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Basic Keno Strategy

Keno, bingo, lotteries, whatever you want to call it, the principle is the same. You have to match a certain amount of numbers to win a prize. Sure, there are variations on the ways to win in all of these games, but the basis of them is that you have numbers, you mark them off when they’re drawn and if you hit a certain amount, you win. It’s simple. In fact, it’s one of the simplest wagers you can make in a casino.

Do you ever see the rules of keno confuse people? Well, I hope not, simply because it’s so simple. You don’t need to have a hand chart like blackjack, you don’t have to work out where the ball is going to land by the speed of the wheel and how the croupier released the ball. No, you just pick the numbers and watch them get drawn.

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But is there a basic strategy for playing keno? Well, there really is no strategy for playing keno. You see, the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 have the same chance of being drawn as 1, 45, 23, 19, 77, 31.

Don’t be drawn in by people telling you about systems they might have, such as picking consecutive numbers, or picking hot numbers when playing keno. This isn’t keno strategy; this is Gambler’s Fallacy. Each draw is random and if a number was drawn in one game, it has exactly the same chance of being in draw in the next game.

If you do want a keno strategy to use, why not use numbers that are important to you? Since you have a choice of numbers from 1 to 80, you can cover most of the important numbers in your life, such as birthdays, favorite sportsman’s shirt number, or your partner’s age (let’s just hope 21 comes out every game).

And now you want to know what keno strategy I use, don’t you? Well, I use the first number I ever played in a football shirt (5), I use my brother’s birthday (3) and birth month (2), my partner’s birthday (11) and if I decide to play a couple of numbers more, I throw in 77 as I used to live in a house with that number and also 20, because I use that number when playing roulette. A complex strategy, isn’t it?

But, in short, there is no keno strategy out there, unlike some other casino games. It is purely a game of luck and nothing you do can influence the outcome of the game. You can’t do anything to tip the odds slightly more in your favor in keno, so if you’re going to play it, just use numbers you like and hope that you hit the jackpot. It might not be the most complex game to play, but it can be lucrative if you hit the jackpot.

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