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Loose Deuces Video Poker Flash Game

Loose Deuces
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Loose Deuces is a wild card variation of the five-card draw game of video poker. The goal is to create the best winning hand possible from your first hand. The game gets its name from all of the 2’s (also known as “Deuces”) being wild cards, meaning Deuces can substitute for any card to complete a winning hand. The best place to play Loose Deuces for real money is at any Realtime Gaming (RTG) online casino, such as the US-friendly Bovada Casino or Lucky Red Casino. Loose Deuces is very similar to Deuces Wild, which can be played at Rockbet Casino.

To play the Loose Deuces video poker flash game, if you don’t wish to play the default amount of 5 coins, select the number of coins you wish to bet by using “Bet One” and then the “Deal” button. You can quickly select all five coins at any time by using the “Bet Max” button, which will also deal a hand. The coin value is $0.25, making the maximum bet worth $1.25.

You will be dealt a hand of 5 cards and you must select which of the cards (if any) you wish to hold by clicking on them. Obviously, if you are dealt any 2’s, you will want to hold onto them no matter what. If you have a hand that you can capitalize on, the paytable will indicate which hand you have. Once you have selected the cards you want to keep, hit the “Draw” button to be dealt new cards.

If you have a winning hand, you will be asked if you want to risk your winnings to possibly double them up. If you choose no, you will collect your winnings. If you choose yes, you will now see a screen with one card face up (the dealer’s card) and four cards face down. You must pick a card that is higher in value than the dealer’s card. If you predict correctly, you will again be given the option to double up. A tie will retain your bet.


Loose Deuces is played with a standard 52-card deck. Deuces are required to build special winning hands Wild Royal w/2’s and 5 of a Kind.

There are 10 winning hands in Loose Deuces. Payouts on the RTG Loose Deuces video poker game are as follows (5-coin payouts in parenthesis): Royal Flush (4000), 4 Deuces (2500), Wild Royal w/2’s (125), 5 of a Kind (75), Straight Flush (25), 4 of a Kind (20), Full House (15), Flush (10), Straight (10) and 3 of a Kind (5).

Other variations of the Loose Deuces video poker game in addition to the 1 Hand version found on this site are: 3 Hands, 10 Hands, 52 Hands and 100 Hands. Other coin values available are: $0.05, $0.50, $1 and $5. If you are looking to play one of these variations of Loose Deuces, visit Bodog Casino.


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