your homework to avoid any potential problems that you might face, especially with technology in its infancy. There are currently two online bitcoin casinos that we love – BitSpinCasino and also Stake. But which is the best? Well, it is difficult to say.

The first thing I would suggest is checking out both casinos. They are very similar as you will read throughout this article – so it’s all about the promotions. Head on over to BitSpinCasino and Stake now to see what promotions they currently have on offer.

Both BitSpinCasino and Stake pass the main test: reputability. Their software is leading the way in terms of usability and ease of access, and so we cannot split them, they’re both extremely similar.

BitSpinCasino are also one of the best online casinos when it comes to bonuses, as they work with various partners to order exclusive Bitcoin casino bonuses. read more www.bitcoin.com for information on the casino bonuses they have on offer.

If you are new to bitcoin usage (not just for betting purposes), both BitSpinCasino and Stake run you through the simple process of getting some of this virtual currency. First, you need to get yourself a secure bitcoin wallet. As with real currency, you need a wallet to keep your money in. The casinos comes with their own recommendations, and if you do not currently have a wallet for your bitcoins, you can sign up through the site. Right now, Stake have a list of their recommended wallets on the sidebar. Once you have created your wallet, you need bitcoins to fill your wallet. Again, both BitSpinCasino and Stake guide you through this, with mBit’s FAQs helping out, and the sidebar on Stake again giving recommendations as to what exchanges to use. And then all it comes down to is depositing your electronic currency into the casino and playing just as you would in a more traditional online casino.

As an aside, if you are a player based in the US, Coinbase is the preferred exchange for purchasing bitcoins, while Bitstamp is better for European players. However, choose what you are happy with.

So both sites guide new bitcoin casino players through the process, which against makes BitSpinCasino and Stake difficult to separate.

Both bitcoin casinos also offer extremely fast deposits and withdrawals, as there is no red tape holding you back from playing at an online casino. Both BitSpinCasino and Stake are ideal casinos for US players, as players based in the United States are no longer troubled by the issues they have previously encountered when trying to play at an online casino.

So it really is hard to split our two favorite bitcoin casinos – Stake and BitSpinCasino. The sports betting options do seem better at Stake.

Of course, that is not to take away from BitSpinCasino, as it is a great place to play if you are looking to wager bitcoins on casino games. In fact, it would be worthwhile spending some time at both just to get a feel and to make your own mind up, because it really is difficult to pick one to be the best bitcoin casino.

Choose your pleasure: BitSpinCasino or Stake.

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