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Power Cash

Power Cash: Introduction
Power Cash is a casino game created by NeoGames, a software provider which is based in Luxemburg. Power Cash, which was released in late 2012, is modelled on the traditional scratch cards. A famed Internet-based casino operator has shelved it under Instant Wins due to the tendency of determining wins and offering payouts there and then. Basically, Power Cash has a total of seven win lines and three virtual ‘reels’ on every win line.

In Power Cash, the lowest stake is $0.10 while the highest stake is $10.00 on every win line; the lowest total bet is $0.10 (for a single line) while the highest total bet is $70.00 (betting on seven lines). The aim of this game is matching at least three symbols. Different Power Cash versions might have different prompts. For instance, in one version, it starts with a popup window concerning “Sound Settings”, wherein it prompts players to either turn the sound on or off. Afterwards, a player adjusts the win line stake and the number of desired win lines (using +/- icons), clicks Play’ icon, and then scratches the lines. Successfully matched symbols are highlighted in yellow, and the Total Wins’ are updated progressively.

Power Cash: Game Review
The maximum payouts of Power Cash depend with the stake amount; for instance, a $1 stake offers $10,000 maximum while a $10.00 stake gives $100,000 maximum. However, these maximum payouts are not affected by the number of lines; that is, a player can bet $10 on two lines while another player bets $10 on seven lines, and both stand equal chances to win $100,000. Payouts for every win line are determined progressively, that is, these standalone prizes are also parts of the scratch-able area. The symbols used in Power Cash include watermelons, bananas, golden horse shoes, golden bells, 7’s, beautyberries, diamonds, dices, and Bar.

Power Cash has “Scratch All” and “Max Lines” buttons, which allow a player to scratch the win lines and bet on all lines at a go, rather than adjusting the number of lines manually. In some Power Cash versions, the navigation panel is at the bottom, whereas other versions have it at the top and bottom. Common buttons are Home icon, “Money Play”, “AutoPlay”, “Line Price”, “Number of Lines”, “Play”, “Auto Play”, “Max Lines”, “Total Bets”, “Cashier”, “Back to Lobby”, “Real Money”, and “Menu”. The “Auto Play” has a drop-down menu that lets the players set X10, X25, X50, and X100 automated game rounds, and a “Close” option for stopping the automation.

The click and scratch sound effects add some pomp to an otherwise monotonous game that also lacks wild symbols. Power Cash can be played on a smart phone, contrary to multiple claims from casino operators that it is strictly for PCs allegedly because of using Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately, there is nothing to write home about graphics, except for the alluring star-studed and sky blue background.

Power Cash: Strategy
Information about the RTP and house edge of Power Cash is not available. Like other scratch cards, Power Cash is a game of chance and players should play it with a fun-seeking mindset rather than attempting to strategize.

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