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What are the Rules to Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are perhaps the simplest form of gambling in an online casino. There is no skill involved, it’s all luck and all you have to do is either run your mouse over the card or choose the auto-play feature and you’re on your way to a potential win.

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First off, most scratch cards make you choose how much you want to wager on each scratch card. It’s similar to buying different value scratch cards from the store, but a lot easier. So, you choose your amount you want to wager and away you go.

The rules slightly vary for different scratch cards, but perhaps the most common way of winning on a scratch card is by revealing a special symbol on the card. For example, the Magic 7s Scratch Card at Rushmore Casino has the rule that if you reveal a Magic 7, you win.

Another variation is the more traditional “match three symbols” and win a prize scratch cards. As the name would suggest, all you have to do is match three of the same symbols and you win a prize depending on how much the symbol is worth. You can see this type of scratch card at VIP Casino and their Money Farm Scratch Card, where you have to match three animals.

Then there are the scratch cards where you have to match a set score. On the Hot Dice Scratch Card at Lucky Red Casino and Rushmore Casino, where you have to score either 7 or 11 on their revealed panels to win.

Then there are the bingo-style scratch cards. Bingo Scratch Card at Bovada and Juicy Stakes Casino is a great example of the bingo-style scratch card. The idea is simple; you scratch off the winning numbers and if they match up to in various ways on your game panel (lines, corners and other various shapes), then you win the corresponding amount. They’re a nice twist on the traditional scratch cards and are just as simple, as the scratch cards takes care of marking the numbers off itself.

While some scratch cards have their payouts predetermined, others have the amounts concealed under the panels and you’ll only know how much you’ve won when you scratch it off. Most payouts tend to be along the lines of a free game, 1X, 2X, 4X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X your initial stake, while some have jackpots of up to 2,000X your original stake and others will have progressive jackpots.

There are also scratch cards that have special symbols where you can win every amount on the card. At Rushmore Casino, a lot of scratch cards have a special “chip” symbol that, if revealed, pays out every amount on the scratch card, which can end up being extremely lucrative.

So, as you can see, while scratch cards remain one of the simplest forms of gambling out there (and one of the most fun), there are still different variations and rules for playing them all. However, they never veer too far away from the simple idea of scratching off the panel and checking if you’ve won. In fact, you don’t even have to check like you do with traditional scratch cards, because the casino software will let you know if you’ve won straight away. So there’s no more throwing away a winning ticket by mistake.

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