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Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast: Introduction
Online casino operators deal in several games named Fruit Blast, including Fruit Blast casino game made by Sigma Game Limited, a particular Fruit Blast gameplay for children, and a specific Fruit Blast click game that has 160 levels. To avoid confusion, this article focuses on another virtually similar Fruit Blast, which is an Internet casino game that uses gaming software developed by Microgaming Software Systems; nonetheless, the actual game was developed by the Tel Aviv-based Skillzz Gaming.

Fruit Blast: Game Review
Fruit Blast, which is a tropical beach-inspired and fruits-oriented game, was launched around August 2017. Evidence of its beach setting is the harbour and an ocean liner that has docked in the background, palms, multi-colored beach umbrellas, and a cocktail bar, which represent holidaying. There are five different types of fruit symbols used in Fruit Blast: pink grapes, lemons, Lambert cherries, watermelons, and pineapples. Apparently, the name “fruit blast” was inspired by the tendency of the fruit symbols to explode when a player clicks on them.

Fruit Blast, which lacks paylines, is modelled on—or, at least, has a close resemblance to—Candy Crush. Its reels are set on a square grid that measures 5 by 5. Fruit Blast has 25 game levels and all levels are associated with various bartenders, including Summer, Aloha, and Pat. The interface is divided into four major sections: bar, bartenders, and beach are along the top; the fruit symbols are on the left side, the reels are in the middle, and the navigation panel is on the right side.

Fruit Blast starts playing by prompting the player to click “Play”; then players click “Set Bet” which triggers a pop-up, wherein they tick their preferred bet size; afterwards players fill the fruit bars with the respective (at least three) matched fruits. The bet sizes are from $0.60 to $100.00, including $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $7, $10, $20, and $50. However, there is a Fruit Blast version that only accepts €0.80 minimum and offers €103000 topmost prize.

Fruit Blast ordinary prizes are X0.5, X1, X2, X5, and X10 for successfully matched Lambert cherries, lemons, watermelons, pink grapes, and pineapples, respectively. Wins can increase considerably when the respective fruit bars (divided into seven segments) are filled simultaneously. Fruit Blast has other prizes that increase proportionally to the game levels, which are unlocked progressively through amassing stars. For instance, game level 9 can offer X15, game level 12 can offer X196, game level 22 has X64 (Double Shake), and X170 is for game level 25 (Pick and Win II). Nevertheless, the highest possible prize associated with Fruit Blast is a whopping X1000 Jackpot; Fruit Blast players need a Jackpot Symbol so as to win it.

Although there is a bonus round and godsend multipliers, there are no wild and scatter symbols. The vivid graphics and euphonious accompanying sounds make playing Fruit Blast unstoppable. There are downsides; for instance, the free game rounds in game level 5 do not qualify for the Jackpot Symbol. Fruit Blast recommends certain tactics (example: it might say “No More Moves”) which are sometimes misleading.

Fruit Blast: Strategy
Luck is crucial when playing Fruit Blast. Newbies might want to experiment with it online using the free play mode. The house of Fruit Blast is from 3.88% to 5.98%; its RTP rate is 94.02%, which can rise up to 96.12%.

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