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Keno: Using the Martingale Betting System

When talking about betting systems, the Martingale Betting System is perhaps the best-known betting system out there, even if people don’t know the name of it. The amount of times I’ve spoken to someone at a casino and they’re telling me they’re using a “can’t lose” betting system that relies on them double their bets is too many to count. However, I’ve never once heard anyone say they’re using a betting system when playing keno.

Now, before I discuss this idea, I want to explain that at Casino Answers, we’re totally against using the Martingale System for serious betting. It’s a fun betting system, as long as you don’t let it get out of control, but don’t ever convince yourself that you can win, because you won’t and it will seriously hurt your bankroll if you do. That being said, there’s no harm trying this betting system if you’re curious about it.(Get 20 free spins on the Mariachi 5 slot, win real cash. Click here and use code DANSPINS20 during signup.)

The Martingale System relies on you doubling your bet every time until you win, then you start the sequence again until you’re happy with your winnings or you’ve done your entire bankroll. This means that if you start on a $1 bet, you could end up betting $512 if your losing streak goes on for nine bets. Imagine if it goes on further!

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Anyway, the Martingale Betting System relies on the table or game you’re playing to have no limits, which is the problem when you’re trying to use it playing keno. Keno games tend to have a fixed limit on how much you can actually bet. Do you think any casino would let you bet $512 on one keno game? It’s because it’s a low stakes game, which can pay out huge. Let’s say the casino paid out $50 for picking 5 balls correctly and wagering $1 on that. They would be liable for $25,600 if you hit 5 balls and were on a losing streak of 9 using the Martingale Betting System. That, of course, is just a fictional idea, but it is one reason why casinos, both online and live, have a cap on the amount you can wager at keno. Plus, how sick would you have to be to wager over $500 on a game of keno?

However, let’s say that Benny Binion has come back from the grave and he’s determined to push his no limits theory again and we have no limit keno. Well, I’m sure the keno booth would be an interesting place, that’s for sure. But it would be the ideal place to use the Martingale Betting System to play keno.

To use the Martingale Betting System playing keno, you would choose how many numbers you want to play. In this example, we’ll pick 6 numbers and the paytable indicates that we need to catch 3 numbers to get our stake back, 4 numbers pays 8-1.

So, our first ticket brings us no luck, as we don’t hit any numbers on our ticket. So we bet $2 on our next ticket and this time we hit 2 numbers. Unfortunately for us, the paytable indicates we win nothing. So we go to $4 and again we lose, this time hitting one number. On our $8 bet, however, we hit three numbers and we’re ecstatic, because we get our stake back.

However, the problem with this is we would still have to make an $8 next time round, because it’s just getting us our stake back. We’re already down $7, so we need 4 numbers to make any profit using this system. It’s a simple losing prospect.

So, as you can see, it’s simply pointless trying to use the Martingale Betting System when playing keno. First off, no casino would lay a keno bet at the higher end of the betting scale. Secondly, the small payouts for matching the least amount of numbers would mean that even getting your money back would be tricky.

You’re much better off sticking to playing a lot of numbers for $1 and hoping to hit the big time rather than trying to grind out small wins playing keno, which is what the Martingale Betting System tries to do. In fact, it’s the same with all betting systems: you’ll never win big, but you can grind out small victories. Keno isn’t the type of game you want to try that.

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