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What Is The Best Strategy for Baccarat?

If you’re looking for either basic Baccarat strategy or the best Baccarat strategy then I’ve got some great news for you – there really isn’t any sort of strategy you need to employ at Baccarat. So if you’re a beginner at Baccarat then you don’t have to worry about going in and screwing up hard – Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games to play.

All you really have is one decision – pick the player hand, pick the dealers hand, or bet on a tie.

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You should also know the odds – which are that the banker hand wins 45.84% of the time, and the player hand will win 44.61% of the time. Therefore, 9.55% of the time it will actually be a tie.

Betting on the banker, the house edge is 1.17% and the player hand sees a 1.36% advantage by the house. Very minimal odds of course – so if you bet $100 you’re going to get returned $98.64 or $98.83 assuming you bet straight on one or the other.

While there is no one Baccarat strategy to use to increase your chances of winning – there are still methods you can use to increase your ENTERTAINMENT which is betting trends or patterns. Let’s talk about that.

Baccarat: Betting Trends Strategy

This one is really simple and fun – you bet on trends that you see occurring.

Of course there’s no ACTUAL set pattern – but hey that shouldn’t stop you from having fun betting.

For example a tie is the best bet to make in terms of payout. So why not focus on that one? All you need is a few ties and you’re up big money.

But look for a pattern – look at what happens before the tie. Count the turns in between ties, start trying to see if there is any pattern there. There’s not of course – but it does add to the entertainment.

If you lose – oh well, you’re sticking to a pattern and it won’t affect you emotionally. But if you win? Then you feel like a bloody genius.

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    Can You Card Count in Baccarat?

    If you can do card counting and win at it, then yes you can apply it to Baccarat. It’s more complicated than Blackjack but it’s possible.

    You’re generally looking for low cards which will favour the Player bet, and then high cards will be favouring the banker. At no point should you eve be aiming for a tie when it comes to the Baccarat Card Counting Strategy.

    You should be betting the Player hand when there is a higher ratio of low cards in the deck and the complete opposite for the Banker hand – bet when there is a higher ratio of the high cards in the deck.

    These days it’s practically impossible to card count due to the software and hardware casinos use – but hey you never know, and if you’re on a cruise ship you’ll often find they aren’t as stringent as casinos in Vegas.

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