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What is the History of the Superbowl Coin Toss?

Ah yes, one of the most popular sports bets – the Superbowl Coin Toss. It’s one of the most common questions you hear among punters on the day of the Superbowl – will the Superbowl coin toss be heads or tails?

If you’re looking to bet the coin toss, we highly recommend betting it at Bovada. They don’t just have the common “heads or tails superbowl prop bet” – they have many hundreds of prop bets, with numerous bets revolving around the coin toss like who will win the coin toss, and whether the player to call the coin toss is right or wrong, or if the team that wins the coin toss will win the game or not.

Amazing. And most of these bets are available with almost no juice – bet them now at Bovada.

Now while every coin toss is of course random – it’s still fun to analyze the data and actually put some thought into the coin toss. There’s nothing better than betting “heads” and spouting off 10 random reasons to your friends as to why it’s going to turn up heads. Based on that, we’ve compiled the complete Superbowl coin toss history to help you decide what to bet:

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(Please note: This Superbowl Coin Toss History table is 100% accurate. We’ve seen quite a few sites offering different results but we went through and verified every one of these by watching the games ourselves).

Superbowl Score Coin Result Toss Winner
I Packers 35-10 Chiefs Heads Packers
II Packers 33-14 Raiders Tails Raiders
III Jets 16-7 Colts Heads Jets
IV Chiefs 23-7 Vikings Tails Vikings
V Colts 16-13 Cowboys Tails Cowboys
VI Cowboys 24-3 Dolphins Heads Dolphins
VII Dolphins 14-7 Redskins Heads Dolphins
VIII Dolphins 24-7 Vikings Heads Dolphins
IX Steelers 16-6 Vikings Tails Steelers
X Steelers 21-17 Cowboys Heads Cowboys
XI Raiders 32-14 Vikings Tails Raiders
XII Cowboys 27-10 Broncos Heads Cowboys
XIII Steelers 35-31 Cowboys Heads Cowboys
XIV Steelers 31-19 Rams Heads Rams
XV Raiders 27-10 Eagles Tails Eagles
XVI 49ers 26-21 Bengals Tails 49ers
XVII Redskins 27-17 Dolphins Tails Dolphins
XVIII Raiders 38-9 Redskins Heads Raiders
XIX 49ers 38-16 Dolphins Tails 49ers
XX Bears 46-10 Patriots Tails Bears
XXI Giants 39-20 Broncos Tails Broncos
XXII Redskins 42-10 Broncos Heads Redskins
XXIII 49ers 20-16 Bengals Tails 49ers
XXIV 49ers 55-10 Broncos Heads Broncos
XXV Giants 20-19 Bills Heads Bills
XXVI Redskins 37-24 Bills Heads Redskins
XXVII Cowboys 52-17 Bills Heads Bills
XXVIII Cowboys 30-13 Bills Tails Cowboys
XXIX 49ers 49-26 Chargers Heads 49ers
XXX Cowboys 27-17 Steelers Tails Cowboys
XXXI Packers 35-21 Patriots Heads Patriots
XXXII Broncos 31-24 Packers Tails Packers
XXXIII Broncos 34-19 Falcons Tails Falcons
XXXIV Rams 23-16 Titans Tails Rams
XXXV Ravens 34-7 Giants Tails Giants
XXXVI Patriots 20-17 Rams Heads Rams
XXXVII Buccaneers 48-21 Raiders Tails Bucs
XXXVIII Patriots 32-29 Panthers Tails Panthers
XXXIX Patriots 24-21 Eagles Tails Eagles
XL Steelers 21-10 Seahawks Tails Seahawks
XLI Colts 29-17 Bears Heads Bears
XLII Giants 17-14 Patriots Tails Giants
XLIII Steelers 27-23 Cardinals Heads Cardinals
XLIV Saints 31-17 Colts Heads Saints
XLV Packers 31-25 Steelers Heads Packers
XLVI Giants 21-17 Patriots Heads Patriots
XLVII Ravens 34-31 49ers Heads Ravens
XLVIII Seahawks 43 – 8 Broncos Tails Seahawks
XLVII Patriots – Seahawks TBA TBA

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    Additional Superbowl Coin Toss Questions:

    Where can I bet the Superbowl 48 Coin Toss?

    The best place is

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    who have a variety of props etc.

    Who Will Win The Superbowl XLVIII Coin Toss?

    Broncos vs the Seahawks – what a game. The best offense of the season versus the best defense. Although the real question is – who will win the Superbowl 48 coin toss? And will the Superbowl coin toss be heads or tails???

    Heads is on a hot run. It’s been heads 5 times in a row. This is the longest run in the history of the Superbowl coin toss.

    Records are meant to be broken, and now that record is then it’s going to be going Tails. Bank on it.

    But who exactly will WIN the coin toss? Now that is quite the question.

    The Seahawks have been in one Superbowl, where they picked Tails, won the coin toss and then lost the game to the Steelers. The Broncos have been in 6 coin tosses, winning just 2 of them and losing 4. They’ve went 3-3 in terms of picks – picking heads 3 times and tails 3 times.

    Seahawks have the 100% record. Go with them to go 2 for 2, pick tails and win the epic coin toss.

    What was the results of the Superbowl XLVII Coin Toss?

    The Baltimore Ravens correctly called the Superbowl XLVII Coin Toss as “Heads”. Clearly they had read my tip below.

    Will the Superbowl XLVII Coin Toss come up as Heads or Tails

    The 2013 Superbowl coin toss is coming up heads, and you can take that to the bank.

    Look at all the records that have been broken this season in the NFL. Hell – look at all the records broken in the last few years. Heads is going to break ANOTHER record by seeing the Superbowl coin toss come up Heads for a FIFTH successive time.

    It’s like free money.

    Will the Super Bowl XLVI Coin Toss come up as Heads or Tails?

    Now you can crunch all the stats you want – but that quite honestly doesn’t mean a damn thing. You could point out that the Giants beat the Patriots during their only coin toss. Or that the Giants have won their last two coin tosses. Or that the Patriots have lost their last FOUR Superbowl coin tosses.

    None of that means a damn thing.
    None of that means a damn thing, because of Tom Brady! Tom Brady is in super beast mode, and he’s going to unleash on the Giants. He’ll start with the coin toss, and end with the game-winning touchdown pass.

    After all – if Tebow and God can’t take out Tom Brady, what chance does a coin have?
    THE END.

    Will the Superbowl XLV / 45 Coin Toss be Heads or Tails?

    There’s been a lot of upsets in the playoffs this year, like the Seahawks & Jets. Also Tom Brady and his lovely mane of hair not being in yet another Superbowl is one of the biggest upsets of all. Therefore I have to believe that the coin toss will also be an upset.

    So what we have to do is look at what is expected, and then bet the complete opposite of that. One of the most common trends in the coin toss is for the coin to land on the same side at least 3 years in a row. In a bizarre statistic, the coin toss has landed on the same side just two years in a row only once in history, when it was Tails for Superbowl IV & V.

    So we’re going to go with the unexpected here. Much like the bastard jets ruined Tom Bradys season, expect Tails to ruin Heads dream of making it 3 in a row. Bet tails at Bovada.

    Who will win the Superbowl XLV / 45 Coin Toss?

    Let’s look at the stats:

    Steelers: 8 Coin Tosses. Won Once.
    Packers: 4 Coin Tosses. Won 2.

    The stats don’t lie: The Steelers suck at coin tosses. Despite expecting the upset to happen in the heads/tails toss, these stats are too strong to ignore. This game will be no different, and the Packers have been practising the coin toss all week. Hey they might as well – it’s their only change of winning anything! Bet the Packers to win the coin toss at Bovada.

    Who won the Superbowl XLVI 46 Coin Toss?

    The Patriots won the Coin Toss for Superbowl XLVI. They correctly chose Heads. The Patriots deferred and the Giants chose to receive.

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