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Common questions in online casinos: What is wagering?

Every casino visitor, whether a new customer or an experienced player, has questions from time to time. In this case, the easiest way is to contact the support operator, but as a rule, most of the questions are very standard. Players who enjoy near instant cashouts and various bonuses also may have questions about different features at online casinos. For example, the concept of the wager in the casino requires additional explanations. Often, newcomers need help understanding why you can only withdraw the deposit bonus or reload bonus after completing the wager conditions. In this article, we will explain in detail what a casino wager is, how to use it, and discuss other terms that pique players’ interest.

Online casino wager

Every online casino bonus has its terms. It’s not just the amount of the wager but also the wagering deadline. The online casino will cancel all accruals if the deadline has been violated. Some sites simplify the tracking process of wagering. In the personal account, you can find a scale that fills in as the conditions are met.

There are other variations to consider:

  • Restrictions on the type of games. Operators indicate what percentage counts in wagering depending on the kind of game. Most often, slots go to 100%, and in blackjack, baccarat, and other types of card games, the wager is only 5-10%. If the terms are not spelled out, it means that the operator takes into account only the slots.
  • Limitations on slots. Some online casinos prohibit slots with high RTP. In the promotion description, the operator publishes a list of slots that can be used.
  • Wager on the amount of bonus and deposit. Such a condition indicates a doubling of the amount of the prescribed wager. For example, in the conditions, the coefficient is x30. Wagering is carried out with the wager x60.


Wager on other types of bonuses

Most often, the conditions of the wager are set strictly for deposit bonuses. But other promotions also have certain wagering conditions. Consider the requirements of the wager for cashback, free spins, and further accruals.



This type of bonus refers to the return of part of the lost funds for a certain period. This is about 10-20% per week. The casino allows you to request a cashback only after wagering. The wager in this promotion is small – usually within x20.


Free spins

Modern online casinos give up to 100+ free spins for specific machines. The money won during free scrolling is not immediately available for withdrawal. The wager is set in the range from x10 to x60. There are no universal conditions. Each gambling site sets its own percentage wagering.


No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses also will not be able to withdraw just like that. Such encouragement does not require the client to deposit the account. To compensate for possible losses, online platforms set a significant wager. Often the figure exceeds x60.

Bonuses for repeat deposits

Many online casinos deduct funds from the bonus account not only after the first deposit. The offer is valid for the first 3-5 deposits. In this case, a certain amount of the wager is set each time. The conditions are more loyal than for the first bonus.

Another topic of interest to players is the RTP

RTP is a statistical indicator that stands for ReturnToPlayer. The parameter is measured as a percentage. Accordingly, the higher it is, the better. RTP denotes the statistical probability of winning. However, do not think that if the RTP is 98%, the likelihood of prevailing will be as high. It just means that on a very long distance (thousands of spins), the user will get 98% of his bets back in the form of winnings.


Professional players try to select slots with the highest possible return percentage for themselves. However, pay attention to another equally important parameter – dispersion. It shows what the probability of getting big winnings is. This is the so-called dispersion of winnings. If it is low, the machine will offer to win more often, but the prize money will be miserable. If it is high, winnings will be less frequent, and their size will be more prominent.


Accordingly, high RTP combined with high dispersion gives an excellent chance to get rich. But do not dwell on these parameters. They are obtained statistically and do not provide a specific guarantee of winning because all gambling games are based on a random number generator, and luck is not written off. RTP will be beneficial if the user has found two or more similar slot machines and needs help deciding which one to play at an online casino. In this case, choose the slot where the percentage return to the user will be the highest.

In other cases, RTP is rarely used because it can confuse and mislead beginners. After all, the return rate of around 96% is unbelievable, in the opinion of a new player in the casino. In reality, the RTP shows the percentage of money returned, not the probability of winning.

What slot machines have the highest RTP?

Today, the most profitable games at online casinos are those with a high payout percentage (RTP), approaching 100%. In addition, they are usually accompanied by built-in bonuses, large multipliers, and quality work. These slots are produced by significant companies known throughout the world. For example, among them are the following providers:


  • Net Entertainment. The Swedish manufacturer has released several hundred popular machines characterized by high returns and excellent work.
  • A new company that appeared in 2013 has already managed to release over 50 slots, many of which are in high demand among online casino visitors.
  • The largest manufacturer of gambling for online casinos, offering only licensed machines with a return of 93% – 98%.
  • Pragmatic Play. A famous company that produces high-quality slot machines with an average percentage of returns of 97%.
  • One of the largest producers, which has released more than 500 machines, which have a high return of 96% – 98%.

What is volatility

Volatility is a parameter that determines the frequency of wins in all online casino games. Most often, the term is applied to slot machines, where volatility directly affects the entire outcome of the game. It determines the degree of riskiness of a particular slot. Typically, the casino distinguishes three levels of frequency of falling out winnings:

  1. high (wins fall exceptionally rarely but with large multipliers);
  2. medium (awards usually exceed the size of the bet and fall out quite often);
  3. low (cash prizes often fall but rarely exceed the bet size).

Based on the indicator level set on the slot machine, each visitor to the online casino can choose a suitable bet size for it and start the game. More about which class is best suited to specific situations, consider below. And now, let’s get acquainted with how to determine this indicator on various slots.

How to determine volatility at online casinos

As you have already understood, volatility is one of the main criteria that helps players to find giving slots at online casinos. That’s why everyone who wants to get as much as possible must learn how to determine the frequency of winning at the gambling games they like. To do this today is quite simple and fast. Moreover, there are several ways to get such information. Consider them in detail:

  • Numerous ready-made studies on a variety of slot machines are available online. From them, you can quickly learn not only about the volatility but also about the percentage of payoff, winnings multipliers, the range of accepted bets, and other parameters you’re interested in the game.
  • Information about the slot. Many well-known manufacturers add a “Help” or “Info” section to their games, where you can get all the information about the slot machine. Also, on some slots, the essential information is listed in the introductory splash screen.
  • Self-check. Each player can independently determine the volatility by spinning the reels a few hundred times (if winnings fall frequently, the level is low, if rare, then high). And you can do this without risk or investment by running the game through a demo version with free coins.
  • Payout table. You can find out the dispersion’s approximate value by multiplying bets charged with prize combinations. If the machine gives out several thousand chances for a rare combination of symbols, it is set for high volatility. The level is low if the maximum multiplier is set within a few hundred bets.

Each of the above methods will help casino players determine the volatility of the machines they are interested in. Thus, you can quickly select the game with the desired frequency of fallout winnings and proceed to the game after that. Remember that you can always start with a new slot without risk if you run it through the demo version.


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