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What is the History of the Superbowl Gatorade Shower?

If you’re reading this article then that must mean one thing – there is a Superbowl coming up, and you wish to do some careful, analytic research so you can predict what colour the Gatorade will be that is poured over the winning coach!

This is a timeless article that is updated after every Superbowl and it lists every Superbowl since 21, which was when the whole Gatorade shower thing began, up until present day.

Should also note that this tradition does not always happen at Superbowls – and it’s happened during regular season games which was when it was first started(by the Giants in the 80s). However this article only deals with Superbowl Gatorade Shower History.

Here’s the list:

Super Bowl Winner Gatorade Colour
21 Giants Orange
22 Redskins None
23 49ers None
24 49ers None
25 Giants None
26 Redskins None
27 Cowboys Clear
28 Cowboys Clear
29 49ers Clear
30 Cowboys Clear
31 Packers None
32 Broncos None
33 Broncos None
34 ams None
35 Ravens Yellow
36 Patriots None
37 Buccaneers Purple
38 Patriots None
39 Patriots Clear
40 Steelers Clear (+200)
41 Colts Clear (+150)
42 Giants Clear (+300)
43 Steelers Yellow (+250)
44 Saints Orange (+550)
45 Packers Yellow (+150)
46 Giants Purple
47 Ravens None
48 Seahawks Orange (+300)
49 Patriots Blue (+750)
50 Broncos Orange (+125)
51 Patriots None – No Shower
52 Eagles Yellow (+225)
53 Patriots Blue (+375)

When it states “None”, it means that no Gatorade was poured over a coach OR we could not get a visual confirmation of it.

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