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Jackpot 6000 Slot Flash Casino Game

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Jackpot 6000 is a 3-reel, 5-line classic slot machine with jokers, a heads or tails double up game and a Supermeter mode. Jackpot 6000 gets its name from the jackpot being 6000 coins. You can find the real money version of Jackpot 6000 at Tower Casino.

In Jackpot 6000, you can bet on up to five lines per spin. The minimum bet you can make is one coin on one line. The maximum bet is ten coins on all five lines while playing two coins per line. The maximum bet is required to qualify for the Supermeter mode. All of the possible winning combinations are sown in the paytable in the top-left corner of the slot machine. The Joker paytable has the winnings for three Jokers on a line for each bet level. If you only bet one coin, your winnings will only be half.

For every win you get in Jackpot 6000, you can bet all or part of your winnings on a Heads or Tails game for double or nothing. This gives you a 50-50 chance of doubling your winnings, but also to lose everything. If you’re happy with your win, you may choose to collect rather than to risk it all.

If you use the Max Bet option in Jackpot 6000 and win, you can enter the Supermeter mode. Supermeter means the stakes will be raised, with the bet level set at 20 coins with all five lines played. The advantage to Supermeter is that it gives you the chance to win on two visible Jokers anywhere on the reels. Any combination of two Jokers pays a mystery win of 10-6000 coins.


To start Jackpot 6000, you must select the number of lines you wish to bet on. This corresponds with the bet levels, which are 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. The minimum bet is the default bet. You must click Bet to raise the bet to 2 coins on the first line, the 2 coins on the remaining lines. The Joker paytable will highlight the appropriate coin amount depending on your bet. If you wish to bet the highest available bet of 10 coins per spin, select Max Bet.

If you use Max Bet, the reels will automatically begin to spin. If you wish to make a smaller bet, use the Spin button. When you win, the lines with the winning combinations will be highlighted. The Heads or Tails buttons will also light up.

Your winnings will be bet on heads or tails. To bet all of your winnings, simply click either the heads or tails button. If you only wish to bet part of your amount, click Transfer once for every 20 coins you wish to save and then click the heads or tails button. If you don’t wish to bet your winnings on heads or tails, click Collect. Then you can continue playing Jackpot 6000.

If you win on Jackpot 6000 using the maximum bet, you can click heads or tails to enter the Supermeter mode. To start, click Spin. Your winnings will be added to the Supermeter display at the top of the slot machine and 20 coins will be bet automatically. Click the Spin button to play.

In the Supermeter mode, every combination of two Jokers anywhere on the reels will pay a random win of anywhere from 10 to 6000 coins. To end Supermeter, click Transfer to play heads or tails, or Collect to retain your winnings.

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