5Dimes Sportsbook, Casino & Poker Review

Hi. I’m Dan, and I’ve created this website as a resource for sports betters who are interested in betting online at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to have thousands of dollars tied up in various sportsbook accounts. You’re looking for one reliable, trustworthy sportsbook which can also offer the best odds, promotions and customer service.

Over the years, I’ve bet at most online sportsbooks. Pinnacle. Bodog. Betfair. Superbook. William Hill. Ladbrokes. I’ve bet all the major sports. NBA. NHL. MLB. NFL. Soccer. Hell, I’ve even wagered on Eastern German Handball on occasion.

Yet I keep coming back to 5Dimes. Granted, one reason is because I currently reside in the USA, and they are one of the only sportsbooks that accept Americans. However there are many other reasons I choose 5Dimes.

In my opinion, 5Dimes is quite simply one of the best sportsbooks online, whether you’re a new better or experienced gambler. Their sportsbook is top notch with highly competitive lines, and they always have special promotions running like overnight 5 cent lines on baseball. 5Dimes also offer an online casino, poker room, lottery room and various skill games to keep you occupied. 5Dimes also offers an initial deposit bonus, various reload bonuses, and a reduced juice rewards program.

5Dimes also offers both e-mail and telephone support, as well as telephone wagering. Having dealt with their customer service a few times, I can tell you they are top notch. It’s also great having the opportunity to call in your sports bets. Often I’ve went out to a bar with some buddies, saw a hockey game about to start and wish I had money on it. All I have to do is give 5Dimes a call, and I can have some action on the game within seconds.

So in short – yes, I think 5Dimes is the best sportsbook for you. No matter what country you are from, or what sport you are interested in, I would strongly recommend 5Dimes over every other sportsbook.

I’ve went into detail about the various offerings 5Dimes has below, with detailed reviews of their Sportsbook, Poker Room and Casino, as well as a 5Dimes Betting Guide. However I also recommend checking out 5Dimes for yourself, specifically their awesome rewards programs, which really give back to us loyal players. Click here to visit 5Dimes.

5Dimes Casino Review

5dimes-casino-review-studAlong with their world-class online sportsbook, 5Dimes also offers a variety of casino games for its players. In fact, 5Dimes actually offers four different casino options, each with different perks for players.

The 5Dimes Bonus Casino gives players better payouts than the ones typically offered at most casinos. For instance, on single zero (or European) roulette, the house normally pays out 35-1 on a single number bet. At the 5Dimes Bonus Casino, you’d receive 35.65-1. This reduces the house edge from 2.70% to a little less than 1%. The Bonus Casino also offers craps, several forms of blackjack, baccarat, poker-based table games, video poker and slots.

The 5Dimes Jackpot Casino is a typical casino, with all the games you’d expect to find online or at a brick and mortar establishment. There are a bunch of progressive slots to choose from, along with nine different keno games – each of which has a house edge under 2%, making them much better plays than traditional keno games.

5dimes-casino-review-touchdown-slotsThe 5Dimes Cash Back Casino offers 25% cash back on any losses incurred while playing games there. Every Tuesday, if you’ve lost money in the previous week, you’ll be given 25% of your total loss directly back into your casino account. It is worth noting that play in the Cash Back Casino doesn’t count towards play needed for bonuses or rewards programs.

Finally, 5Dimes MatchPlay Casino offers a slightly different game selection than the Jackpot Casino, including single-deck blackjack and a wide range of video poker games. Still, the game selection is fairly routine for a casino, with all the games you’d expect to find being represented.

5dimes-casino-revoew-video-poker5Dimes casinos also offer a number of player bonuses. For instance, there is a 50% MatchPlay reward (up to a maximum reward of $125) for any initial deposit. The reward is earned by making wagers equal to 10x the amount of your bonus. You may then bet with MatchPlay money, and any winnings are added to your account as cash. Note that all bonuses and rewards must be requested; they are not automatically added to your account.

Overall, the 5Dimes casino options are among the best you’ll find on the web. They have the reliability and trustworthiness that come with the 5Dimes name, along with a variety of games and rewards that will keep you playing for a long time. If you enjoy playing casino games online, we highly recommend opening an account at one or more of the 5Dimes Casinos.

5Dimes Poker Room Review

5dimes-poker-review-25Dimes is better known for its industry leading sportsbook than for the other operations that it runs. However, the truth is that all of 5Dimes’ programs are top notch, and you’re missing out if you haven’t tried the 5Dimes Poker Room.

To be accurate, there are two 5Dimes Poker Rooms. The main room is the 3D Poker Room, which offers a typical variety of games, though not with as much selection as many of the bigger rooms. They spread Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Low, including fixed limit, pot limit and no limit games.

One of the most interesting things about this poker room is the way the games are presented. Rather than the 2D graphics found in most poker rooms, the 5Dimes 3D Poker Room is fully 3D, which creates a more immersive experience. The look and sound of the room makes it feel much more like playing in a live game at your local casino than at a generic online table. Even the players move around and react just like in real life. The 3D Poker Room also offers tournament play. The tournament schedule is pretty full, with several dozen tournaments going off each day – mostly Hold’em, ranging from freerolls to events with a $100 buy-in.

5dimes-poker-review-1Another option at 5Dimes is their Flash Poker Room. The Flash version of their poker room has the distinct advantage of not requiring a software download, meaning you don’t need to put anything on your computer and can instantly play from anywhere. This room offers a slightly wider variety of games than the 3D room, including Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi/Low games. Just like the 3D room, the Flash Poker Room offers tournament play in addition to the regular cash games.

From time to time, the 5Dimes Poker Room also offers some additional promotions, such as satellites into live tournaments, like the Latin Series of Poker. There are also contests held for players, such as the “King of Tournaments” event rewards players for winning six tournaments in a 24-hour period. See all promotions here.

While the 5Dimes Poker Room may not be as polished as the 5Dimes Sportsbook or Casino offerings, it is still a solid entry. If you already have a 5Dimes Sportsbook account, and enjoy playing poker, I recommend opening an account in the 5Dimes Poker Room as well.

If you’re a more serious player and like to play lots of tables and for hours per night, we recommend going to another room where you can get online poker rakeback.

5Dimes Sportsbook Review

There’s no doubt that 5Dimes Sportsbook is one of the best books on the Internet today. Opened in 1998, 5Dimes is one of the oldest and most trustworthy names in sports betting. Most sharp bettors should have an account with them, regardless of how happy they are with their current books. Even now in 2009, 5Dimes are the leading sportsbook online for American sports betters.

If you’ve been betting on sports for any length of time, you know that it’s important to have accounts at multiple books so that you can take advantage of the different lines offered by different books, and find the biggest edges in the games you want to play. The problem is, a lot of books get their lines from the same sources – especially for sports with somewhat less action, like baseball, golf or tennis.

If you have an account at 5Dimes Sportsbook, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. 5Dimes creates their own, independent lines for all of their action, meaning they’ll often have different lines than the majority of books out there. Even if you don’t make every single bet at 5Dimes, you’ll find that you want to make some of your bets there, simply because they will often offer a different (and better) line than their competitors. If there’s a sportsbook you want to make your home, 5Dimes is the sportsbook for you.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors to take into consideration when choosing a sportsbook. For one thing, you want to know that you’ll be able to get your money fast. 5Dimes Sportsbook offers some of the fastest cashouts in the industry with plenty of options for funding your account, and getting your winnings. They also offer some great lines, such as 5 cent overnights on Major League Baseball games. There are so many cashout options for so many different countries you can click here to see the list.

5Dimes Sportsbook also offers a wide range of prop bets, including alternate lines with alternate odds on many games. 5Dimes also runs teaser bets, sometimes offering up to 20 points either way – something you won’t find anywhere else. 5Dimes may have the widest variety of betting options of any book.

It’s unlikely you’ll run into any problems while playing at 5Dimes, but even if you do, the sportsbook is backed up by an industry-best customer service team. Live chat help is complemented by support via phone or email, so however you prefer to contact them, you’ll be sure to get help with your problem. Support staff are generally professional, personable, and most importantly helpful.

There’s really nothing negative to say about 5Dimes Sportsbook; they’re an industry leader for a reason. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or are just considering trying sports betting, we highly recommend opening an account at 5Dimes.

Click here to visit 5Dimes.

Alternative Sportsbooks to 5Dimes

5Dimes is definitely an excellent sportsbook. However whether you’re casual or serious about sports, you shouldn’t keep ALL your money at one sportsbook for a variety of reasons. Other sites will sometimes offer better lines – why bet something at -110 that you can get at -105. Sites may offer special lines and promos for events like the Superbowl that you’d rather take advantage of, and so on, or they may even offer props or betting lines for an event that 5Dimes doesn’t have.

I’ve got my money at about 10 sportsbooks, however of those 10, I’d recommend these 5 below if you are looking for a new sportsbook.

bodog-sportsbook-logoBodog: Without a doubt, right up there as the best option to bet for Americans. They often will have the best lines, but also offer tons of unique prop bets and betting on events that others don’t(like American Idol). Bodog are a very trustworthy sportsbook, and are known for their “free money” bets – bets where you can bet up to a maximum of $50 and one outcome is very much definite, meaning you can get a free $50. Bodog also offer a casino and poker room, the latter of which is full of fish and bad players, making it easy to clean up at the tables.

>> Visit Bodog

superbook-sportsbook-logoSuperbook: The other solid option for Americans. Superbook are always offering lots of special promos and deals, and their lines are comparable with the rest of the industry. The biggest feature of Superbook however is mobile betting – you can bet on your cellphone from wherever you hvae a wireless signal. The interface for this is great, and you have no idea how awesome it is being at a bar, seeing some random hockey game on then being able to bet money on it with a few clicks of your cellphone. Superbook is without a doubt one of the best up and coming books, and the option for mobile betting sees me using them very often.

>> Visit Superbook

pinnacle-sportsbook-logoPinnacle: Not open to Americans. If you know sports betting, you should know all about Pinny. Their website can be frustrating to navigate, and they don’t offer many special promos. Instead they without a doubt offer the best lines in the online sportsbook industry for the majority of the time. Pinnacle also have a poker room and casino but I must admit I’ve never played on them. The only reason I go to Pinny, and suffer through their frustrating website, is because time and time again I’ll be getting the best bang for my buck, be it UFC, NFL or MLB.

>> Visit Pinnacle

betfair-sportsbook-logoBetfair: Not open to Americans. Betfair is one of the new kids on the block, having only been around a few years. However it has stepped up in the online markets and is now one of the most popular options for UK sports betters. They aren’t a sportsbook in the traditional sense, as they are a trading exchange. So you are actually betting against other punters. Betfair covers every market know to man, and you can bet on pretty much anything and everything here. Most importantly, with the punters basically setting the odds, it means that often you get a lot more vallue than you would at other sportsbooks. You can bet in-play too, and so just because the Patriots are up by two TDs on the Colts doesn’t mean it’s not worth betting – you’ll have that diehard Colts fan who believes his side can win, offering great but ridiculous odds.

>> Visit Betfair

paddy-power-sportsbook-logoPaddy Power: Not open to Americans. Two of the biggest bookmakers in the UK are William Hill and Ladbrokes. Unfortunately, that means that when it comes to online they don’t offer competitive sportsbooks. Enter Paddy Power, who are without a doubt the best traditional UK sportsbook to bet at. They have great lines, great rewards and great bonuses, but where they really excel is their promotional and marketing department. They always have incredible promos that offer the sports better the chance of getting their money back on bets like first/last goalscorer etc. They’re also infamous for paying out on anyone who bet on Stoke to get relegated in the 2008/2009 English Premier League season. After just 3 games, they said “Stoke are useless and will get relegated – we’ll pay everyone right now who bet on them”. Just a bit of fun, and Stoke and the punters had the last laugh as Stoke not only didn’t get relegated, but didn’t even come close to it. As an apology to Stoke fans, their CEOs went and gave away free ice creams on the last day of the season to all Stoke fans.

>> Visit Paddy Power

5 Dimes Betting Guide – How To Bet at 5Dimes

5Dimes is an excellent sportsbook for promotions and lines, however their website can be confusing to navigate. To help you out, we’ve created this very simple 5Dimes Betting Guide to help you bet at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

(1) Visit the 5Dimes Website. If you don’t have an account, you can register one by clicking “Register Here” at the top right of the site. If you have registered, proceed to log in.


(2) Upon logging in, you will be presented with a screen similar to the below screen:


You can now use the “Wager Menu” indicated above to place wagers. The options are Bet The Board, Straight, Parlay, Teaser, If Win Only, If Win or Push, Action/Reverse and Futures. Some of these betting methods can be complicated so I won’t go into too much detail about them at this time. You can visit the 5Dimes Help Center for more details on each betting method – click here to open it in a new window.

The most common option is “Bet the Board”. This will allow you to bet any spreads and money lines, as well as a wide variety of other options. This is what you will most likely be wanting to bet on. So click “Bet the Board” and you will be presented with a screen similar to this:


So what you would do is put a checkmark beside any sports that you want to bet on, and then hit the “Continue” button like shown below:


Please note that a few times the “Continue” button hasn’t actually shown up for me. If that happens to you, once you checkmark what you want to bet, just hit the “Return” key on your keyboard. For this example we will be betting on NBA and NHL.

Once you hit continue, you will see a screen similar to this:


You can now place your bets. You can also click the “Update Lines” button to see the latest 5Dimes lines. For this example, we will be betting $50 on the LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets game, and we will be taking the Nuggets +5.5. So I put 50 in that box like below:


Then I can either just hit the “Return” button on my keyboard, or hit one of the various “Continue” buttons on the page. if I have more bets to do I can enter them on that page too.

Once you have selected your bet, you have to confirm it. After hitting Return/Continue you’ll see a confirmation screen like this:


Simply enter your password, then hit continue, and you will be returned to this screen:


Which confirms your bet, as well as allows you to bet on anything else.

That about covers everything.

Go Nuggets!

5Dimes Sportsbook – Promotion/Bonus Review & Information

In addition to being one of the more reputable and trustworthy operations around, 5Dimes Sportsbook also features some of the industries best promos and rewards programs. You can either click here and see the full list of promotions. or read the quick rundown on what they offer.

50% New Account Signup Bonus: When you start an account at 5Dimes Sportsbook, you’ll receive a bonus of half of your initial deposit in free-play, up to a maximum of $200. You’ll get the reward once you wager five times the amount of the bonus in the sportsbook – so for a $200 reward, you’ll need to make a $400 deposit, and $1,000 in bets. This promotion only applies to accounts funded through Click2Pay or person to person and person to company transfers. For everyone else, there’s a…

20% New Account Signup Bonus: If you start a 5Dimes Sportsbook account by funding it with any of their other deposit options, you’ll be eligible for a 20% free-play bonus, with a maximum reward of $400 (this varies depending on the deposit method). This also has a playing requirement of five times the bonus. So, for that maximum reward, you’ll need to deposit $2,000, and make $2,000 in wagers before getting your $400.

Either bonus is a great way to start betting at 5Dimes. Click here for the bonuses now!

Reload Rewards: Make a reload deposit of $250 to $2,500 through a player transfer, Neteller, Click2Pay or Moneybookers, and you’ll get another 20% free-play bonus. The same five times wagering requirement applies, as in the new account signup bonuses.

Reduced Juice Lines: 5Dimes Sportsbook often offers reduced juice on events from a variety of sports. They offer NBA games with 10-cent sides, 10-cent money lines and 10-cent totals. MLB games have overnight 5-cent money lines available until 8:00 AM Eastern US time, and 10-cent run lines and totals up through first pitch. Reduced juice is also sometimes available for NBA, NHL, and other games.

The reduced juice lines normally have a $500 betting limit. However, if you receive a deposit bonus when you sign up, you will be limited to $50 per bet on reduced juice promotions. For more details on reduced juice, click here.

15% Cash Back: 5Dimes Sportsbook gives you the option of taking a 15% rebate on all overall losses rather than taking bonuses if you would prefer cash back. You may contact 5Dimes to request converting your account to a cash back account; after the conversion, all new bets qualify for this program.

Refer a Friend: If you refer a friend to 5Dimes Sportsbook, you can receive a 20% free-play referral reward, up to a maximum of $200. For instance, if you refer a friend who makes a $500 deposit, you can receive $100. Not all accounts are eligible for these bonuses; you can contact 5Dimes to find out if you are eligible.

This isn’t all of the promotions, and I haven’t went into as much detail as I could’ve. You can see the full list, and full details of every promotion, in the 5Dimes Promotion Offers page.

5Dimes Sportsbook Betting Options

When it comes to quantity of betting options, 5Dimes Sportsbook doesn’t have the most options out there. The most recent lines are available at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Soccer: Bets are available for countries around the world, including England, Spain, Holland, Greece, Chile, Australia and others. International bets are also offered.

Basketball: You can bet on NBA, College and International games at 5Dimes. Prop bets are also featured at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Hockey: Hockey bets available at 5Dimes include NHL, European and International games.

Here are the rest of the sports available for betting at 5Dimes Sportsbook:

  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Lotto
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling

    5Dimes News

    Apr 16: MLB True Dime Lines

    5Dimes have just announced a promotion that will see me bet a lot of my baseball at 5Dimes. For the entire 2009 Major League Baseball season, they will offer True Dime Lines. While other sportsbooks only have a 10 cent line on near pick’em games, 5Dimes will offer this special on ALL game moneyline prices up to -191 / +180, which is great value for those who like to bet moneylines in MLB.

    If that wasn’t enough, up until 8am EST every day you can get overnight lines at just 5 cents. The phrase “the early bird catches the worm” definetly applis here, as they will also have 10-cent runlines and 10-cent totals available up until the first pitch of every regular seasom game.

    This is in addition to the exciting props that 5Dimes also run on baseball, including first run, totals for hits, runs, errors, total base matchups and many more different props and promotions.

    5Dimes also announced their Superbowl XLIV Futures. For all this information, visit 5Dimes Sportsbook.

    Apr 22: NHL Cool Cash

    The NHL Playoffs are underway, and 5Dimes are leading the way with their awesome NHL promotion. NHL offer everything you could ever want to bet on when it comes to NHL. Along with the obvious money lines, ATS and totals, 5Dimes is also offering a variety of props and grand salami odds.

    5Dimes are also offering reduced juice on NHL Playoff games, and if you bet NHL often, you know the juice can kill ya.

    If you have friends that are interested in betting online, you should recommend them to 5Dimes as well. They have a Free Play Refer A Friend Reward, where for every referral, you earn 20% of your friends opening deposit. Absolutely sick deal – take advantage of this and the NHL Playoff lines today – click here.

    Apr 29: 5Dimes NBA Playoffs

    Anyone that knows me knows that when it comes to the NBA I can’t get enough, so I am particularly excited for the playoffs. There has been some great games so far. When it comes to ATS, I’ve been betting all over the place, because one day Carib Sports has the best line, the next day Bodog has the best line etc.

    However when it comes to other plays, I remain faithful to 5dimes. 5dimes have a ton of betting options, including quarter lines, halftime lines, and tons of crazy props.

    even better though is that they have reduced juice on every NBA bet, which is just an awesome little deal and keeps the rewards flowing. Visit this page for more information on their NBA Reduced Juice Lines.

    May 13: Motor Sports Specials

    Well the Sprint All-Star Race takes place this week, on May 16th and 5Dimes is already getting a lot of my action it seems. I just got their latest newsletter, and they have tons of bets available, from individual race matchups to a lot of props. You can even bet on the qualifiers for the Coca-Cola 600.

    They’re really doing everything they can for futures. One thing I have found is a lot of sportsbooks don’t pay attention to motor racing, be it NASCAR or F1. Thankfully 5Dimes seem to have their act together, so come join me and lets bet on the Formula 1 Drivers and Constructors Championship. Click here.

    May 20: Conference Specials

    Whether you’re a fan of NHL or NBA, 5Dimes is most definietly the place to give most of your action this month. For basketball they have multiple pointspreads, totals, bets for the first 6 minutes, tons of props, and reduced juice.

    NHL is much of the same, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd period lines, and of course the reduced juice.

    All reduced juice offerings for these lines will be available on teh day of each game.

    5Dimes have also put up week 1 lines for NFL. Other bets you can make are the Heisman Trophy Winner, BCS National Champion and even start your bets early on the CFL Grey Cup.

    For all this action, visit 5Dimes.

    June 12: Clottey vs Cotto, MMA

    When it comes to betting on contact sports, 5Dimes is the best sportsbook for you. 5Dimes offers lines on all events, be it MMA or boxing.

    They also release their lines faster than most other sportsbooks, and as of right now you can get on UFC 99, UFC 100 and UFC 101. Or hey, how about WEC 42 Betting – it’s not till August 9th, but 5Dimes has lines up for now.

    Looking to bet on Joshua Clottey vs Miguel Angel Cotto this weekend? Check out the lines at 5Dimes – there’s some great props available.

    Jul 7: Bet UFC 100 at 5Dimes

    Who isn’t pumped for UFC 100??? What an incredible show it is going to be – Thiago vs Fitch, Alves vs GSP, Bisping vs Dan Henderson and Lesnar vs Mir II.

    An amazing card, and we’ve got the best sportsbook for you to bet at – 5Dimes Sportsbook, of course. 5Dimes have an incredible amount of betting options. You can bet on TKO or KO odds, distance, decision, draw options, tons of props, odds on each round and so much more, plus special bonuses.

    See all the options at 5Dimes – Click here.

    Aug 25: Bet NFL at 5Dimes

    The NFL season starts soon, and there’s no better sportsbook to bet it at than 5Dimes. 5Dimes accepts Americans, so US betters can gamble here safely.

    5Dimes is the best sportsbook for NFL because:

    • Amazing selection of wagers available.
    • Odds on all pre-season games.
    • Various point spreads, totals, quarters and halftime lines.
    • Unique props available at no other sportsbook.
    • Reduced Juice.
    • NFL MVP Winner Odds.
    • >>>Visit 5Dimes Now<<<

    Sep 2: Bet NCAA Football at 5Dimes

    I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about the beginning of the College Football season. There’s nothing I love more than NCAA, and I can’t wait for that South Carolina vs N.C. State match to kick off.

    I do a lot of my football betting at Bodog, but I can’t resisist some of the 5Dimes props available. Check them out here.

    Oct 28: NBA Betting Specials at 5 Dimes

    The NBA regular season has just started and boy am I excited for it. I’m going to the Raptors/Cavs game opener tonight and am pumped…..although I’m a Raptors fan, so I expect a nice beating.

    If you’re looking to bet on the NBA, be sure to check out these NBA Betting Tips. They are all computer generated and did very well last season. Also while mentioning betting tips, if you’re into hockey then be sure to check out these NHL Betting Tips. Those are also computer generated, and they are having a nice solid season.

    Onto the 5Dimes News – 5Dimes has some great reduced juice options for the NBA, including 10-cent sides, 10-cent money lines and of course 10-cent totals. Even better is the prop bets – all the props you can ask for. Rookie of the year, individual player props, NBA Championship Odds etc.

    If that wasn’t enough 5Dimes have recently introduced Live In Play Wagering. Now you can bet during the game. Bet In Play Now!

    Bet March Madness @ 5Dimes

    It’s that great time of year again – the time for the NCAA Basketball March Madness tournamet.

    If you’re looking for a great sportsbook to bet at, then 5Dimes Sportsbook is a fantastic US friendly sportsbook to bet March Madness at.

    5Dimes is one of the only sportsbooks that will have live in-play wagering. That’s right: you can bet on the games as you watch them. Live in play betting – available at 5Dimes.

    To celebrate March Madness 5Dimes, which already is infamous for its March Madness reduced lines is going one step further, with up to $520 March Madness money in free play.

    Just a sick deal, and it’s all available at 5 Dimes.

    >>>Visit 5 Dimes – Click Here<<<

    Nov 2 – Why Wager Anywhere Else?

    “Why Wager Anywhere Else” was the question 5Dimes posed in their e-mail newsletter today to players – and after thinking about it I have to admit they’re right!

    I mean first of all 5Dimes have over 1000 Wagering Options Everyday. That’s pretty sick!

    Week 9 of the NFL is coming up and 5Dimes is a great book to bet at for that. So many options it’s ridiculous – reduced juice being the big one. Then there’s halftime and quarter lines, totals, props and so much more available to bet.

    For NFL, 5 Dimes now offers live in-play betting which means you can bet during the game.

    Also they have their very own Bet Tracker App to keep track of bets, and of course Sprint Cup Betting.

    Bet Week 9 at 5Dimes – Click Here:

    Nothing notable happened on this day in the gambling world that we know of. If you have any suggestions, please send them to site@casinoanswers.com.

    Be responsible when gambling. Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Know that it should be just for fun and the house always wins.

    This site is for 18+ people only. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have an addiction, please visit GambleAware.org.


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