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Where To Play Mobile Craps

So you’re wanting to play mobile craps? Possibly while taking a crap? Sorry – couldn’t resist that one. But hey where else would you play a casino game?

Unfortunately I’ve got bad news – there are no online casinos at this time that accomodate Craps players. While there are excellent online casinos out there with great mobile options – most of them are focused on slots and other table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

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I believe a large part of that is the difficulty in emulating Craps on a mobile phone. It’s also just not that popular online to be honest. I mean really have you played Craps before? Playing it live versus online is an insane difference. I’m all pro online casinos but man when it comes to Craps it just doesn’t compare.

Now that’s not to say you can’t play craps on your cellphone at all. If you check the Play Store or Apple Store or whatever mobile store suits your operating system you’ll find a lot of mobile craps options.

Unfortunately a lot of them are, well….crap.

Because while they are free, they force ads on you like crazy or in-app purchases. If you have any recommendations for good mobile crap apps please let me know below. I’m going to go through them all at one point on both my iPad and my Android device to test them and figure out what the best ones are and then I’ll update this article listing the best mobile craps games.

However if you’re not too particular about Craps and are just looking for an online casino to play at on your mobile device, then I have to recommend Bovada.

Like most online casinos that offer mobile games they focus big time on slots. However that doesn’t mean they don’t have other options. They have mobile video poker and blackjack and roulette and scratch cards and a whole host of other games.

What’s REALLY good about them is you can play for free AND they don’t harass you like the general app you may get out of the app store. Instead they’re very good at just letting you play the game you want and if you want to play for real money then great.

They’ve also been all tested etc to make sure there are no issues so if you’re in the middle of a Blackjack hand or a Roulette spin for example and your Wifi drops don’t worry – soon as you reconnect you’ll be right back where you started again. Pretty darn awesome right?

As if that wasn’t enough they also have a sign up bonus meaning when you deposit you get a match on the amount you deposit. They also offer a no deposit bonus just for registering and then will usually be offering a mobile bonus as well just for trying out their mobile casino.

So yes unfortunately there’s no mobile craps offered at online casinos however you can still play at a great mobile online casino which is Bovada.

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