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Complete List of UFC & MMA Fighters on Twitter

What UFC Fighters are on Twitter?

This is a complete list of every UFC fighter or employee that is on Twitter.

Well, sort of.

You see – it’s REALLY hard to keep an updated list of every UFC fighter or MMA fighter. It seems each week more and more fighters are being fired by UFC. Then you have fighters that retire and come back – I’m looking at you Jens Pulver. Plus with The Ultimate Fighter in various countries now, more and more fighters every day are being employed by UFC.

So what we have below is a complete alphabetical list of everyone who is associated with MMA, although it’s primarily a UFC list I’ve tried to keep it updated with anyone who fights in the likes of Bellator etc. I’m coming back once per week to this article to add new fighters to the list and to update it.

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There’s also a contact form below. If you’re an MMA fighter, or you know of one, who is not on this list then please don’t hesitate to use the form below to let us know their Twitter account, and we’ll get them added to our MMA Fighters Twitter List ASAP. Thanks.

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    Why Isn’t This List Organized?

    We’d love to be able to do that. We’re actually working on something right now – basically a huge database of every athlete – not just in UFC. Then you’ll be able to filter it by “UFC Heavyweights on Twitter” etc. Hopefully we will have this up soon.

    You don’t have ____ _____ on here

    We’ve obviously missed out on many MMA fighters. We’ve tried our best and went through previous events and Ultimate Fighter shows but some just slip through the cracks. Please just fill in our contact form above and we’ll get them all added immediately.

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