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Top 10 Microgaming Casinos

Welcome to our selection of the Top 10 Microgaming Casinos.

This is a list of the best online casinos that use the Microgaming Software. We know how online casino players are – with online casinos sharing the same software, you want to stay at that software. Why would you leave Microgaming and their 300+ slots for a casino software that only has 50 or so slot machines?

Of course, it’s smart to shop around. You want online casinos fighting for you, so it’s good to have accounts at many Microgaming casinos. Then you can pick and choose the best bonuses to take advantage of.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Microgaming Casinos – you really SHOULD have an account at all these casinos so you get the best member bonuses – many of these online casinos offer exclusive bonuses for members of their casinos only:

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #10: Maple Casino

Maple Casino would actually be higher on our list if it wasn’t for the fact that it was geared towards one specific country. If you are Canadian, you will LOVE Maple Casino. That’s not to say others won’t like it too – but all their promotions and specials are aimed at Canadians.

It’s a shame too – because if this was a generic casino, it may be as high as #1. They offer an awesome choice of either $1250 No Deposit, or 150% to $60 bonus on your first deposit. Most other Microgaming Casinos don’t offer you the choice. Maple Casino also offer 50 Free Spins on their Loaded Slot Machine, increasing the potential for money you can make.

Visit Maple Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #9: All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino offers an interesting take in the online casino world, with a strong focus on progressiev jackpots.

While All Jackpots shares the same Progressive Jackpot as all the other Microgaming Casinos, they also run a variety of interesting promotions around their progressive jackpot slot machines and other games.

If you’re looking for progressive jackpots to chase, All Jackpots should be your first choice.

Visit All Jackpots Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #8: 777 Dragon Casino

777 Dragon Casino is one of our favourite casinos because it really favours small depositors.

Most people want to deposit the minimum at an online casino, just to make sure you can deposit there and that it’s all kosher. But then you are losing out on the $5000 special bonuses that these online casinos offer.

That’s where 777 Dragon Casino come in. Deposit just $5 and get a 200% bonus. On top of that however, they throw in 77 Free Spins on their Kathmandu slot machine.

A really awesome deal, and if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck while only depositing a little, 777 Dragons is recommended for you.

Visit 777 Dragon Casino

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #7: Sun Vegas Casino

Sun Vegas Casino is a casino with great promotions. Boasting both Mac and Windows software, Sun Casino offers some great promotions like the Casino Treasure Cruise where their casino players can win an amazing cruise.

Sun Vegas also offers multiple deposit bonuses. While other online casinos usually only offer a deposit bonus for your first deposit, Sun Vegas have THREE welcome bonuses meaning you get bonuses on your first three deposits.

Sun Vegas is always coming up with great new contests and rewards for their players, like the Pop 14 promo in August 2012 where all members logged in got exclusive bonuses, rewards and promotions geared towards their playing history. I personally got over 100 free spins one day!

Visit Sun Vegas Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #6: Vegas Palms Casino

Vegas Palms Casino doesn’t offer anything special in the way of bonuses – but their personalization is everything. Vegas Palms is just a very solid online casino that puts their players first. Players with accounts, no matter what sort of wagering you do or what games you play, are treated like VIPs.

I’ve heard time and time again from players how they go back to Vegas Palms Casino because they’re so open. Vegas Palms won’t e-mail you with bonus offers – they’ll e-mail you asking what bonus you want!

This is the type of uniqueness and personalization that I love about Vegas Palms Casino.

Visit Vegas Palms Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #5: Nostalgia Casino

Nostalgia Casino are another one of those online casinos that like to treat the minimum deposit players well. On your very first deposit here, you get a 2000% bonus which is incredible, and a nice boost for the small depositors.

They then offer additional bonuses for future deposits as well, and are really good at keeping your bonus account busy!

On top of that, Nostalgia Casino are always running giveaway contests such as their $25,000 giveaway in 2012.

Visit Nostalgia Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #4: Platinum Play Casino

Platinum Play Casino is a fantastic casino for the high roller.

They get you started with $1500 in free bets – no deposit needed then an additional $200 after your first deposit.

Platinum Play focuses strongly on the high rollers and are one of the most accomodating, with high banking limits and VIP treatment.

I’ve heard of some of the free swag some VIP players got and it’s pretty crazy and impressive. Trips to Vegas, etc.

Visit Platinum Play Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #3: Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino has been around for YEARS, and has always been one of the most successful online casinos that use the Microgaming software.

The reason for that is simple – they know just how good they are, so they give away $1200 free in new bonuses to get people to play – the bonuses are instantly activated too.

On top of that they are always running exclusive promotions. During the Olympics in 2012 for example, they gave away a ton of free swag every day.

Visit Royal Vegas Casino

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #2: Ladbrokes Casino

One of the most impressive bookies in the UK have now shown they’re not just a sportsbook. The Ladbrokes Online Casino isn’t just an afterthought – it’s the real deal, with some amazing promotions.

All new players get $10 free for example, and then you also get a $1000 signup bonus. You’re also presented with one of the best instant play casinos with some crazy exclusive games on top of the Microgaming games available.

Everything about Ladbrokes Casino is just first class.

Visit Ladbrokes Casino.

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos: #1: Gaming Club Casino

It’s the oldest casino online, established in 1994 – and it’s no surprise that Gaming Club is still around all these years later.

Offering top player treatment, Gaming Club have progressed dramatically over the years, always keeping up to date with all the latest trends. Mac casino? You got it. Mobile casino? Yep. Want to win free iPads etc? Gaming Club. 30 Free Spins? Of course!

Gaming Club Casino do everything right, and that’s why they’re our top Microgaming Casino.

Visit Gaming Club Casino.

This list was written in August 2012, and is updated monthly.


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