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Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot

Ultra Hot Deluxe was launched on November 18, 2008 by Novomatic’s subsidiary Greentube; Novomatic has since listed it in its Multi-Games Coolfire II-s platform, which selects games based on their inventiveness and appealing game play. The 2002 slot named Ultra Hot is the predecessor of Ultra Hot Deluxe. Other Hot-branded include Always Hot (Deluxe), Sizzling Hot (Deluxe) and Xtra Hot (Deluxe).

The trademark “Ultra Hot” refers to the tongues of fire that engulf the game’s winning symbols and “deluxe” means the game is superior to the 2002 version. Ultra Hot Deluxe players try to match three symbols, or have nine symbols of a particular type on the grid, or guess black/red in the gamble section.

Ultra Hot Deluxe Game Characteristics
Ultra Hot Deluxe has a 2/5 volatility rating from Novomatic, a 3X3 grid, and only five pay lines. Ultra Hot Deluxe has eight symbols, which are relatively fewer than those in other Greentube’s games like Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe 10. Ultra Hot Deluxe symbols are paired “7” (77), a pair of stars, a pair of BARs, a pair of plums, a pair of oranges, a pair of lemons, a pair of cherries, and X.

On the Ultra Hot Deluxe interface, there are minus and plus signs that are ordinarily used to adjust pay lines despite the fact that the five lines are fixed. Therefore, the player can only adjust the “bet/line” section. Adjusting “bet/line” showcases the five lines; at the bottom, center, and top of the Ultra Hot Deluxe grid, three of its five lines run horizontally, while the other two lines run diagonally from the top left to bottom right and vice versa.

The Ultra Hot Deluxe “bet/line” can be $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, and $5000. The total bet equals the bet/line multiplied by five (lines); for instance, the minimum bet is $5, whereas the maximum bet is $25000. The Ultra Hot Deluxe gamble round—guessing if an unrevealed flickering playing card is red or black—automatically activates the “Gamble” icon beside the “Start” button whenever there are regular winnings. Bets sizes totaling up to 500 times the regular total bet can be gambled; hereby, the maximum bet is, for instance, $25000 maximum for the $5 lowest regular total bet while it can hit the $12500000 mark if the player has staked the $25000 highest regular total bet.

The Ultra Hot Deluxe payouts self-adjust depending on the total bet. Using the $5 minimum bet as an example, the payouts for are: $750 for three pairs of 7s; $200 for three pairs of stars; $60 for three pairs of Bars; $40 for three pairs of plum, or oranges, or lemons, or cherries; and $5 for three X’s. In case of nine similar fruits covering the entire grid, the winnings are doubled.

The non-progressive jackpot is 1,500,000 coins. Ultra Hot Deluxe’s simple interface and slot sound effect perfectly match with the classic and inventively packaged graphics.

Luck in Ultra Hot Deluxe
Ultra Hot Deluxe’s RTP is 95.17% and the house edge is 4.83%. Urging the player to place bets and displaying the winnings aside, the prompter below the grid also states “Good luck!” during rounds.

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