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Wrestlemania 26 Betting Blog

People are always surprised that you can bet on WWE wrestling events. I mean, it’s fixed right? The outcomes of the matches are pre-determined? Well that’s true – however you can still bet on WWE wrestling.

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You aren’t able to bet every week – however a few sportsbooks, such as 5Dimes Sportsbook allow you to bet on special events related to wrestling. For example, you might be able to bet things like who is going to win the Royal Rumble, or who will be the WWE Champion by the end of the year.

And of course, you can bet on WWE Wrestlemania.

If you’re looking to check out wrestling lines at 5Dimes, you have to register there first to see any lines. Not sure why they would make you register as most other sportsbooks – see screenshots in this Bookmaker Sports Review for example – show you the lines as soon as you visit.

That’s what I did, I bet on WWE Wrestlemania. Not only that but I took a hell of a risk – I bet the underdog. In every fight.

Why? Well it’s quite simple really – I was only betting for fun. And there’s no fun in betting $1300 to win $50 on Bret Hart defeating Vince McMahon, in the rare change that McMahon has some kind of crazy ego boost and decides that he should win the match. Plus we saw what happened when Rob Van Dam left the WWE – everyone was expecting him to lose in his last match, so they have him win. It’s that kind of crazy thing that makes the underdogs the best bet.

Plus there are a few other reasons and I’ve listed them and my full list of bets below. We’ll be placing $20 on all bets. I’ve also edited in the results after the fact so you know how I did.

The Big Show/Miz vs John Morrison/R-Truth:

It’s tough to see ShoMiz losing this one, however everyone loves title changes, and title changes always equal pops. Based on this, it would be a great idea to start Wrestlemania with a title change, and at odds of +400 I think this is a solid bet. $20 to win $80 here.

Result: Shomiz win. Loss of $20.

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase

This one is actually a bit different – the odds are -115 for either Ted Dibiase to win, or Ted Dibiase to lose, in other words for Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes to win. With Ted Dibiases dad getting inducted into the hall of fame, this seems like the perfect time to light the fire under Dibiase, split him up from Rhodes, and push him up the card as a strong singles performer. $20 to win $18 on Ted Dibiase.

Result: Randy Orton won decisively in a surprise. Loss of $20.

Triple H vs Sheamus

This is one of the underdog bets I don’t really like. The odds of +300 are okay I guess, and I’ve read all the talk about how Sheamus will be another HHH project, just like Batista and Randy Orton. And how they are good friends, gym partners, and Triple H will want to put Sheamus over. But Triple H has all year to put Sheamus over, and I just can’t see him doing it at the biggest show of the year. I said I would bet all the underdogs and I will – but I really don’t like this one. $20 to win $60.

Result: As expected, Triple H defeated Sheamus.

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Another one where I am not too happy betting the underdog in Rey Mysterio. I just can’t see the benefits of betting Rey here, or any reason as to why he would win. It seems perfect that he would join up with CM Punk, especially with this being their first match. I’ve got $20 to win $29 on Rey Mysterio here.

Result: In a surprise, Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk for the win. Nice little profit here.

Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon

I love this one so much. $20 to win $260 on Vince McMahon winning? The “right thing” of course is for Bret to win, and it really should happen, but when you factor in Vince McMahons ego – man, you just never know.

Result: Bret Hart defeated Vince as expected. You couldn’t even pay me $260 to watch that horrific spectacle again.

Chris Jericho vs Edge

I honestly have no clue who is going to win this one. I would assume Edge, but I haven’t been following wrestling enough. I like Edge too, so sucks thaT I am cheering against him, but that’s what I’ll be doing, as I bet the underdog Chris Jericho.

Result: Chris Jericho defeated Edge for my second win, of $49.

Batista vs John Cena

Batista winning here makes a lot of sense. This has been a strong program which should continue even longer, and I’m surprised Cena is such a big favourite at 5Dimes.

Result: John Cena unfortunately defeated Batista in a solid little match.

The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

Yeah, this one ain’t gonna happen.

Result: As expected, the Undertakers streak remains.

Overall Results:

Of the 8 bets I made, at a total of $160, I won $49 and $29. This makes for a total return of $118. So in total, I lost $42. Still, it added enjoyment to an otherwise lacklustre PPV, so I can’t complain.

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