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Why Responsible Gambling is Important with the Rising Popularity of Roulette

In the ever-evolving world of online gambling, responsible gaming has emerged as a crucial concept that demands attention. KTO, a prominent online casino operator, has recognized the significance of responsible gambling and aims to set higher industry standards for a safer gaming experience. 


Their recent research paper on Responsible Gaming (RG) not only educates the public on the concept but also highlights the pragmatic benefits of implementing efficient RG policies for real-money gamers and the community at large.

KTO Research Papers Shed Light On Player Preferences

KTO’s commitment to responsible gambling is backed by extensive research. In their research study, they aimed to understand the traction generated by different gaming genres within the casino segment. By analyzing their own aggregate big-data sets, KTO ranked games based on factors such as active players, turnover, average bet amounts, game rounds, and returns to player (RTP). The findings shed light on player preferences and provide valuable insights for operators and regulators.


The study revealed that roulette tables consistently attract a significant share of player interest, with 27.87% of active players engaging in the game. However, due to its more complex betting strategies, roulette accounted for only 2.79% of game rounds. This highlights the need for responsible gambling practices, as players need to understand the intricacies of the game and manage their bets responsibly.

Promoting Responsible Gambling for Brazil’s Growing Gaming Industry

The rising popularity of roulette is not limited to established markets but is also evident in emerging gaming markets like Brazil. As the gaming industry grows in Brazil, it becomes essential for the country to embrace responsible gambling practices. Government agencies and regulators should play a crucial role in developing and promoting public RG strategies that focus on the protection of minors, addressing online fraud, and tackling problem gambling.


Just as in other rapidly developing gaming markets, a national responsible gambling strategy should lie at the foundation of any regulatory guidelines in Brazil. By learning from the success of regulated markets and implementing robust responsible gambling measures, Brazil can create a safe gaming environment for all its citizens.


Responsible Gambling for Roulette Players

Responsible gambling is particularly important for roulette players due to the nature of the game. With its opportunity for more complex betting strategies, players need to exercise caution and self-control to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Roulette betting requires a level of knowledge beyond pure chance, making responsible gambling practices all the more crucial.


Operators like KTO understand this and go beyond legal requirements to provide tools and policies that promote responsible gambling. By actively encouraging self-exclusion options and time-out periods, KTO ensures that players have the necessary resources to manage their gambling habits responsibly. Such initiatives not only protect players from potential harm but also contribute to a sustainable and thriving gambling industry.

Player Protection Important for Continued Growth

As the popularity of roulette and online gambling in general continues to grow, player protection remains vital for the industry’s continued success. Responsible gambling practices are not only a moral obligation but also a strategic move for operators and regulators. By prioritizing player well-being, operators build trust and loyalty, which in turn fosters a sustainable player base.


KTO is not alone in advocating for responsible gambling. KTO is an active participant in promoting responsible gambling through its membership in the IBJR (The Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming). This institute comprises nine major operators who share a common goal of building a secure regulatory environment for customers, while also contributing to the public sector and establishing a sustainable operating environment for companies. By collaborating with other reputable operators in the industry, KTO and the IBJR aim to implement robust RG tools and policies that prioritize player protection. This collective effort not only ensures the growth and success of the industry but also fosters a safe and sustainable gaming environment for all stakeholders involved.


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