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VIP Black

VIP Black is an Internet casino game whose software was created by NeoGames, a Luxemburg-based gaming software company. Contextually, the term “VIP Black” might have been inspired by its appearance, wherein there is luxurious black and a diamond-speckled font. VIP Black, which was originally released around July 2013, is categorized as a scratch card game because its concept is synonymous with the old school buy-and-scratch lottery tickets.
The betting range of VIP Black is mostly from $0.05 to $10.00, although there is a version that accepts a lower amount in other currencies such as €0.01. The objective of VIP Black game is written on its homepage: players are required to compare “Your Numbers” with five constantly changing “Winning Numbers” to get at least one match or even all five matches. Players have to scratch both “Your Numbers” and “Winning Numbers”; scratching them also reveals the respective prizes, which are indicated beneath every winning star in “Your Numbers”.

VIP Black: Game Review
Playing VIP Black is hassle-free. First, players set how many “Your Numbers” (this can only be either 10 or 20 stars) they want and the desired stake amount (it can be any amount from $0.05 to $10.00, or suchlike supported currencies). Secondly, they click the “Play” icon, which is then replaced by “Scratch All” icon. Hereby, the player has two options: either scratch the numbers personally by tapping the stars, or press the “Scratch All” icon which automates the scratching process.

Unlike other games such as pull tab games where payouts are fixed, the prizes of VIP Black are not known until after scratching; however, the maximum payout is seen throughout and might readjust itself accordingly if the player adjusts the “cost per ticket”. For instance, if the staked amount is $0.05, the maximum payout is $1,500. Note that the maximum payout is regional. For example, a Michigan-based casino operator offered the aforementioned value, whereas one UK-based casino operator offered €300 (about $371) maximum payout based on €0.01 stake amount.

The good graphics and calm audio aside, other amazing features of VIP Black are its two bonus game rounds namely Ruby Bonus Game and Diamond Bonus Game. The Ruby Bonus Game is triggered by three ruby stones while the Diamond Bonus Game is triggered by three diamond stones; the ruby and diamond stones can appear anywhere on “Your Numbers”. If a player gets a Diamond Bonus Game, the Interactive System opens a new window wherein there are fourteen diamonds set on shield-shaped images forming a pyramid. The player selects any seven diamonds to reveal the values beneath them, which are added to the “Total Bonus Wins”. If players get a Ruby Bonus Game, they spin a roulette-like feature.

VIP Black has a progressive jackpot and the most interesting thing about this jackpot is the amount offered, which is a whopping $300,000. VIP Black has an “AutoPlay”, wherein players can choose 1 to 300 (for desktop), or X10, X25, X50, and X100 (for mobile phones) back-to-back automated game rounds. The “Game Adjustments”, user guide (“i”), “More Info” and “Sound Settings” buttons are within a virtual sprocket.
Taking too long to load and showing “timed out” occasionally are some of the downside of VIP Black. Also, there is no standardized version of VIP Black; for instance, the navigation panels are different and the names on the buttons are used interchangeably such as “Star Price”/ “Cost Per Ticket”, “Select Tickets”/ “Number of Stars”, and “Scratch All”/ “Reveal All”.

VIP Black: Strategy
The primary VIP Black game has a RTP rate of 64.84% while the Ruby Bonus Game and Diamond Bonus Game have 28.66%, which equates to 93.5%. All results are already determined, which makes applying strategies illogical.

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