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Verde Casino – What is Minimalism and how can it Improve our Homes?

In our modern world we get more and more chances to try out new habits and routines in our lives. There is an increasing number of new products, tools and information itself that is becoming available – and thanks to technology we can buy most of the products for a good value. As a result, today’s people are consuming much more, what we call consumerism. However, excessive consumption has serious consequences, one of the most serious of which is undoubtedly environmental pollution. The problem needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. 

One of the most effective solutions is minimalism. What is minimalism, who can be called a minimalist and how to apply the principles of the minimalist lifestyle? 


What is minimalism?


Minimalism is becoming more and more popular and it highly influences people’s lives. It was originally an art movement that developed in the 20th century and the most important characteristic of the minimalist style was that its creators (who were basically musicians, architects, painters, sculptors or other artists) created their works of art using as few tools and materials as possible.

The basic motivation of the movement itself was not necessarily environmentalism, but rather the application of the principle of “less is more”, i.e. the development of a pure colour and form world. And the simplicity of the idea and the increasingly complex world led to a steady increase in the number of people who began to adopt this approach, so that it eventually broke out of the confines of fine art and went global with the help of Ice Casino.

Today, the term minimalist has a much broader meaning, as it includes all people and organisations that follow the guidelines of minimalism and do not contribute to consumerism – and thus to excessive consumption and its negative consequences, such as pollution.


Minimalism in our Everyday Lives 


Since this lifestyle is becoming more and more popular we can read a lot about this whole concept. Finding articles, reading books or watching videos makes it simple to get inspired and motivated such as the website of Verde Casino. Minimalism doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself from things you love, but on the contrary,it’s about enjoying life without unnecessary things that most of the time only overwhelms us.

The same is true in case of interior design. Browsing the internet, you’ll find lots of minimalist homes. It’s no coincidence, because there are many benefits to arranging your home in this way. Let’s take a look with Verde Casino at some of them and see what kind of advantages it has!


Benefits of Minimalism in Our Homes


  • If we place less furniture and gadgets in our homes, we immediately start to feel more free and those less objects gain more focus so a well-placed design feature is guaranteed to make a big impact. 
  • Cleaning will become easier and we can clean out homes in less time in a more effective way. Since we have less furniture and objects in the house, dusting becomes a piece of cake and the cleaning will be more enjoyable because we won’t have to spend hours tidying up all the rooms in the house.
  • Small places can easily become huge if they are not fully equipped. The more furniture and objects we have the bigger space we need – furthermore, most of them are not even used, they are just sitting there “just in case”. Becoming minimalist and selective will free up a lot of space, making your home feel more spacious and airy.
  • It also improves well-being. An Ice Casino research has shown that being surrounded by too many objects – especially if there are some you don’t like – can cause feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. The minimalist motto is: keep only what you love and the things you really need – and if you don’t use them, get rid of them. 


And finally, remember that a minimalist home is all about the occupants: we are not for our home, our home is for us.

In a home like this, everything is easy to find, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning while also trying out Ice Casino, there are no distractions, you have a spacious environment, you feel good – in other words, you have a truly functional home.

Minimalism can be linked to most interior design trends, and apart from the concrete minimal, it is also very close to the Scandinavian style, which also focuses on simplicity and functionality – along with quality time together.


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