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Let It Ride Poker Pro Casino Flash Game

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Let It Ride is a poker game played with a 52-card deck that is shuffled before each round. You bet on the quality of your five-card poker hand. Payouts are received on hands of a pair of tens or better. After placing three equal bets, the game will deal five cards in the center of the table – three face up and two down. You then have the choice to pull back the first two bets or Let It Ride. Payouts are based on your hand ranking and the payout schedule. A Bonus bet is optional (found above and to the left of the other betting circles).

The minimum bet for Let It Ride Pro is $25 per betting circle. The maximum bet is $500. If you would like to play with other betting limits (other options include $0.10-5 and $1-40), please visit Tower Gaming Flash Casino.


The player places a Let It Ride bet in one of the betting areas. Three bets of equal size will be automatically placed in the other two betting circles. If you wish, you can also place a Bonus bet. To play a hand, click Deal.

A five-card hand will be dealt in the middle of the table. Three of the cards will be face up and the other two will be face down. The player then has the choice to Pull the first bet or Let it Ride to leave the first bet. The dealer will turn up his first card. The same cycle of actions will then apply for the second bet. At that point, you will be given the result and paid out if you have won.

To select a chip, click the chip at the bottom ride of the game screen. To place a bet once you have selected a chip, click the bet circle on the table. Each click you make will add one chip to the bet circle. If you would like to remove a bet, click the remove chip at the bottom right (the gray one with the red ‘X’) and click on a bet circle.

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Our Let It Ride Poker Professional Series Casino Flash game should be compatible with all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It should also be compatible with all versions of all operating systems, including Windows and Macintosh platforms. Please note that as this is a flash poker table, you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed before you are able to play.

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