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High Limit Baccarat

High Limit Baccarat is a high-class Internet casino game developed by Microgaming Software Systems. This exclusive card game’s target market is the elite. High Limit Baccarat is a version of the traditional baccarat. Baccarat, a derivative of the French word “baccarat” (zero), was allegedly invented by a certain Felix Falguiere in Italy circa 1480. The basics of baccarat were inspired by a legendary and somewhat mythical virgin who had to play at dice; she was promised to be inducted into priesthood if she flipped a dice and got 8 or 9, but scoring lesser than 6 spelt doom. Initially, the game was named “baccara”. France popularized baccarat; England adopted and spread it to especially Cuba, wherein it entered the US via Las Vegas. Alternative names include American Baccarat and Punto Banco.

High Limit Baccarat uses the ordinary 52 cards, albeit eight decks. Contextually, the words “high”and “limit” mean optimum bets. Subsequently, High Limit Baccarat enables players to stake up to $2000, although they can also stake as little as $10.00. The betting chips are valued at $1.00 (minimum) and $2,000 (maximum). A player prospecting for win is required to predict the outcome— of a player and/or banker’s cards— that is relatively nearer to combined face values 9.

First, players of High Limit Baccarat place their desired stake. Secondly, the players press the “Deal” button, prompting the banker alongside the player to receive two cards each. Third, the player presses the “Flip” icon to see face values of the dispensed cards, because they are dealt face down. The total values of the player’s cards and banker’s cards are added, and showed under the respective holder’s hand.

High Limit Baccarat: Game Review
The in between values of the gaming chips are almost evenly divided, including $1000.00, $500.00, $200.00, $100.00, $50.00, and $25.00; players can experiment with these progressively. Players have relatively more options in the context of stand-alone bets and possible winning combinations; they can not only bet on the traditional results namely “Player”, “Banker” and “Tie”, but also stake on Player/Tie or Banker/Tie. High Limit Baccarat players do not lose their bets if the outcome is a “Tie”. Cards are dealt face down, and repeatedly pressing “Flip” icon to reveal face values can be hectic. Luckily, players can set it to deal all cards face up.

There is nothing to write home about the graphics. In most casino games, J, K, Q, and 10 are highly valued. Ironically, the aforementioned cards are worthless because they carry zero points in High Limit Baccarat game—this confusion possibly results from the fact that baccarat was originally meant to use tarot decks. The only consolation is the Ace card which is strictly valued at one point despite the fact that, ordinarily, it would have also been 11 points. Players who stake on and win a banker’s hand have to give 5%, which is a preset commission. Tie bets are uncommon, strategy and skills notwithstanding.

High Limit Baccarat: Game Strategy
High Limit Baccarat is associated with a return to player (RTP) rate of 98.94%. High Limit Baccarat has a house edge of 1.24% and 1.09% for the player and banker’s hands, respectively. High Limit Baccarat is a cost-intensive and complicated game, and new-timers might need to play it using the lowest possible gaming bets.

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