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Why should you use a Casino Betting System?

First off – you should not be using a casino betting system to win money. There is no casino betting system that will win you money. Really. No matter what you read in those ebooks for sale, or those websites that will sell you their Roulette Secrets DVD – there is no casino betting strategy that will win you money. Almost every casino betting system will actually lose you money faster than if you were just flat betting. Yes, even the Martingale Betting System. For more information on the Martingale, you can read: What is the Martingale Betting System?

So – casino betting systems shouldn’t be used for money then. Why should they be used? To control your emotion, and to have some fun.Play at this years #1 online casino for United States - Slots.LV.
Using a casino betting system will stop you from making crazy bets, as you are sticking to the system. Ever sat there playing blackjack, losing hand after hand after hand, and after 8 losses in a row thought “I’ve lost 8 in a row – I’m due to win this next win!”. Unfortunately you are NOT due – and there is a very good chance you will bet everything you have and lose all your money. This is one reason that a casino betting system is effective, because it controls your emotion, and stops you making silly plays. You are following a very standardized method. The majority of gamblers lose their money when they bet on their emotion or on a “gut instinct” – by using a casino betting system you won’t fall for that trap.

The other reason you should use a casino betting system is because they are fun. Simple as that. Flat betting can be boring – using a casino betting system spices things up a bit, especially if you use a progressive betting system or a limited betting system. Two of just many betting system examples would be:

D’Alembert Betting System: The D’Alembert Betting System is based on enjoying your success, and cutting your losses. Every time you win a bet with the D’Alembert you double the bet, and every time you lose then you cut the next bet in half. So for example, if you bet $50 and win, your next bet is $100. If you win again, you bet $200. If you lose, you would go back to $100. This system is based on taking advantage when you are “running hot” and cutting your losses when you are on a “cold streak”. It also gives you that “finality” at a casino where it is a lot easier to leave the table when you lose.

Base Five Progressive Betting System: This is known as a limited betting system, where you bet in increments of 1-2-3-5-1. These are units. So lets say your betting unit is $10. On your first bet, you bet $10. Second bet is $20, 3rd bet is $30, 4th bet is $50, then your next bet is $10. And so on, and so on. You can do that whether you win or lose. You can also restrict yourself to only moving up a level when you actually win, which is where the progressive part of it comes in. You would bet $10 and if you win move up to $20. Win again and you go to $30. Win again and you hit $50. If you win there, you drop back to $10.

Using these types of casino betting systems really enhance your experience at a casino, and stop you making those stupid impulse bets which can end your night on a prompt and sour note.

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