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Keno Odds & House Advantage

Working out the house advantage in keno is almost impossible simply because different casinos have different paytables for each type of win. One casino might offer slightly better payouts for 3 numbers than another, thus the house advantage varies, because the house advantage of any game depends on how much the house actually pays out. It’s easy to work out in games such as blackjack and roulette, because the payout never changes. In keno, however, that’s not the case.

But we can still work out the odds you have in keno and from there, you can use it to work out the house advantage of the casino you decide to play keno at. However, it’s not just a case of giving the odds of hitting x amount of numbers, because in keno you can pick from 1 number right up to 20, so your chances of hitting one number when you’ve picked 20 will differ from when you’ve only picked 3 numbers.(Get 20 free spins on the Mariachi 5 slot, win real cash. Click here and use code DANSPINS20 during signup.)

Popular Keno Games

Pick 1
Hit 0: 75%

Hit 1: 25%
Pick 2

Hit 0: 56%

Hit 1: 38%

Hit 2: 6%
Pick 3

Hit 0: 42%

Hit 1: 43%

Hit 2: 14%

Hit 3: 1%
Pick 4

Hit 0: 31%

Hit 1: 43%

Hit 2: 22%

Hit 3: 4%

Hit 4: 0.3%
Pick 5

Hit 0: 23%

Hit 1: 41%

Hit 2: 27%

Hit 3: 8%

Hit 4: 1%

Hit 5: 0.06%
Pick 6

Hit 0: 17%

Hit 1: 36%

Hit 2: 31%

Hit 3: 13%

Hit 4: 3%

Hit 5: 0.3%

Hit 6: 0.01%
Pick 7

Hit 0: 12%

Hit 1: 32%

Hit 2: 33%

Hit 3: 18%

Hit 4: 5%

Hit 5: 0.8%

Hit 6: 0.07%

Hit 7: 0.002%
Pick 8

Hit 0: 9%

Hit 1: 27%

Hit 2: 33%

Hit 3: 21%

Hit 4: 8%

Hit 5: 2%

Hit 6: 0.2%

Hit 7: 0.02%

Hit 8: 0.0002%
Pick 9

Hit 0: 6%

Hit 1: 22%

Hit 2: 32%

Hit 3: 25%

Hit 4: 11%

Hit 5: 3%

Hit 6: 0.6%

Hit 7: 0.06%

Hit 8: 0.003%

Hit 9: 0.000007%
Pick 10

Hit 0: 5%

Hit 1: 18%

Hit 2: 30%

Hit 3: 27%

Hit 4: 15%

Hit 5: 5%

Hit 6: 1%

Hit 7: 0.2%

Hit 8: 0.01%

Hit 9: 0.0006%

Hit 10: 0.000001%

Now, the list could go on, but since most online casinos tend to let you pick 10 numbers and try and hit ten numbers, we thought it best if we left it here, lest we start getting into ridiculous percentages. If you want to see how these odds tally up, you can try keno at one of our favorite places, Slots.LV. Or if you’re outside of North America and you want to go for the pick 10, hit 10 progressive jackpot, you can always try for your chance to win a huge progressive keno jackpot and you’ll know your real chances of hitting it!

Top Keno Casinos for Americans

# Online Casino Reason Visit
1 WinADay Casino WinADay Casino Amazing Multi Card Keno Game Visit WinADay Casino
2 Slots.LV Slots.LV $22 No Deposit Bonus just for registering, Fun Keno Game Visit Slots.LV Casino

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    Is there any advantage or strategy in regard to playing the same numbers each time or different numbers?

    No. Whether you play 1,2,3,4,5,6 every time or whether you completely randomize it every time – each round of Keno is independent of the prior round. Unfortunately there is no suck thing as “hot” numbers or “cold” numbers. While the law of averages would dictate that each number be hit approximately the same amount of times, that’s over billions and billions of games not just a few games in an hour at the online casino. So don’t worry if there’s a number that you pick a few times and it doesn’t come up – you can switch to another number or stop picking that one knowing there is no advantage or disadvantage to it.

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    Top Keno Casinos for Americans

    # Online Casino Reason Visit
    1 WinADay Casino WinADay Casino Amazing Multi Card Keno Game Visit WinADay Casino
    2 Slots.LV Slots.LV $22 No Deposit Bonus just for registering, Fun Keno Game Visit Slots.LV Casino

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