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Play By E-Mail Poker League 1: Day 1

Welcome to the GSOP Play by E-Mail League, Day 1.

I’ve been running private tournaments on one of the forums I run for years, and due to the aftermath of Black Friday, we decided to take it to the streets, so to speak. Rather than play at an online poker room we’ll instead play by e-mail, the old school way!

As this is the first(of hopefully many) Play By Email Tournaments we decided to aim for speed on this one while we figure out all the wrinkles. The first tournament is 6-max NLHE, 1500 chips, blinds go up every 6 hands.

Participants sitted clockwise around the table:


High Card for Button:

sublyme: :8d:
EngineerSean: :qs:
Sheep-Goats: :10s:
Spasms: :kc:
Regular_John: :as:
13/f/cali: :qc:

Regular_John gets the button.


Hand 1

sublyme(1500): :js::5s:
EngineerSean(1500): :kd::4c:
Sheep-Goats(1500): :jh::3d:
Spasms(1500): :3c::2h:
Regular_John(1500): :qs::6s:
13/f/cali(1500): :7s::2c:

13/f/cali posts small blind 10
sublyme posts big blind 20
EngineerSean folds
Sheep-Goats folds
Spasms folds
Regular_John raises to 60
13/f/cali folds
sublyme folds

Regular_John wins the pot of 30.

Rabbit Cam: :qh: :6d: :8c: :2s: :4d:

Hand 2:

sublyme(1480): :7d::6d:
EngineerSean(1500): :10d::8c:
Sheep-Goats(1500): :10c::8d:
Spasms(1500): :qc::3s:
Regular_John(1530): :kc::3d:
13/f/cali(1490): :qh::5c:

sublyme posts small blind 10
EngineerSean posts big blind 20
Sheep-Goats folds
Spasms folds
Regular_John folds
13/f/cali raises to 54
sublyme calls

Pot: 162

Flop: :9s::4h::kd:

EngineerSean checks out of turn.
Sublyme checks.
13/f/cali folds.

Turn: :qd:

Sublyme Bets 90
EngineerSean folds.
EngineerSean: “Anyone want to hear some bad beat stories? I got a million! ”
13/f/cali: “”I would’ve called if I hadn’t folded on the flop. I was beat, but sometimes you have to call when you’re beat.”

Sublyme wins the pot.

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