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Play By E-Mail Poker Tournament #1: Day 4

Day 4 of the Play by E-mail Poker League, 2 hands played, both below:

Hand 10;

sublyme(2885): :6c::5s:
Spasms(1488): :6d::4d:
Regular_John(1648): :qs::10s:
13/f/cali(2979): :8s::9s:

Spasms posts the small blind of 20
Regular_John posts the big blind of 40
13/f/cali folds
Sublyme folds
Spasms raises to 96
Regular_John Calls

Pot: 192

Flop: :6h::5c::7s:

Spasms bets 132
Regular_John calls

Turn: :9d:

Spasms checks
Regular_John bets 240
Spasms folds

Rabbit Cam: :qh:

Hand 11:

sublyme(2885): : :7d::kh:
Spasms(1260): : :7c::2c:
Regular_John(1876): :5h::9d:
13/f/cali(2979): :ac::9h:

Regular_John posts the small blind of 20
13/f/cali posts big blind of 40
sublyme folds
Spasms raises to 80
Regular_John folds
13/f/cali calls

Flop: :ah: :qh: :6d:

13/f/cali checks
Spasms bets 108
13/f/cali calls

Turn: :8s:

13/f/cali checks
Spasms bets 232
13/f/cali calls

Pot: 780

River: :kd:

13/f/cali checks
Spasms checks

13/f/cali: Pair of Aces
Spasms: Ace high.

13/f/cali wins the pot.

Latest Chip Counts:

sublyme(2885): :
Spasms(840): :

In 2001, the remake of Ocean’s 11 starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon was released. In 2010, Viktor 'Isildur1' joined Team PokerStars. In 2004, Poker Royale first aired on GSN.

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