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Keno TV Show – Play Online

Keno TV Show happens to be one of the craziest versions of the Keno games that you have ever come across. From its 3D feature to cool animations, the games just stand out from the rest versions for being among the most entertaining and yet addictive versions. Though the basics on how to play it are not different from the regular keno games, it is how to execute it that makes it fun and exciting to play.

Can you picture yourself watching the Keno play on the screen while you are holding the game card in front of you? This is what Keno TV show is providing. The game is designed to be like you are sitting watching keno game play on TV with your game card in front you. The most exciting feature of is the level of animations and other graphical features. The game comes in 3D taking the quality of the game a notch higher.

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This game is played on a screen where the player is provided with a remote control. All the options are on the remote control while the TV screen represents the Keno board. You should pick the numbers and choose the coin value by using the remote control randomly. Once you press the play button, the game will start automatically. The show host (animation) will announce the winning numbers as they drop.(Get 20 free spins on the Mariachi 5 slot, win real cash. Click here and use code DANSPINS20 during signup.)

How to play the game

Like the rest of the Keno games, the idea is to start by picking 2-10 numbers randomly on the card by clicking directly on them. The second thing that you should is choosing the coin value from 1.00 to 5.00, selecting the number of games that you would like play at that bet (for auto play purposes) and then press START on the remote control to begin the game. It is important to note that you can reduce or increase the numbers by pressing plus or minus on the remote.

The keno screen will draw 20 numbers from the machine. It is from the drawn 20 numbers that you will calculate the number of hits that you get. The show host will announce the winning numbers. The payout will be determined by the numbers that you have chosen and how many hits you managed to get. For instance, if you choose 10 numbers ad hit all of them; you will get an amazing payout of 20,000:1.

Key Features

The reasons Keno TV Show is causing a buzz it due to its amazing features. Here are some of the main features that make it stand out:

• Auto Play
Once you have picked the numbers of the game card, you may opt to use them for several games. You have 1, 5, or 10 options to auto play game in a row using the same wager and numbers.

• Quick Pick
Though you have the choice of picking the 10 numbers, you can make it easier by letting the game do the picking for you. If you need fewer amounts of numbers, just press minus button on the remote.

• Game history
Your performance for every game can be traced back. On the TV screen, you will the breakdown of all the rounds.

• Throwback feeling
The game provides an 80’s feeling. From the host’s suit to the cheesy music, it screams 80’s, and thus it can identify with older and younger generations.

Keno TV Show is a great game to play. It is creatively designed to be easy, exciting and fun to play. Try it.

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