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Total Extreme Wrestling 08 Betting Blog

There’s a wrestling manager simulation game entitled Total Extreme Wrestling, previously known as Extreme Warfare Revenge. I’ll admit – I am hooked on this game, and I’ve been purchasing them every year. I bore my friends with big stories on the game, and all these plans I have – yet after a few months of in-game time playing, I get bored, and change my attention to something else.

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With the launch of TEW 2008, I was challenged by a friend. I spent all this time talking about my plans for it, and how I was going to relaunch WCW and take over WWE. My friend was tired of me talking about it so he set me a challenge – a wager, if you will.

He would set WCW up for me, with his own settings(pre-approved by me). I would then have a year of in-game time to beat the WWE RAW TV ratings. I would win the bet if I did that. I had to complete the year within 30 days of real time or I lost the bet. I also had to write up reports of each match and TV show so that he knew I was playing it legitimately.

And so I accepted the bet. This page will list all the TV reports for Vin to keep track of, and make sure I am playing the game. I must complete one year, as well as take over WWE, or I owe him $1k.

WCW Nitro:

– WCW Nitro started, with Tony Schiavone in the ring. A restless crowd wanted action, and they got it as Tony introduced the new commissioner of World Championship Wrestling………..ERRRIC Bischoff! Bischoff came out, and said that he knew, one day, Ted Turner would see sense and bring WCW back…then he’d see more sense, and set Bischoff as the commissioner! Bischoff says that he’s back where he should be, running World Championship Wrestling…….and he’s going to run things HIS way….the way he WANTS! [B]
– But suddenly…that’s..that’s…THAT’S BRET HARTS MUSIC! What the hell? ITS BRET! ITS BRET! ITS BRET THE HITMAN HART! Bret grabs the microphone and says “Bischoff…..I got great news for ya….Ted Turner only hired you to do the grunt work…now that the show is on the road, so are you…I AM THE NEW COMMISSIONER, and you can go walk over to the announce booth, and do what you are meant to do, and provide commentary.” Bischoff looks stunned, then walks off disappointed. [B+]
– “Now…if there’s anyone out there who don’t know exactly what is happening or who I am…let me introduce myself. I am the best there is, I am the best there was, and I am the best there ever will be, Bret The Hitman Hart! And as commissioner of WCW, I’m going to put things right! Everyone remember when Vince screwed me? Well now I’m going to screw him at his own game, by putting on the greatest show on the planet, WCW Monday Nitro! To start things off, we’ll have a TV Title match tonight, and I will also be presenting the US Title later. Not only that, but boy, do I have some surprises in store for you. First of all, the world title will be put on the line at WCW Starrcade later this month, in a fatal 4-way match. The participants of that match? Well, we will have four matches over the next four weeks, and the winners of those matches will be in the main event of WCW Starrcade. Who will the wrestlers be? Well, I don’t want to give anything away….but what if I told you one of the participants would be……..Sting???? [crowd pops] And what if I said another would be……….Hulk Hogan? [crowd even louder] And hey, two weeks on Nitro, that’s two weeks people, we’ll be seeing a former WCW World Champion, one of, if not THE greatest WCW wrestler of all time…why, it’ll be BILL GOLDBERG!!! [place explodes] [A+]
– “…and tonight, tonight in this very ring, we will be having one of WCW’s favourites, Booker T[crowd pops]….against…..well, I don’t want to say his name until it’s confirmed, but I’m quite sure that it’ll shock you. Enjoy the show everyone! [A]
– As we come back from a commercial…oh my god, that’s Roddy Piper in the ring! It’s Pipers Pit, brought back from the dead! And the guest tonight, will be in the Television title match later…….it’s REY! MYSTERIO! JR!!!!!!!! Oh my lord almighty. Rey says that he couldn’t turn down the chance to come back to WCW. “This…this is the company that made me. This is the company that produced stars like Eddie Guerrero. This is a company that will not use a wrestlers death as a cheap ratings ploy. This…is WCW, and I will become the greatest television champion there has ever been, and will go down in history!” Rey says that there is a lot of talent in the match, The Great Sasuke….Billy Kidman…….and one of the hottest up and comers in the business, CM Punk. However Rey promises to win the title, and wrestle each and every week, to become the greatest TV Champ. [C]
– Psicosis defeated Elix Skipper. [B]
– CM Punk is backstage, with Bret Hart wishing him luck, and thanking him for signing with WCW…when along walks Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson!!! Kidman says “So this is the great CM Punk huh? Everywhere I go, I hear about how good you are.” CM Punk says “Look man, I just want to go out there and do my match okay? I want to win the title, I don’t want any trouble from you, okay?”. Kidman laughs, puts his hand on Punk’s shoulder and says “Man, I just really wanted to meet you. I heard you’re good. Good luck tonight bud”. Kidman and Torrie walk off, as CM Punk stares after them. [C]
– A limousine pulled up to the building….and out stepped… that’s Lita? LITA??? And who is that in the limo with her? ITS EDGE!! OH MY GOD! EDGE! EDGE IS IN WCW! EDGE IS THE ONE FIGHTING BOOKER T TONIGHT!!! [A+]
– Bret Hart came out, with the US Title in hand. He says that tonight…tonight is an honour, because he gets to do something special, and that’s give the US Title to one of the most deserving superstars in the business. “I might not have always got along with him, but I’ve always respected him…give it up…FOR THE NATURE BOY, RIC FLAIR!!!” [A+]
– Ric Flair comes out, as the crowd go absolutely insane! “WHOOOOOOO! NORTH CAROLINA……LETS HEAR IT FOR ME, THE NATURE BOY! WHOOOO!!!!” The crowd go crazy still. “When I heard about a WCW revival, I thought, no…I KNEW…I KNEW I had to be involved in it.” Flair talks about how special WCW is to him, and how he is so proud at being able to accept the US Title for Bret Hart. “I will defend this title for me….I will defend this title for you fans…and I will defend the US Title all over, and also for, the UNITED…STATES…OF AMERRRICCAAA!!!” The fans go nuts, but then familiar music interrupts…. [A+]
– …”YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” ITS KURT ANGLE!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE???? Angle comes out to a very mixed response, fans excited at seeing him, but also supporting Flair. Angle gets in the ring, and takes the microphone. “Yeah yeah..I know…it’s a shock to see me here…I mean, what is an Olympic hero doing in a shithole like Carolina???” The fans start to boo, and Angle adds “and what the hell is a shriveled up old prune like Ric Flair doing in a wrestling ring? And worse…what the hell is happening when he is being given the US Title? He can’t wrestle anymore? Let me tell you something Flair, I am Kurt Angle, I am a US Champion…hell, I am the champion of the United States of America…I am Kurt Angle, a national hero!” Kurt continues to talk, his point being that Flair shouldn’t be given the title, and that HE, Kurt Angle, an Olympic gold medalist, should. [A+]
– As the talk gets a bit more heated, Bret Hart steps between them. “You guys want to fight for the US Title? You got it, next week on Nitro, its Kurt vs Ric…US Title on the line!!! [A+]
– WCW Television Title: Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs The Great Sasuke vs Billy Kidman. A very solid match, worked incredibly well. The finish came when Kidman was up on the top rope, about to give Sasuke a shooting star press, then he saw CM Punk climbing up on the apron, and gave him it instead! Inside the ring, Rey Mysterio hit the West Coast Pop and got the victory!!! [B+]
– Rey Mysterio grabs the microphone, and starts to speak, when a countdown clock appears on the Titantron…5…4….3…..2…..1…..[A]
– ….BREEEAK THE WALLS DOWN! It’s Chris Jericho!! Chris “Y2J” Jericho is in the hoooouussee! The fans go nuts, as Jericho enters the ring, and takes the microphone from Rey. He says “First of all….Rey…and all the Jerichoholics…WELCOME TO…MONDAY…NIGHT…JERRRICHO!!! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Rey, I came out here to congratulate you on becoming the television title. I also wanted to wish you luck, in becoming the best television champion in history. Of course, you’ve got a long way to go before you beat me, the man of 1004 holds. However Rey, I am curious, how are you going to accomplish that feat with a broken leg?” Rey acts confused, and asks “What broken leg?”. Jericho laughs and says “Oh Rey Rey…THIS ONE!” and brutally attacks Reys leg!!! What the hell? Jericho pounds on his leg till security breaks it up, then celebrates. [A]
– Edge is backstage, with Mean Gene Okerlund. “The big question…oh yes, I hear it, the big question is…what the hell is happening? I mean first theres Bret, then theres Angle, oh and can’t forget Jericho…and then oh holy mother, an actual superstar for a change, it’s Edge! Well let me tell you, I’ve busted my ass in this business for years, and with people on top like Triple H running things the way THEY want, I’ve decided I’m not going to put up with it anymore, I’m going to come to WCW, kick everyones ass…twice in some peoples cases, and prove myself as WCW Champion. Goldberg, you’re nothing but a flash in the pan compared to me. And Booker T…..yeah, YOU SUCK pal, and I’m going to kick your ass, and march directly onto Starrcade.?” [A+]
– Edge vs Booker T: A very, very good match, with both guys working their asses off. Booker T tried to hit the Harlem Sidekick, but Edge ducked, then speared Booker and got the win!!! Edge is going to Starrcade!!! [A+]

Overall: A

WCW Nitro:

– A video, set to AC/DC’s Back in Black, airs showing all the key footage from last week. [A]
– Bret Hart comes out to open Nitro! “Welcome to the top-rated show on cable, WCW Monday Nitro! I am the Hitman Bret Hart, the commissioner of World Championship Wrestling, and I want to first thank everyone for watching last week, and giving WCW a chance! We’re here to stay, and we’re here to put on the best damn show you’ll ever see! Tonight….tonight on WCW Monday Nitro, we will see Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair for the United States Title, as well as a 4-way match for the Cruiserweight Title. Rey Mysterio Jr will also be in the house, defending his WCW Television Title against newly signed D-Lo Brown!!! The main event will be another world title qualifying match. Edge managed to defeat Booker T last week to get into the main event at Starrcade, and tonight, tonights main event will be………” [A+]
– “Yo, it’s me! It’s me, It’s D-D-P! SELF…HIGH…FIVE!!!!” Out comes Diamond Dallas Page!!!! DDP gets in the ring, and takes the microphone…[B+]
– “Well well well, it’s the return of WCW, where D-D-P was the star for years! Whenever anyone thinks of WCW, it’s only right they think of DDP, the star of the show, the man who carried this company on his back for years! The man who went up against the likes of Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, and carried them, and made them the superstars that they were today…while kicking their asses! Tell me, is anyone…anyone, as great as me? What one of these morons in the back can say they stepped in the ring with NBA Superstars and worldwide celebrities, and kicked their asses? NONE, THAT’S WHO! It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s DDP, and I’m going to kick someones ass tonight, and become the World Championship Wrestling World Champion! Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Bada BAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!” [A]
– Bret smiles, and says “Well DDP, that was quite the….awe-inspiring interview, however I think it’s about time that we meet your opponent for the evening huh? Let’s give a big welcome to….” [Suddenly the lights go out, and some familiar music plays…] [A+]
– [the lights focus only in the ring, as the crowd goes nuts.] “You recognize that music don’t you DDP? Yes, lets everyone welcome, your opponent for tonight…THE MAN….THEY CALL…….STTTTTTTIIIIIIINNNGGGGGG!!!” [A]
– The lights flicker, and when they come back on, Sting is standing in the ring in his “Crow” outfit. “Oh boy……’s SHOOOOOOOOOWWWTIME FOLKS!” Diamond Dallas Page, how long has it been? How long, since the Stinger stood in the middle of the ring with a greaseball like yourself? How long, since Diamond Dallas Page had the bat pointed at him, directly towards his heart?” [Sting points the bat at Diamond Dallas Page]. “DDP…I’m a man of few words, but tonight, you’ll be a man of no words…a man of no fight…a man, of tears. Dallas….you’re going down. WOOOOOOOO!” DDP looks freaked out. [B+]
– Hype video for Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair, later tonight. [A+]
– Rey Mysterio Jr is backstage. “You know, I don’t know what the hell Jericho was doing last week, I don’t know why he was on Nitro, why he was in the building, why he was out at the ring, or why he decided to attack me after the match, however Jericho, if you’ve got a bone to pick with me, if you’ve got some problem with me, then bring it, I’ll be in the ring tonight, and if you’ve got the guts, once I retain my Television Title on my quest to becoming WCW’s greatest Television Champion, I’ll be ready for you.” [A]
– WCW Television Title: Rey Mysterio Jr© vs D’Lo Brown. Incredible match, both guys put on a completely fantastic performance, and it was very close. D-Lo went to the top for the Frog Splash, but Rey managed to pop up, hit a top rope huracarana, and got the win!” [A+]
– As Rey held the Television Title aloft, the Millenium Countdown appeared on the titantron!!! Rey put the title down, and got ready, as Jerichos music started…..then it stopped, and a message “Just kidding junior!” appeared on the Titan. Rey shook his head, and looked around wary as we went to a commercial break. [A+]
– Back from commercial, we show what happened during the break! As Rey was leaving, Jericho appeared on top of the stage and started pounding on Rey, then threw him off the stage through a table below! What the hell is Jerichos problem??? [A+]
– Bret Hart is backstage, and announces next week on Nitro, the WCW Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs in a multi-way ladder match!!! [C-]
– Jericho is shown leaving the building…but wait a minute, who is that coming into the building? It’s Edge!!!! Edge is here!! He isn’t scheduled for tonight! [A+]
– Billy Kidman sees CM Punk backstage, and runs over to him. “Hey….hey…guess what?” “Get outta my face.” “Woah woah… man, listen to me! You want a title right? Well there’s a ladder match next week for the tag team titles!!! How about me and you team up?” “Look Kidman, you were the main cause of me not winning the TV Title last week, and now I’ve got a Cruiserweight title match tonight, so why don’t you just leave me alone okay?” “But man…come on…we can be tag team champions!!! Look, just tell me you’ll consider it.” “Yeah yeah okay I’ll consider it.” “Okay and good luck tonight man, I’ll help if needed.” “I don’t need your help.” “Well…we’ll see, later bud”. Kidman walks off, as CM Punk looks frustrated. [C-]
– Kurt Angle was backstage, and interviewed about his upcoming US Title match with Ric Flair. “Let me tell you something….they say Ric Flair can have a good match with a broom….but I’m not a broom, I’m an Olympic Gold Medalist! An American Hero! I’m a Submission Specialist, with veins pulsing with integrity, and rich, intelligent blood all through my body! Gosh darnit, I am Kurt Angle, the best, the BEST, wrestler on the planet today! I’m going to win the US Title, I’m going to become the US Champion, and…you realize that right? By winning this title, I will be CHAMPION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the best, and most important American in the world today! I’m Kurt Angle, you’re Ric Flair………..and you, ultimately…………………SUCK! WOOOOO THAT, FLAIR.” [A+]
– WCW Cruiserweight Title: Psicosis vs Sonjay Dutt vs Kid Romeo vs CM Punk. A solid match, the finish came when Kidman was down at ringside with Torrie. Kidman had picked up a chair and hit Sonjay Dutt with it three times. He then was going to hit him again, but Torrie was telling him to stop. As the two argued, Kidman pulled the chair back, and it smoked CM Punk in the head, who was running into the ropes! Psicosis then rolled him up, and managed to get the pin and Cruiserweight Title! [C+]
– Bret Hart is backstage, and announces that next week we will of course see the ladder match…and the next qualifying match for the World Title….as The Man They Call Vader….takes on Bill Goldberg.” [A+]
– Edge is backstage, and is being asked why exactly he is here tonight. “You see, I’m what they call…a very, intelligent person. With Sting vs DDP tonight, one of these guys will be in the Starrcade main event with me. I’m here to scout out my opposition first hand, and see what exactly I’m up against. While the other contenders for the title are out…well, lets see, Goldbergs out having a roid rage, Vaders out at an all you can eat buffet, Benoits busy trying to get a personality transplant, and Hogan…well, Hogan just sucks!….while all those fools are out doing their own and weird things, your next WCW Champion Edge, is here to study his opponents, so he can exploit their weaknesses. Got a problem with that?” Edge pushes the backstage interviewer away, and storms off. [A+]
– WCW US Title: Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair. A very strong match, with both guys giving it their all…Angle managed to get Ric in the Anglelock, and pulled Ric away from the ropes……and the bell rang! Angle celebrated with the US Title, only to be told that the bell rang because the time limit was up! Angle as furious, and yelled about lodging a complaint. [A+]
– Sting vs Diamond Dallas Page: Awesome match, the two had excellent chemistry, and went at it. DDP managed to hit the Diamond Cutter on Sting, but Sting got his leg up on the ropes. Edge came out to watch the match, joining the commentators at ringside, and mocked both wrestlers. The finish came when DDP went for another Diamond Cutter, but Sting managed to thwart it, then hit his signature moves, and got the win!” [A+]
– As Sting celebrated, Edge posed a question to the commentators: “Hey guys….quick question: you know what a run-in is right?”. “Yeah…” “Okay, what’s it called when a run-in is done after a match is over?”. “Uh…”. “It’s called a beatdown.” Edge then smiles and says “Hey guys, want to see a beatdown?”. Edge gets up and charges in the ring and spears Sting to the ground! Edge then starts pounding on Sting, and Lita throws a chair into the ring. Edge waits for Sting to stagger up, then just smacks him with it! Security come charging in the ring to break it up, and a bloody Sting trys to stagger up, as Nitro goes off the air. [A+]

Overall: A+

WCW Nitro:

– A video plays with clips of last weeks show, then ends with the image of Goldberg….vs Vader…..tonight. [A+]
– Bret Hart is backstage, and wants to introduce everyone to the New Hart Foundation, Teddy Hart, his nephew, and Harry Smith, son of British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. They will be taking part in the three-way ladder match tonight for the tag team titles. The other two teams? CM Punk and Kidman….and AMERICAS MOST WANTED!!! [C+]
– WCW Television Title: Maven vs Rey Mysterio Jr©. Maven made his debut in WCW! Rey Mysterio Jr had his working boots on tonight, and they put on a clinic. Rey went for the 619, when Jericho appeared from under the ring, and pulled him out!!! He then clotheslined him, then smoked him with a chair while Maven distracted the referee. Jericho then rolled him back in the ring, where Maven pinned him! New TV Champ! But what the hell is Jerichos agenda here? [A+]
– Jericho wasn’t finished however, as he grabbed Rey, dragged him outside the ring, and started beating him with a chair! Dear god. Security come out, but Jericho threatens them with the chair. He then takes Rey onto the announce table and…NO…..NO…NOOO..OH MY GOD! JERICHO JUST PILEDRIVED REY THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Jericho storms off, as people start calling for help for Rey. What the hell is Jerichos agenda???? Why is he doing this??? [A+]
– Pipers Pit with Sting: Sting is in the ring, after the beating that Edge gave him last week. He says that he has no idea why Edge did that, but that he is going to get to the bottom of it the only way he knows how…by beating out of Edge. He….” [A]
– …Sting is interrupted by the Millenium Countdown! Jericho comes into the ring, and grabs the microphone from Sting. “You know, all I hear is people wanting to know why…why I just did that to Rey. Everyone backstage, everyone on TV…well you know what?” Suddenly, Sting grabs the microphone back from him. “Hey Jericho, in case you didn’t realize…this is my time, so…” Jericho grabs the microphone from Sting. “Listen freak, why don’t you take your bat, get some vaseline and go have fun in the back somewhere for a while, because the real main event is trying to speak.” Sting smiles, a big smile, then laughs, a loud laugh….then starts pounding on Jericho. The two brawl like crazy, with Piper trying to intervene, until security break it up. [A]
– Bret Hart gets in Jerichos face, as he’s being held back by security. “Chris, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, I don’t know why you’re so angry….but you can take all that steam out tonight, in your WCW debut, in that very ring…………..against STING!!!” [A]
– Goldberg arrives at the building. [A+]
– WCW Tag Team Titles: Americas Most Wanted vs The Hart Foundation vs CM Punk/Kidman. Solid ladder match, and AMW dominate generally. CM Punk & Kidman had some anger between them, while the Hart Foundation were still quite new, and so AMW took advantage of this, and managed to get the win to become the new tag team champions! The ending came when CM Punk was actually climbing up on the ladder, and Chris Harris was climbing up after him. Kidman tried to springboard dropkick Harris off, but hit the ladder by mistake, sending Punk to the outside with a bang. Storm then raced up the ladder, and got the title! [C]
– Before AMW could begin celebrations however, out came GLENN GILBERTI! What the hell is he doing here? Glenn has the microphone, and tells AMW that he is the manager of champions, and he has decided that he is going to be the manager of the WCW Tag Team Champions. AMW quickly confer, then tell him no thanks. Glenn laughs and says “Not you guys….” AND OUT FROM THE CROWD COME THE HARDY BOYZ!!! The Hardy Boyz have chairs and start beating AMW down! What the hell is going on! [C]
– As AMW are laid out on the mat, Glenn stands with the Hardy Boyz and says that ever since they entered wrestling, they’ve been screwed. “First, they were used as no-name job boys to make the big guys look good on RAW, then they were used as stunt machines….standing behind me are two of the greatest wrestlers in this business, and they’re going straight to the top of WCW, and taking me along with them….and Matt and Jeff will be starting, with the tag team titles.” [B+]
– Billy Kidman and CM Punk are backstage arguing about the match. “That’s three times man…three times, you’ve directly or indirectly cost me a title. What the hell is wrong with you?” yells CM, who storms off. [C-]
– Kurt Angle bursts into Bret Harts office, and tells him that what happened last week was a joke, and that he demands…DEMANDS to be given the US Title. Bret tells him that he’ll give him the US Title…….shot, as he will face off against Ric Flair at Starrcade, in a submission match….with no time limit. Angle yells “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” And walks out. [A+]
– Goldberg is backstage warming up. [A+]
– Chris Jericho vs Sting: A very strong match, both guys went right at it from the beginning, Jericho was just a house on fire. The finish came when the referee was down, and Jericho grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring…only for Sting to dropkick it in his face! Sting then hit a few stinger splashes, and went to get Jericho in the Scorpion Death Drop, when Edge came charging in and speared him! Jericho then stumbled on top of Sting, and got the pin! [A+]
– Ric Flair is backstage, and says that he will take Kurt Angle and beat the living hell out of him, make him tap out, then make him cry like a little girl. WOOO! [A+]
– Goldberg vs Vader: Vader was waiting for Goldberg to enter the ring, and as he did started pounding on him. He threw him into the corner and hit him with a lot of shoulder charges, then clotheslined him. Vader then picked him up, pulled him to the middle of the ring…and hit the VADER BOMB! As Vader lifted his arms in celebration….Goldberg stood up, shaking the cobwebs out of his head, as Vader looked shocked. Goldberg then made eye contact with Vader, and smiled. Vader came charging at Goldberg, who hit him with a superkick, sending him staggering to the corner! Goldberg then got in position and…….SPEEEAAARRR!!!!! JACKHAMMER! ONE! TWO THREE! GOLDBERG IS GOING TO STARRCADE!!! [A+]
– As Goldberg celebrates, [A+], Bret Hart comes out, and congratulates Goldberg on the feat. “I know me and you, we’ve never seen eye to eye, and we’ve had our fair share of problems, but damn…it’s good to see you back where you belong.” Bret announces that the main event of Starrcade, will be featuring Goldberg….Edge….Sting….and the winner of next weeks main event…which will be….CHRIS BENOIT VS HULK HOGAN! [A+]

Overall: A


– Nitro starts off with hype for tonights matches! We will see Sting team up with Booker T, to take on Edge & Chris Jericho. With Rey Mysterio injured, Jericho will be taking on Booker T at Starrcade! A #1 Tag Team Contenders match, with The Hart Foundation vs The Hardy Boyz, CM Punk vs D’Lo Brown, with winner getting a TV Title shot at Starrcade, and Maven defending his TV Title against a mystery wrestler! [A]
– And also tonight, we will see the final match for WCW Starrcade’s main event. Edge, Sting and Goldberg are already in the main event, and the man in the fatal four way with them will be either Chris Benoit….or Hulk Hogan! Hogan will also be on Pipers Pit during the show. [A+]
– Kidman and CM Punk are shown arguing, with Kidman trying to give CM Punk strategy for his match tonight. “What the hell is wrong with you Kidman? Why do you keep following me around? You got a crush on me or something? That why you call that move the Kid Crusher? Leave me alone!” [D]
– WCW Cruiserweight Title: Psicosis defeated Jack Evans to retain. [B]
– A limousine pulls up to the building…AND! OUT! STEPS! HULK! HOGAN!!!! THE PLACE GOES NUTS. [A+]
– #1 Contenders Match for TV Title: CM Punk vs D’Lo Brown. A solid match, and CM Punk was looking like he might get the win. Kidman then came down with a chair and tried to offer it to Punk. Punk waved him off, and D’Lo then dropkicked Punk into the chair, and rolled him up for the pin! [C]
– Kidman and Torrie get in the ring to see if Punk is okay. Punk is furious, and pushes them away, and goes after Kidman. Torrie steps in the middle of them to break it up, and manages to get Punk into the middle of the ring…..WHERE SHE THEN LOW BLOWS HIM! Kidman comes flying at him with a chain wrapped around his fist! Kidman is beating the hell out of CM Punk! Those bastards, those bastards. [C]
– It’s now time for Pipers Pit, with Hulk Hogan! Roddy Piper is in the ring, to a good reaction. “Now, whether you love him or hate him….and boy, do I sometimes hate him, [laughs], there’s one man in this wrestling business, who stands out amongst the crowd. One man, who has been here since seemingly forever, the man who put the WWE on the map, the man who hell, put WRESTLING on the map, this man, is the greatest wrestler in this entire industry because of EVERYTHING that he has done. He’s won everyone over, and he’s beaten everyone, I never thought I’d say this, but this is a very, very proud moment, as I get to welcome the return of……..HULK HOGAN!!!!” The place goes absolutely nuts, as Real American starts. Hogan comes out and rips the shirt at the entranceway, as the fans continue to go nuts! A standing ovation, this is Hulk Hogan ladies and gentlemen!!!! The place is electric.
– Hogan gets in the ring and grabs the microphone. “Wow, wow. You guys….you guys are unreal. Seriously, I was nervous about coming out here tonight, I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be, but wow…you guys…right to my heart. Roddy, how longs it been bro? We’ve had quite the history, me and you, dating back to the very first Wrestlemania, but now, now we’re on the same team, the same side, and I want to thank you first of all for allowing me on your show. I also want to talk about the chance, the chance of becoming WCW World Champion, and how special it is to me. It’s not, it’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure. I’m fighting one of the best wrestlers in the industry today, Chris Benoit. Benoit is…he’s a great guy, he’s a great wrestler, and I’m really looking forward to finally stepping in the ring with him. This is, this is a very special night and…”
– DUNA DUNNA DUN, DUN DUN DUN! Oh my god, that…that’s Chris Benoits music! Benoit comes walking down to the ring, and gets in the middle of the ring with Hogan and Piper, with an almost sneering smile on his face. Hogan holds out his hand for Benoit to shake it, but Benoit just stares at it, then says “Listen Hogan, first off…save your energy, you’ll need all the energy to tap out tonight. Now, I’m back there, listening to you rant about absolutely nothing, and I hear you say that I am one of the best.” “That..thats right, you are.” “ONE OF? Hogan, I am the best goddamn wrestler in this whole [beep]ing business. I’ve wrestled all over the world, beaten superstars from everywhere, I’ve went toe to toe with Jushyn Lyger, Brock Lesnar, Matsuma, Takawada, Eddie Guerrero…I’ve been in bingo halls, I’ve been in football arenas, I’ve been at a show with 5 people and a dog, and you know what? I’ve did my best, every goddamn night. While you, you….you’ve wrestled Yokozuna. You’ve had people kissing your ass since day one. You’ve been in movies, you’ve been a celebrity….Hogan, you’ve been the JOKE of this business since almost day one, so don’t you come out here and say I am ONE of the best.” Hogan looks surprised, and says “Hey man, look, you’re great okay? I’m looking forward to tonights match, the crowd are excited, I’m excited, it’s…” “Why don’t you shut the hell up? You know what? The crowd ARE excited, the crowd are excited to see me wipe the floor with you.” [crowd boos] Hogan smiles and says “Benoit, if that’s what you want, lets get it on right now…” and at this point security interrupt and block the two, as they stare down. [A]
– The Hardy Boyz vs The Hart Foundation: #1 contenders match for tag team titles. Very solid match, Hart Foundation more than stood their own against the more experienced Hardy Boyz. Glenn Gilbertti held onto Teddy Hart as he was trying to do a top rope move, and Matt leaped up and suplexed him off, then Jeff hit the swanton for the win! [B] (Road Agent Note: Matt & Glenn work well together, and Matt really stood out in this match.)
– The mystery TV Title Contender is……X-PAC! X-Pac comes out, and grabs a microphone. “Yo, I just want to thank everyone for giving me this chance, and I’m gonna beat this punk Mavens ass, and if you got a problem with that, I got two words for ya……..” crowd chants “suck it”. [C+]
– WCW Television title: Maven© vs Sean Waltman. Maven won this match, with his feet on the ropes. [B]
– A bloody CM Punk is backstage, and tells Kidman he wants him at Starrcade, in a no holds barred hardcore match. [C-]
– Edge/Chris Jericho vs Sting/Booker T. Edge & Jericho came out first. Booker T then came out, and Edge and Jericho immediately attacked him. As they were beating on him, Sting came down and went right for Edge, to start off the match! Standard good tag team match. Booker T and Jericho were in the ring, and Booker got the hot tag to Sting. Jericho crawled over to Edge, and went to tag him. Edge, looking at a smiling, scary Sting, refused to tag and walked off. Booker T & Sting took it to Jericho did their finishers, and pinned him. Sting taunted a worried looking Edge afterwords. [A+]
– ****When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside…* IT! IS! HULK! HOGAN! Hogan comes out and…oh my lord! BENOIT! BENOIT ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND! Benoit starts pounding on Hogan, and throws him into the stage, then drags him to the ring…[A+]
– Hogan vs Benoit: Benoit just beat the hell out of Hogan, throwing him into the ringposts, putting him in the crossface then releasing it. Hogan was bleeding Triple H style, busted wide open, and Benoit continued the pressure. Finally, the referee called for the bell, as Hogan was in no shape to continue. [A+]
– Benoit refused to release the crossface this time however, and kept it on. Bret Hart and security came out to try and make the save. Finally, GOLDBERG came charging out, and Benoit released the hold and got ready for Goldberg,. Goldberg enters the ring and stares down with Benoit, while in a split screen we see Edge and Sting going at it backstage, with security trying to stop them there! One of these four men will be crowned the world champion…this Sunday, at Starrcade! [A+]

Overall: A+ (this surprised me!)

WCW Starrcade:

– The Hart Foundation vs The Funky Bunch: Welcome to WCW Starrcade, live from the Rogers Centre in Toronto Ontario Canada! The first match was Canadian team Funky Bunch, friends of Teddy Hart and Harry Smith, making their debut. This was an average match, with Funky Bunch looking nervous. The Hart Attack finished off Marky Mark, and they shook hands afterwards. [D]
– But wait…after shaking hands, the Funky Bunch just attacked The Hart Foundation! What the hell was that about? These guys are meant to be friends. [F]
– Hardcore Match: Kidman vs CM Punk. Decent little match, the finish came when CM Punk had put Kidman on a table, and had climbed up a ladder to put him through it. Torrie Wilson came charging up the ladder and hit him with a low blow! Kidman then got off the table, came up the ladder and hit a Kid Crusher through the table, and got the win. [C-]
– WCW Cruiserweight Title: Psicosis defeated Elix Skipper & The Great Sasuke to retain the title. [C+]
– WCW Television Title: D-Lo Brown vs Maven©. Both guys put on a good match, and won the crowd over. The finish came when Diamond Dallas Page appeared from the crowd, and hit D-Lo with a Diamond Cutter! Maven got the pin, and DDP & Maven celebrated. [B+]
– Kidman and Torrie were backstage, with Torrie telling Kidman how great he did, and rubbing his shoulders. [C+]
– WCW Tag Team Titles: Americas Most Wanted© vs The Hardy Boyz. AMW were on fire in this match, yet every time they tried to get the pin, Glenn Gilberti would do something to interfere. The ending came when Glenn distracted the referee, AMW both double dropkicked him off the apron, and turned around into double twists of fates and Hardyz got the pin and tag team titles! [B-]
– A video is showing hyping Rey Mysterio Jr, who will return to WCW on Monday night after the vicious attack by Jericho, and will be on Pipers Pit…with Jericho! [B+]
– Chris Jericho vs Booker T: Jericho defeated Booker cleanly. [A]
– Hype for the WCW World Title main event. [A]
– No Time Limit Submission Match for the WCW US Title: Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle. An incredible match, both guys just went all at it from start to finish, both getting in same amount of offense. The finish came when Angle got Flair in the anglelock, and it looked like he was going to tap…but somehow…somehow…Ric managed to get to the ropes. Angle was refusing to release the anglelock, and the referee pushed him. Angle then let Flair go and grabbed the referee and threw him halfway across the ring. He started yelling at the referee, and Flair managed to pull himself across the ring, and then tripped Angle, and put him in the figure four!!!! Flair then grabbed ahold of the ropes for leverage, and the referee either didn’t see, or refused to see, and Angle after being in the figure four for 45 seconds, tapped out at the 32 minute mark! [A+]
– WCW World Title Main E….WAIT A MINUTE! The first person to the ring was Goldberg, but just as he entered, the lights went out, and some noise was heard in the ring. When the lights come on, Goldberg is out cold on the ground, with his head bleeding! WHAT THE HELL? [B]
– WCW World Title Main Event: Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Goldberg vs Sting. Benoit came charging to the ring, and tried to pin Goldberg, who managed to get his shoulder up. Benoit then put him in the crossface, and Sting came charging out and broke it up. He started pounding on Benoit, and at this time Edge came strolling to the ring, and started watching things from outside, just taking his time and relaxing. When Sting and Benoit were outside the ring fighting, Edge rolled in and tried to pin Goldberg, who kicked out! Goldberg managed to get back up, however he wasn’t the same, and kept going down holding his head. Finally, Bret Hart and some doctors came and took Goldberg to the back. Inside the ring, Edge and Benoit teamed up on Sting. Edge hit him with a DDT, and Benoit went for the flying headbutt….BUT GOLDBERG CAME CHARGING OUT, AND SPEARED BENOIT IN MIDAIR! OH MY GOD! The two went flying outside the ring, and started brawling. Inside, Edge smiled, gave a thumbs up to Lita, and went to put Sting in the Edgecution, but Sting turned it into the Deathlock! EDGE IS GOING TO TAP! EDGE IS GOING TO…….STEINER! SCOTT STEINER! CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD ON STING!!! OH MY GOD! Goldberg trys to get in the ring and Steiner hits him with the chair too! Edge crawls over and pins Sting…ONE…TWO…THREE! EDGE IS THE NEW WCW WORLD CHAMPION!!! [A+]
– Edge and Scott Steiner and Lita start to celebrate after the match… [A+]
– …when out comes Bret Hart, and says that first he would like to congratulate Edge, but that tomorrow night on WCW Nitro, it will be Edge vs Sting……INSIDE A STEEL CAGE!!!!! [A+]

Overall: C+

WCW Nitro:

– WCW Nitro opened with a limousine pulling up, and new WCW World Champion Edge, Scott Steiner and Lita getting out of the limousine. [B-]
– WCW Television Title Match: Maven© vs The Great Sasuke. Solid match, DDP did a great job as manager at ringside. DDP held Sasukes leg as he was running off the ropes, and Maven hit him with the Diamond Cutter, and got the pin. [B]
– YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME! Out comes Edge, with Scott Steiner and Lita. He enters the ring, and grabs a microphone. “You know…24 hours ago was supposed to be a very special time for me. I had managed to get in the ring with three of the greatest wrestlers around, and I had managed to defeat them all, to become the WCW World Champion. For a moment, just a moment…I closed my eyes, and thought…wow, here it is. This is it, this is the greatest moment of my career. Then what happens? Well, 10 seconds later, Mr Cripple himself, Bret Hart, comes out to hey…guess what…screw me! Bret puts me in a [beep]ing singles match the night after my grueling world title win…not just any match…but a goddamn steel cage match, against a man who I beat at Starrcade, Sting! What the hell is that about? I see how it’s going to go down here Bret, but let me warn you, you’re looking at Team Edge, you got that, Team Edge, and I am going to be the longest reigning champion in the history of this company, so book me in cage matches, book me in whatever the hell you want…because the result will always be the same, as the R Rated Superstar, proves again and again that he is the real champion. Sting, better call god on this one, because I’m going to beat ever loving hell into you.” [A+]
– Goldberg surprisingly appears at Nitro! What is he doing here, after being attacked last night, I thought he’d be taking the night off. He doesn’t look happy. [A+]
– WCW Tag Team Titles: The Hardy Boyz© vs D-Lo Brown/Booker T. Solid match, Booker hit the Book End, and D-Lo was coming off the top rope for the frog splash on Jeff, when Gilberti interfered and pushed D-Lo off, and the referee DQ’d the Hardy Boyz. [B+]
– Edge was backstage talking with Scott Steiner. “So really, it’s simple. You hang outside the ring, if circus boy trys to get out of the ring, you stop him!” Steiner says “By stop him, do you mean crush his head into a thousand pieces?” “Uh….sure.” “Great.” Steiner rubs his hands together then BAM! Sting comes crashing out of nowhere, smashing Steiner into the wall. Steiner slumps to the ground, and Sting turns and smiles at Edge and says “Its SHOOOOOOOOOWTIME FOLKS!”, then walks off. Edge looks at Lita, looks at the concussed Steiner, then turns back to Lita and says “okay…plan B?” [A+]
– DDP is backstage with Maven. “People want to know…people want to know, why the king of the self high five, Diamond Dallas Page, has decided to take Maven under his wing. Well, let me tell you something….standing right beside me is one of the most formidable talents in the wrestling industry. He won the original and real tough enough, and when he was in the WWE he scared the hell out of all the so-called big names, who saw a guy so talented, so charismatic, that they could steal their thunder, so they managed to get him fired. Now he’s in WCW, and I’m here to make sure that it doesn’t happen again; I’m here to steer Mavens career all the way to the top. Maven, is without a doubt, going to go into history as one of the greatest wrestlers in this business, and DDP is going to take him all the way to the top. Bada Bing…Bada boom…Bada BAAAAAAAANNNGG!!!” [A]
– Americas Most Wanted are backstage, about to do an interview. Glenn Gilberti then appears and starts taunting them. All it takes is a second to distract them, and the Hardy Boyz strike and send them down. The Hardyz & Glenn then walk off laughing. [C]
– Edge and Lita are walking backstage. “You know Lita, I’m so glad I’m a thinking man, I’m so glad I had a plan B.” “Honey, that’s why I love you and that’s why you’re the world champion.” The two start to kiss, and then they realize that, with his face just inches away from them staring, is STING. Edge jumps and then turns to Sting who says “First of all…that was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Second….your uh…plan B…yeah, it might not work as well as expected. I guess you could say it wasn’t up to bat.” Sting smiles, taps his bat, and walks off. Edge and Lita look stunned, then race off to their locker room…and huddled in the corner, blood pouring down his face…is plan B…or was plan B…Rick Steiner! [A+]
– Chris Benoit is backstage, about to do an interview, when Goldberg steps into the scene. “Benoit…I’m a man of few words, so let me tell it to you straight; last night, you were one of the causes of me not winning the WCW Title. Due to that, I want kick your ass, and I’ll do so…tonight. We can either do it in the ring, or we can do it here now, your choice.” Benoit sneers, then starts to tell Goldberg that there’s no way in hell he’ll fight him, when in steps Bret Hart, who says “Hey Goldberg, that’s actually a great idea. Benoit, go get your fighting gear on, you’re taking on Goldberg tonight.” [A+]
– WCW US Title: Ric Flair© vs Vader. Solid match, Flair put on a great show. During the match, they cut to a Kurt Angle split screen who said he would be in Ric Flair country next week, Carolina, and will take on Flair and beat his ass in front of his home fans, and take away the US Title. [A+] In the ring, Flair dominated the big man with a lot of surprise agility. Vader got the upper hand at one point, and went for a vader bomb, but Flair managed to hit a low blow, followed by the figure four for the win! [A+]
– Chris Benoit vs Goldberg: As Goldberg came to the ring, Benoit hit him with a tope suicida to start the match. Benoit was in control for a good bit, and hit him with three german suplexes, followed by a diving headbutt, but Goldberg kicked out. Benoit then got him in the crossface, but Goldberg managed to stand up, and went charging into the corner, smashing him right into it. Goldberg then threw Benoit to the other corner, and then hit the SPEAR!!! Goldberg made the signal for the jackhammer, and the lights went off! As the lights came on again, Goldberg was knocked out cold again, his forehead showing a big bump on it. The referee checked out Goldberg, then ordered the bell to be rang, and declared Benoit the winner due to knockout. [A+]
– Benoit staggered up, and looked at the prone Goldberg, then got a big sneer on his face, and walked over to Goldberg. He then locked him in the Crippler Crossface, right in the middle of the ring. Security tried to break it up but were not successful, then out came Hulk Hogan charging to the ring!!! Hogans back!! Hogans back!!! Benoit quickly rolled out of the ring, and walked up the ramp with that same sneer, as Hogan tended to Goldberg. [A+]
– Pipers Pit with Rey Mysterio: Rey made his return to WCW Nitro, after the vicious beating by Jericho 2 weeks ago. Rey says that first of all, he is okay, and he is ready to get back into action, but he just doesn’t understand. He just doesn’t. He has wrestled all over the world, in every promotion you can think of, many of those times with Jericho. He’s roomed with Jericho, he’s hung out with Jerichos family….”Chris, I considered you a friend.” And yet now Jericho seems to have some anger towards him, “so Jericho if you’re back there, get out here now and tell me exactly whats going on.” *BREAK THE WALLS DOWN* Out comes Chris Jericho, who gets in the ring. “Listen Junior, the Ayatollah of Rock & Rollah was backstage chilling out with some Jericholics…hot Jericholics. So this better be good.” “Chris…you owe me. You have to tell me what your problem is.” “I….owe you? Look junior, how about we let bygones be bygones okay? Maybe I was just having a little tantrum over the past month, but now I’m feeling okay, and I like you and all that, so how about we just be good buds from now on?” Rey looks surprised then says “You’re joking right, two weeks ago you piledrived me through a table, and now you want to be friends?”. Jericho extends his hand for Rey to shake, and the crowd boo. Rey looks at him and says “You have to be kidding me.” Jericho smiles and says “Alright alright, look, I understand, you don’t trust me…that’s cool….but I just want to bare my soul to you, and explain that…” at this point Jericho just dives across the ring and hits Rey, and starts pounding on him. He then throws him into the Pipers Pit set, smashing some of it. He then takes the stool that Piper sits on, throwing Piper off, and smokes Rey in the face with it. He then surveys the mess, turns to Piper and says “You better get this fixed up, because I’ll be on this show next week and I’ll tell you exactly why I want to end this bastards career.” [A+]
– Highlights of the Sting/Edge feud to date air, then some more hype for tonight. [A+]
– Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Title: Sting vs Edge©. Sting descends to the ring from the roof, but stops at the very top of the cage, and hangs there awaiting Edge, with an intense look on his face. Edges music plays, and Edge comes out looking wary, and even slightly scared, having to stare at Sting the whole way down to the ring. Edge bounces into the ring, Sting jumps down from the cage onto him, and the two get it on! They brawl like crazy, both men full of intensity and rage, beating the ever loving hell out of each other. Sting starts going crazy with the Stinger Splashes, hitting 8 of them as the fans count and cheer. As we get to near the end, Sting climbs up the cage to escape. Edge climbs after him, and just as Sting reaches the top, Edge low blows him, then hits him with a semi-SPEAR off the top of the cage to the ring below! Oh my god! The two are out cold, and yet after about 2 minutes the person who starts to move is Sting…Sting is crawling to the door….Sting is going to make it…Sting is going to do it…Edge is trying to get up but he won’t make it…the door opens…Sting crawls out…he’s just two feet away from becoming WCW Champion…………
– BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sting gets nailed in the face with a steel chair, by someone dressed all in black with a ski mask on! What in the hell! No way! Was this a plan C? The person then hits Sting in the face again, sending him reeling back into the ring. Edge comes crawling over, and stumbles over Sting, and rolls out of the ring….and retains the WCW World Title! The ski mask man immediately helps him up. [A+]
– The masked man helps Edge up the stage, and then at the top of the stage they stop and turn, facing the crowd, and the ring. Edge smiles a bloody smile, and the masked man takes off his mask, revealing that he is……………..

Randy Orton. [A+]

Overall: A+


– Teddy Hart vs Phoenix Taylor: A high-flying match between the two Canadians. Despite Marky Marks interference, Teddy Hart managed to make Phoenix tap out to the sharpshooter. [E]
– A video plays, showing the shocking debut of Randy Orton last week on WCW Nitro, as well as showing highlights of the Sting vs Edge match. [A]
– YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME! Out come Edge, accompanied by the Steiner Brothers, Lita and of course, Randy Orton. [A+] Edge grabs the microphone, world title around his waist, smile on his face, and stares around the crowd. “Do you take me seriously now, huh? Do you still underestimate me? Again, yet again, I manage to humiliate that chump Sting, again by outsmarting him. In a 15 foot high steel cage, I gave it my all. I beat the ever loving hell out of Sting. I suplexed him off the cage. I backdropped him into the cage, then I speared his ass off the top of the cage, and what happened? I retained…I retained…the WCW World Heavyweight Title.” “Thanks to me”, Randy Orton pipes in, with a smile. “Yes…with a little assistance(Randy rolls his eyes) from one of the greatest wrestlers in this sport, the legend killer himself, Randy Orton, I…I…Edge, showed yet again that I am the WCW World Champion.” “Thanks to me”. “Will you stop saying that?”. “Well, it’s true.” “Look Randy, I’ve already acknowledged your help here, we’re on the same team, whats the deal?” Suddenly the arena goes dark, and we’re interrupted by…. [A]
– Stings music! Sting stands at the entranceway, furious look on his face, with his forehead bandaged up. “If you two girls will shut the hell up for a minute, I’ve got something to say. Edge, you cheating punk, you’re wearing MY World Title around your waist. I was within inches…INCHES from becoming the world champion, when Hercules over there decides to interfere in my life. Orton, you might be tough with a ski mask on and a chair in your hand against a guy who’s just fell 15 foot from a steel cage, but you’re not looking so tough now bro, so I’m going to come down there and I’m going to beat you and Edge, I’m going to beat you within an inch of your lives, and I’m going to beat the hell out of anyone who trys to stop me…yes, that includes that whore Lita….” Sting drops the microphone, and starts walking down to the ring…. [A]
– …and out steps Bret Hart, running after Sting. He stops Sting midway. “Look Sting, Sting….you want these guys? You want them? Fine, which one do you want, and I’ll make the match for Souled Out.” “Both of them.” “You can’t have both.” “Both of them Bret, it’s then, or now, but I’m taking on both of them.” “Okay okay…how about you get yourself a tag team partner, and you take on Randy Orton and Edge at Souled Out?” [A+] “I still want blood tonight.” “You want blood? You got blood! It’s you vs Scott Steiner in this very ring”. Sting finally smiles, as Steiner looks worried. [B-]
– A video plays, hyping that tonight, Ric Flair, in Carolina, will be taking on Kurt Angle for the US Title in the main event. [A+]
– TV Title: Maven© vs CM Punk. A solid match. Kidman comes out during it, distracting CM Punk, and Maven hits him with a Diamond Cutter for the win. [B]
– CM Punk charges backstage, and finds Kidman, and gets in his face. “Why man? Why the hell are you after me like this huh? It’s you or that bitch, somewhere, anywhere, always trying to get in my face, put me off, interfere in my matches, do whatever it takes to piss me off, or get my attention. Why?” Kidman says “You want to know? Fine, next week, I’ll go out there and I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell the whole world.” CM Punk nods and says “Fine.” He turns around into a *SLAP* from Torrie, who yells “AND I AM NOT A BITCH”. Kidman and Torrie then walk off, as CM grins. [B-]
– A Video plays hyping up that Chris Jericho will be on Pipers Pit later, to explain his anger and abuse at Rey Mysterio Jr. [B]
– Another hype video for Angle vs Flair. [A+]
– DDP and Maven are backstage being interviewed. DDP talks about how Maven is going to beat anyone and everyone in his path, and is going to become the greatest champion in the history of WCW, and a legend throughout the whole industry. [B]
– WCW Cruiserweight Title: Psicosis© vs Jack Evans. Solid match, that Psicosis wins cleanly. During the match, Kid Romeo is seen watching it from the stage. [B+]
– Edge and Lita are backstage, the Steiners in the corner, with Rick hyping up Scott. Edge are talking about what they should call their stable. Edge decides it should be “Team Edge”. Lita writes on a piece of paper “Team Edge”, and tapes it the door. [C+]
– Backstage, Kid Romeo is now being interviewed. He says he was in WCW years ago, and is back now, and is scouting Psicosis, and is going to become the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, because “WCW should be represented, by a slick, sexy, cool champion…not by a hairy Mexican.” [C-]
– Bret Hart is sitting in his office, when the phone rings. “Hello….what? You’re the one? You’re the one who attacked Goldberg? It’s a bad line, who are you exactly? Next week on Nitro? Sure, I’ll see you then. Hey…HEY WAIT I KNOW YOU ARE…”*click* the person hangs up the telephone. Bret Hart sits back, and just says in shock, “Wow”. [A]
– *I AM A REEAALL AMERICAN* Out comes Hulk Hogan, who made his comeback in WCW last week, chasing off Benoit. Hogan is out here for an interview. “Just before Starrcade, Hulk Hogan made his glorious debut in World Championship Wrestling. I was all set to entertain the fans, put on a good match and generally have fun….and then….then Chris Benoit decides he has a chip on his shoulder. Benoit attacks me from behind, then beats on me constantly before the bell is even rung, and cheats his way to victory. Sitting at home nursing my wounds, I thought about it and thought about it, whether…whether I should retire. I watched old Benoit videos, I watched some of his moves, of his ice-cold blood, of the way he went after opponents with no mercy, and I thought to myself….no, there’s no way I can beat that. 10 years ago maybe, but now…no, not now.”

“Then…then brother, Hulk Hogan was backstage at last weeks Nitro, he saw Benoit try to attack Goldberg, and brother, something just started going off in the Hulksters heart, and I came charging out here, with 20,000 Hulkamaniacs chanting my name, and I cleared the ring with Benoit, and I knew, I knew right then…..that I’ve got what it takes, that I can go toe to toe, head to head with Benoit. Brothers, I’m standing out here today to tell Chris Benoit to say his prayers and take his vitamins….because Benoit, at Souled Out, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU????” [A+]
– Next week on WCW Nitro….a live sit-down interview, with Randy Orton. [A+]
– Backstage, Scott Steiner is getting pumped up for his match. Randy Orton comes walking in the locker room with a coffe in one hand, and a piece of paper that he’s crumpled up, and tosses it to Edge. “Look what some mark put on the locker room”. Edge uncrumples the paper and sees it says “Team Edge”. “Uh, that was Lita that put it up. That’s our new name.” Randy looks at Edge, looks at Lita, then laughs and says “Oh, okay. Yeah. Team Edge, Team Edge all the way baby!” Orton laughs again. “Anyway, just came in to wish Scotty good luck, I won’t be sticking around.” Edge looks surprised. “What if he needs our help?” Orton says “I’m sure you can handle it buddy.’ He then looks over at Lita and says “I mean if you can handle this wildcat, you can handle Sting.” He then winks at Lita and walks off, with Edge just standing there looking angry. [A+]
– Sting vs Scott Steiner: Sting dominated this match, and was just a house of fire. Steiner couldn’t control him. Rick tried to interfere and Sting sent him flying, and Edge came in with a chair, rushing at Sting, who tripped him straight into Steiner. Sting then hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Steiner and got the pin. [A]
– Team Edge(minus Randy Orton) attempted to team up on Sting, but he got his bat and they went running off. [B-]
– Pipers Pit with Chris Jericho: Jericho came out, with a smile on his face. Piper didn’t look so happy. “Chris….Chris…I think I sum it up for everyone watching, when I ask that one and only question. Why?” Jericho smiles. “You want to know why Piper? You want to know why I’ve terrorized Rey week after week since the beginning of WCW? I’ll tell you why Junior, but if you interrupt I’ll snap your artificial hip in half, then cram it halfway down your throat. You see, people ask me day in and day out…why? I’ve been with Rey from almost day one in this business. We’ve wrestled in the same promotions, sometimes together, sometimes against each other, we’ve did it all…CMLL…AAA…New Japan…All Japan…ECW…WCW…WWE, we’ve wrestled in almost every country, we’ve been together in this business for years….and now all of a sudden, Chris Jericho turns on his little buddy Rey Mysterio Jr. Why could that be?”
– “I’ll tell you why. Because all the time, all throughout those years, in every single promotion, Rey Mysterio decided to be the superstar. He decided to hog the limelight, to steal the show, to come out of every card looking better than Y2J did. Jericho has a big fight coming up? Well Rey will put his working boots on, put on a five star match and completely make Jericho look bad! People used to come up to me and say ‘Man, that Rey Mysterio is good. Why can’t you do the moves that he does?’. Why? Why??? Because that little runt is a freak of nature! Yet everywhere we go, he always steals the limelight. Anyone remember my celebrations when I won the WWE World Title? Remember the big fuss that was made? No, me either. Remember the big fuss when Rey won it? Yeah, there you go. And now that little prick…he wanted to come to WCW, and become known as the worlds greatest television champion? That was the last straw, I will go down in history as WCW’s greatest television champion, and now, I’m also going down in history as the man that ended Rey Mysterio Jrs career…because that’s what I’m going to do given the chance…I’m going to destroy that little bastard, and ain’t nobody gonna stop me.” [A]
– A video is shown, hyping up Kurt Angle warming up, doing stretches, and getting motivated. [A+]
– We then see Ric Flair warming up….by dancing with some women, and yelling “ITS GOOD TO BE THE CHAMP! WHOOOOO!” [A+]
– WCW US Title: Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair© The ovation of Ric Flair was through the roof. Angle tried to attack him with a tope suicida, but Flair swung out of the way, then jumped in the ring and held his title aloft to the fans excitement. Flair and Angle put on a very solid match, Angle dominated mostly, and was beating the hell out of Flair, but couldn’t get the three count, even after an angle slam!!!! Angle then got a glint in his eye, and put Flair in the Anglelock oh my god!!! Right in the center of the ring too. Flair managed to use every ounce of strength he had and crawl over to the ropes…and GOT THEM! Angle tried to pull him off the ropes, but Flair held on for dear life. The referee finally got Angle to drop Flairs leg, at which point Flair got up and started chopping at Angle. Angle grabbed him and hit him with a belly to belly, then did the Flair walk. Angle then put Flair in the figure four…no wait…Flair rollup..ONE TWO THREE!! RIC FLAIR WINS! RIC FLAIR RETAINS THE US TITLE. [A+]
– Ric Flair celebrates, with the crowd going absolutely wild, chanting “Flair! Flair! Flair! Flair”. Kurt Angle stands on the entranceway watching, the crowd on their feet, cheering for their hero. [A+]

Overall: A

Road Agent Notes: Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner are really dragging down Edges ratings.

– Hype Video: Tonight on Nitro, Sting & Hulk Hogan will be taking on Chris Benoit and Edge. [A+] Goldbergs mystery attacker is meant to be showing up to meet with commissioner Bret Hart [B+], and Randy Orton will have a sit-down interview with Gene Okerlund. [A]
– Ladder Match for WCW Tag Team Titles: Hardy Boyz© vs AMW vs The Hart Foundation. Standard expected spotfest, all three teams did some great spots. Hardy Boyz retained thanks to Glenn Gilberti’s intereference. [C+]
– Kurt Angle, who is now 0-2 against Ric Flair, arrived at the building! [A+]
– A video airs showing the Angle/Flair feud in all its glory, ending with the visual of last week, the fans chanting Flairs name, while Angle looks on, dejected. [A+]
– AND HERE COMES KURT ANGLE TO THE RING! “You know, when I came to WCW….I thought it was destiny. The greatest human being in the whole of the United States of America, to become the champion of all the US people, of the US nation…hell, the champion of all those immigrants that serve burritos and slurpys at 4 in the morning. Yet again and again, Ric Flair has managed to get in my way, with the cheapest finishes anyone can do. Although ‘Flair’ and ‘cheap’….they go together, have you seen his wife? Talk about the three I’s, that one was idiocy! Flair, you’ve managed to get lucky against me 3 times…which is 3 times more than your wife wishes. First, a time limit expiry, followed by a freak figure four, and to end matters on a hot note, a friggin rollup! Who the hell wins by a rollup??? Not a US Champion, that’s for sure.”
– “So Flair, I’m standing out in this ring, asking…no…DEMANDING…another shot at your title. Lets do it, one on one, me and the champ, one more time, any match you want, come on Flair, lets get it on.” [A+]
– WOOOOOOOO! Out comes the WCW United States Champion, The Nature boy, RIC FLAIR! “Well Kurt I..hold on…hold on……WOOOOOOOOOO! Okay now that we have that out of…wait..wait…one more….yep there it is…WOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOO! Okay Kurt, I was backstage listening to you beg and beg for a title shot….and you know what, I almost…ALMOST…want to grant it to you. However why do you deserve a title shot? I mean, really? What have you done to deserve one? Lost twice to me? Lost TWICE to me, The Nature Boy? Look Flair, there’s a lot of other contenders out there, so I’ll give you a chance….tonight, in that very ring, face one of the other contenders and beat him….and I’ll consider a title match for Souled Out.” “Flair, you got it, and I’ll even do the five minute Kurt Angle challenge to prove how I deserve it.” “No no you don’t have to do 5 minutes…hell, you probably won’t even last 5 minutes as your girlfriends in high school can attest to…..see Kurt, tonight, in that very ring, you will be taking on the man known as uh…oh whats his name…oh yeah….

– Later on tonight, Randy Ortons live sitdown interview airs! What will WCWs newest star have to say? [A+]
– WCW TV Title: Maven© vs Booker T. DDP interfered to help Maven take the win. DDP & Maven celebrated and started to attack Booker T, until D’Lo came out for the save. [A]
– Bret Hart is backstage, with a wrestler who can’t be seen, and is staring at a contract. “So let me get this straight….this is what you want to come in…all this money…you don’t want your name mentioned…no hype…no advertising…and you want to take on Goldberg at Souled Out?”. Bret looks at the wrestler, who apparently nods. Bret says “Well…I can’t believe I’m doing this…but okay, you have your match at Souled Out. Its you vs Goldberg in a no DQ, no countout, anything goes match..” [B+]
– Goldberg vs Kurt Angle: The two staredown in the ring, and lock up. Goldberg throws Angle across the ring. Angle gets back up, and goes into a lockup, and Goldberg throws him across the ring again. Angle runs at Goldberg, ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder charge, but Goldberg stays on his feet! Angle then runs off the ropes, and hits another shoulder charge, Goldberg staying on his feet again, and grinning at Angle. Angle then gets on the ground in a wrestling pose, inviting Goldberg to wrestle on the ground with him. Goldberg hesitates, walks over…and boots Angle in the mouth! Oowww! Angle gets up and attacks Goldberg, with his mouth bleeding, and the two brawl like crazy, both of them smacking the hell out of each other. Goldberg gets the better of it, and Angle rolls out of the ring. Goldberg comes out after Angle, and chases him around the ring…..AND A FIGURE DRESSED IN BLACK APPEARS OUT OF UNDER THE RING, SMOKING GOLDBERG WITH A PIPE! Angle rolls back in the ring stunned, as the figure in black disappears under the ring again. The referee counts to 10, and Goldberg is counted out! [A+]
– Sting/Hulk Hogan vs Edge/Chris Benoit: The match started off strong, with Sting clearing the ring of Edge & Benoit. Edge and Benoit double team Sting for awhile. Edge is then dominating Sting, and goes for his own Stinger Splashes, but Sting moves and Edge slingshots into the ringpost! Sting crawls over to his corner…further…further…..Edge is going to his…..Sting tags in Hogan! Hogan comes charging in, hulking up as Edge gets to his corner to tag Benoit and…wait. Benoit isn’t tagging! Benoits standing there, just staring at Hogan! What the hell? Edge is trying to make Benoit tag, but I think Benoits scared of Hogan! Hogan looks pretty damn hyped up. Benoit is standing there chewing his gum watching Hogan…Hogan is begging Benoit to tag in…and he doesn’t! Benoit walks down the steps, and starts to walk off! What the hell??? Edge is left out here all by himself. Hogan picks up Edge…as here comes The Steiner Brothers to make the save….and Sting comes flying off the apron with a splash, sending them down. In the ring, Hogan hits the big boot on Edge, and in comes Sting. Sting hits a Deathdrop on Edge, and pins him…one…two…three! Sting and Hogan win! [A+]
– Randy Orton is backstage, sitting down with Mean Gene Okerlund. “Randy, thanks for taking the time to sit with me.” “Yeah, you better be thanking me. Not many people get one on one time with the champ.” “Well, you’re not the champ.” “Yet.” “Okay Randy, so the first question has to be…Why? Why did you come to WCW?” “Money. WCW offered me more money, so that’s why I came here. I don’t give two craps about this being where the big boys play, or the oh so great heritage dating back to the NWA where Ricky Steamboat took on Jesus H. Christ himself in a loser goes on Noahs Ark for a month match. I was offered lots of money, so I took it.” “Why did you align yourself with Edge?”. “You know the old saying…keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” “Yeah…” “Well Edge isn’t my enemy, but he’s one of the most dangerous wrestlers in this business. He’s someone that has a heart for this business, that will do everything he can to get ahead, even if it involves screwing his best friends girlfriend. A guy like that, I respect it, and I’m happy to be aligned in WCW with Edge.” “Okay, so now you’re in WCW, what is your goal?”. “My goal? My goal is to do what every other one of these chumps want to do, my goal is to become the champion, to make the money, to headline the shows…I want to become WCW World Champion, and god forbid someone step in my way.” “But the current WCW Champion…your…well…I guess not friend…your partner…the guy you’re aligned with…is Edge.” “What did I just say Gene? I said god forbid anyone that steps in my way.” “Well…” “No, hold on, let me ask YOU a question Gene. You’ve been in this business awhile now haven’t you?” “Over 30 years.” “30, and you’re quite well known huh?” “Yes, yes I guess I am.” “Well isn’t that interesting….so, you’d almost say, you’d almost say that you’re a LEGEND in this business?” Gene starts to answer, then understands what Orton is getting at…”…no…”. Gene stumbles up and starts to run off, but Orton catches him, hits him with the RKO, and leaves him laying on the ground. Orton then turns to the camera, smiles, and says “No-one is safe friend or foe, from the dreaded….dreaded…R-K-O! Damn, I’m so talented I can write poetry too. I am gooood!” Randy then spits in the downed Mean Genes face, as Nitro goes off the air. [A+]

Overall: A+

WCW Nitro:

– WCW Nitro opens with World Champion Edge on the way to the ring, looking furious. Lita is at his side. Edge enters the ring, title around his waist, and grabs a microphone. “Okay, in case no-one gets it yet, I’m out here to call out my good friend, my apparent stable member, my alleged ally…..Randy Orton, I’m talking to you bud, so get your ass out here NOW.” [A]
– After about 30 seconds wait, Randy Orton comes out, smile and surprised look on his face. He enters the ring, and says “Whats up dawg?” [A]
– “WHATS UP??? WHATS UP???? Let me tell you whats up! You come on Nitro, and help me in my cage match against Sting…great. Since then, all you’ve tried to do is undermine me. You remind everyone that it was your help that won me that match. You then aren’t there to back Scott Steiner up in his match against Sting, and then last week, not only are you nowhere in sight when I have a huge tag team match, not only do you not back me up when that jackass Chris Benoit walks out on me…but you’re busy doing an interview with Gene Okerlund, telling him you’re coming after my world title! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT RANDY? I want answers, I WANT THEM NOW!” [A+]
– “Woah woah woah, chill out there buddy. Hey Lita honey, how you doing? Okay Edge…you want answers? Let me answer all your questions with one simple sentence….I’m Randy Orton. Is that enough for you? I do what I want, when I want, and no-one, not even you, the WCW World Champion, can stop me. Do you understand that?” “All I understand is that you are one cocky bastard who needs that condasending smile wiped off his face, and you know what? I might just be the one that does that.” Orton continues to smile, then asks “Hey Edge….you know, I was thinking, you’re world champion aren’t you? You’re the WCW World Champion, and a former WWE Champion? While you’re still relatively young….wouldn’t you…wouldn’t you agree that you’re somewhat of a…LEGEND…in this business?” Edge throws the microphone down and gets right in Ortons face, the two staring down, shit-talking each other….. [A]
– ….and Bret Harts music plays! Oh boy! “Geez boys, what am I interrupting here? Need I remind you, that the both of you are actually in a tag team match at Souled Out this Sunday, against Sting and a mystery partner? Oh, and have I told you boys the good news yet? I decided that if either you, Edge, or you, Randy Orton, get pinned or submit….the person who beats you…yeah, they win the world title! How does that sound?” Edge looks furious, while Orton has a non-commital look on his face. [A+]
– “And if that’s not enough…Orton, you seem to like your legends huh? You seem to like to live this legend killer gimmick? Well tell you what…you can take on a legend tonight in that very ring..because I’m booking you against STING!!!!” This takes Orton by surprise, and Edge starts laughing, as we go to a commercial break. [A+]
– DDP vs D’Lo Brown: D’Lo was dominating the match, and had DDP ready for the frog splash, and Maven pushed him off the ropes, causing a DQ. [C+]
– Maven attacks D’Lo, and Booker T makes the save, and the four brawl. [B-]
– Bret books DDP/Maven vs D’Lo/Booker T at Souled Out. [B+]
– Kidman comes out with Torrie Wilson. “So people are wondering, what is wrong with me huh? People are wondering, why, when I have a beautiful girlfriend like Torrie, that I’m spending my time stalking someone like CM Punk? I mean, since Nitro started, I’ve been on his ass every show haven’t I? Well, let me explain. Ever since I signed for WCW, all I heard was about how CM Punk was going to be the next star. Hell, before I even signed for WCW, all people could talk about was CM Punk. So I get here, and all I hear is that CM Punk has the looks, he has the skills, he has the charisma, he has the talent, bla bla bla. I hear the announcers talk him up, I even sit back and watch Bret Hart give him title shot after title shot. You want to know why I am on CM Punks ass 24/7? I’ll tell you why…BECAUSE I AM JEALOUS!!! Do you understand that? I’m 8 times the wrestler CM Punk is, I have more experience, more skill, more talent in my little pinky finger than that straight-edge wannabee has in his whole body, yet I have to beg, whine and fight to even get a match on Nitro, never mind a title shot. All my life, I’ve been overlooked…why? Why is everyone overlooking me? From WCW to WWE, no-one wanted to give me the ball! So my plan is simple, I want to take out CM Punk, then everyone will see that I am the REAL star of this promotion, and give me the credit I deserve!” [C-]
– CM Punk comes out at this stage. “Uh…yeah. Okay. People may talk about how great I am….but that’s because I am great! My mom thinks so anyway! Look Kidman, you just have to go with what you’ve got. I’ve got a lot of expectations to live up to, and am trying my damndest, but you’re that little thorn in my paw, trying to cause me pain and suffering, and get in my way. I’ve been trying to just ignore you, but it’s got to the stage where…where…hell Kidman, where I’m going to have to beat you so bad you’ll never get in my way again. So it’s me vs you at Souled Out, and just for fun, lets make it an ambulance match…..because after I’m done with you, you’ll need to be in one anyway.” [C-]
– Goldberg is backstage, looking furious and questioning people on who the mystery attacker is. [B]
– Goldberg comes out. He stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand. “Alright mystery attacker, I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want, but I can’t wait for Souled Out………..I want you in the middle of the ring right now, so I can do to you what I do to every opponent I face…SPEAR YOU…JACKHAMMER YOU…AND KICK YOUR ASS!” Goldberg paces around the ring. “So whats the deal, are you going to come out?” [B]
– The arena goes dark, and then some flashing lights appear. A voice is heard. “Goldberg…in six days….at Souled Out….you will feel the wrath…the anger…the pain….Goldberg…in six days, your career is over, your life is over….you….are……over.” The lights go on to show a bewildered and furious Goldberg in the ring. [B]
– Jeff Hardy vs Chris Harris: During the match, Glenn Gilberti climbs up on the apron with a pipe in his hand, trying to hand it to Jeff. Jeff pushes it away, and yells at Glenn, and Chris hits him with a dragon suplex and gets the win! [C+]
– Backstage, Jeff is arguing with Glenn, saying that he doesn’t need him trying to interfere every chance possible, and that he can win on his own. Jeff is furious yelling at Glenn, and Matt breaks up the argument and calms things down. [C-]
– It is announced that at Souled Out, The Hardy Boyz will face AMW in a TLC match. [C]
– Chris Benoit is backstage. He says that last week, the reason he didn’t want to get in the ring with Hogan is because he wants the big PPV payday, and that if he got in the ring with him last week there’d be no PPV Payday…because Hogan would be too injured to wrestle. But he will face him at Souled Out…and he will take great pleasure in retiring Hogan forever. “It’s not technically a retirement match Hogan…but I advise everyone who steps in the ring with me makes sure they have a retirement fund handy…just in case.” [A+]
– Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy: Glenn came down with a chair, and tried to swing it at Rey, but Jeff stopped him, and the two argued. Matt was distracted, and Rey hit him with the 619, and got the victory! [A]
– Rey Mysterio Jr takes the microphone, and tells Chris Jericho that if he wants to prove to people that he’s better than Rey then he has that chance, in a 2/3 Falls match at Souled Out!!!! [A]
– Edge is backstage hyping up Randy Orton for his match vs Sting. [A+]
– Randy Orton vs Sting: Sting comes charging out, house on fire, attacking Randy and beating the crap out of him. Rick Steiner tried to interfere, and Sting threw him out of the ring. Scott Steiner was next, and met the same fate, but Edge managed to jump in and clip Sting from behind, and Edge and Orton worked over Sting. The Steiners came back in and started to attack Sting too, and all four worked him over….. [A+]
– DUN…DUN DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN DUN! OH! MY! GOD! THAT! IS! THE! MACHO! MAN! RANDY! SAVAGE! Savage comes charging to the ring with a baseball bat in hand, jumps in and smokes Scott Steiner! He hits Rick! He goes to swing at Edge who ducks…and he hits Orton! Edge rolls out of the ring, and Savage helps up Sting! Savage must be the mystery partner!! See you at Souled Out this Sunday everyone. [A+]

Overall: A

– WCW Souled Out starts with a hype video, featuring tonights matches, including the main event, Edge and Randy Orton, vs Sting and Randy Savage! Plus Goldbergs mystery attacker revealed….TONIGHT! [A]
– DDP/Maven vs D’Lo/Booker T: Booker T and D’Lo were on fire this match, working very well together. DDP and Maven finally got in control, but it didn’t last long as D’Lo got the hot tag to Booker T. Booker T hit DDP with a spinebuster, and D’Lo went climbing up on the top rope for a frog splash. Maven came charging at D’Lo and flew into him, sending them both over the top rope, to the floor. In the ring, Booker T looked around at the fans, then at DDP who was staggering to his feet….and made the Diamond Cutter sign!!! DDP staggered up….DIAMOND CUTTER BY BOOKER T!!! TELL ME HE DID NOT DO THAT!!! But wait, Maven is in the ring, and is standing behind Booker…and makes the Diamond Cutter sign…..BUT BOOKER SPINS AROUND AND HITS HIM WITH A SCISSORS KICK! ONE! TWO! THREE! BOOKER T PINS MAVEN! [B]
– Ambulance Match: CM Punk vs Billy Kidman. A solid match, CM Punk was in control for the majority of it. Kidman went for a shooting star press off the ambulance, but CM Punk moved. Torrie then came running at CM Punk,and CM backdropped her into the ambulance, then put Kidman in there and won the match! [C+]
– TLC Match: AMW vs The Hardy Boyz: Pretty crazy match, lots of good bumps etc. Outside the ring, Matt Hardy laid Chris Harris on a table, then climbed on the top rope. Inside the ring, James Storm stopped him, and the two battled on the top rope. Jeff Hardy was inside the ring, and started climbing the ladder, Jeff is going to get the title, Jeff is going to get the title! Jeff gets on top of the ladder, he’s reaching for the title…but wait. Jeff looks around at the crowd. He stops reaching for the title, and looks around at the crowd. They’re cheering for him, and now he looks down at Chris Harris on the table…and points…and THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! Glenn Gilbertti is yelling at Jeff to get the title, Jeff looks at the title, looks around at the crowd again, looks at Harris……….SWAN!TON! BOMB!!! OH MY GOD!!! FROM THE LADDER ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH A TABLE!!! Inside the ring, James Storm is climbing the ladder…he’s going to get the title…wait…Glenn Gilberti interferes, he’s grabbed hold of Storms leg, and is trying to pull him down……..JIM CORNETTE! JIM CORNETTE! CORNETTE APPEARS FROM THE CROWD AND WHACKS GILBERTI WITH A TENNIS RACQUET! Storm climbs the ladder…NEW! TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIONS!!! [B+]
– A video airs, hyping up Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair tonight, in a last man standing match. Angle is 0-2 against Flair, will tonight be the night? [A+]
– Jim Cornette is backstage with the celebrating Americas Most Wanted. I’m not even going to try and do a Cornette promo as he is just all kinds of awesome. But he talks about how the sides are evened up, and if the Hardyz want to go, AMW will be there to face them anytime. [C]
– A video plays hyping Jericho vs Rey Mysterio Jr, in a 2/3 falls match, next! [A]
– Gilbertti and the Hardy Boyz are shown backstage arguing. [C]
– Sting is backstage, about to be interviewed, when Edge appears, and taunts him. With Sting distracted, Orton starts to attack Sting. Edge and Orton don’t get to double team Sting for long though, as Randy Savage comes charging in and chases them off. [A+]
– 2/3 Falls Match: Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio Jr. Jericho gets Rey in the Walls of Jericho, but Rey manages to flip over, then huracarana Jericho and get the first fall!!! The second fall came when Rey was up on the top rope, and went jumping off trying to hit Jericho with a hurcarana. Jericho held on, pulled Rey up, and charged into the turnbuckle, then span around and hit Rey with an awesome powerbomb for the pin! As for the third fall, the two fought and battled, both getting close to it. Rey got the upper hand, and went for the 619, but Jericho grabbed both his legs as he swung round the ropes, and pulled him into the Walls of Jericho, then grabbed the ropes!!! The referee doesn;’t see…Rey is going to tap…NO! Rey rolls him up..the two are tangled…Reys legs are caught on the ropes…but hes pinning Jericho…one…two..THREE! Rey wins, although his legs were accidently tied up in the ropes!!! Jericho is furious afterwards. [A+]
– And…here…he….comes. Bill Goldberg comes down to the ring, looking more intense than we’ve ever seen him. He gets in the ring, and grabs the microphone. “Lets make this quick…whoever the hell you are, get your ass in the ring, and lets finish this once and for all.” The lights start to flash on and off, and then strobe lights start to go off, as some unfamiliar music plays. The lights then all go off, and the pyros start going off in the middle of the ring, and smoke starts appearing everywhere in the ring! What the hell! What is going on here….uh oh, wait a minute, whats that? That’s…there’s…there’s someone in the ring with Goldberg!! THERES SOMEONE IN THE RING WITH GOLDBERG!!!!!! OH MY GOD, IT’S…….[B]
– ……………….

The Ultimate Warrior.[B+]
– The smoke clears, to show The Ultimate Warrior, standing face to face with Bill Goldberg. OH! MY! GOD! Goldberg looks stunned, he doesn’t know how to react, look at it, it’s the Warrior! It’s the Warrior! Goldberg is standing there, just looking shocked……the fans don’t know how to react….Goldberg swings a clothesline at Warrior!!! But Warrior ducks, and spits MIST~! In Goldbergs face! Oh my God! [B+]
– As Goldberg holds his face and trys to get the mist out, Warrior goes to the outside, grabs a chair, brings it in, and just starts WAILING on Goldberg!!! He beats on him again and again, Goldberg bleeding like crazy in the ring. Warrior then puts a foot on his chest, and orders the referee to count….the referee does…one, two, three! Warrior has “beaten” Goldberg!!! What a shocker. [B+]
– Kurt Angle is backstage with Gene Okerlund. “First of all Gene….Wow. I can’t believe what we just witnessed here. I can’t believe someone could be so brutal, so vicious, so…so…SO AWESOME!! Oh man, Warrior is awesome. That was great. Okay, so coming up later, it’s me vs Ric Flair, my 3rd chance. You know what they say? 3rd time lucky? Well…I don’t need luck! I have skill, I have talent, I have FISTS OF STEEL Mean Gene, and I am going to use them to beat Flair to a bloody pulp, then stand back and watch as he fails to make the ten count, and yours truly, becomes the United States Champion. [A+]
– Chris Benoit vs Hulk Hogan: Hogan was in control of the match to start, but Benoit managed to take over, when Hogans big boot attempt was turned into a bizarre belly-to-belly with leg hooked suplex. Benoit took over, and was brutalizing Hogan. He sent him outside, put him on the Spanish announce table, and went for the flying headbutt off the top rope…but Hogan moved! Benoit went through the table! Hogan managed to drag Benoit in…pin…one…two…thrKICKOUT! Hogan trys some more moves and trys to pin Benoit, but it doesn’t work. Hogan pulls Benoit up and whips him into the corner, but Benoit reverses it, and gets Hogan in the corner! Benoit starts chopping him, and Hogan grabs him and throws him into the corner and starts pounding away! Hogan is going to town on Benoit, I’ve never seen him so inspired! But what, Benoit low blows him, then hits him with the rolling germans! One german! Two germans! Three germans…four….five…six! Oh my god! Benoit now climbs the top rope…here we go…diving headbutt! ONE! TWO! THRE…KICKOUT!!! KICKKKKKOUT!! Uh oh…Hogan is hulking up! Hogan is hulking up!!! Benoit chops Hogan…and Hogan no-sells it!! Benoit chops again…no sold! Right punch by Hogan! And another! And another! Hogan sends Benoit off the ropes…BIG BOOT…NO! BENOIT slides under Hogan…CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!! CRIPPPPLLEEERRR CROSSSFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god! Will Hogan tap? Benoit has it locked in…Hogan might tap…NO! Hogan rolls over and Benoits shoulders are down…one…two..threBenoit rolls back over, and has the crossface locked in even tighter! Hogan can’t get out now…Hogan taps! Hogan taps! Benoit defeats Hulk Hogan!!! [A+]
– WCW US Title: Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair. Kurt Angle attacks Flair right at the start, dominating him. Flair starts fighting back strong though, and we have ourselves a Brooklyn barnyard brawl, to paraphrase good ol JR! The two brawl like crazy, all over the arena, Kurt is trying everything to wear down Flair. Kurt drags Flair into the ring and puts him in the Anglelock, Flair taps but Angle keeps it on, and orders the referee to count, but Flair manages to get up! Angle starts trying some big moves, but again Flair keeps getting up! Angle looks frustrated, and grabs a chair, but the referee trys to stop him, and Flair manages to clip Angles leg, and take the advantage!!! Flair starts dominating over Angle, including giving him an incredible 33 chops, then faceplanting him in the mat. Angle managed to get up at 8, but Flair was on top of him again, submission moves to wear him down. He then signaled for the Figure Four and got Angle in it, and Angle started tapping, but Flair held it in for much longer, then grabbed hold of the ropes! Dirtiest Player in the Game baby!!! Flair finally let go, but Angle struggled up at a 9 count this time. Flair came charging at Angle, but Angle backdropped him over the top rope to the floor below! My god! Flair may be broken in half!!! Angle took control again of this match, and hit Flair with an Angle Slam, but Flair managed to get up at 6. Angle hit him with another Angle Slam…then picked him up…and another…then another…3 angle slams in a row! Angle started celebrating as Flair was down…..but his celebration was short lived, as Flair got up at 9! Angle looked stunned, as Flair just would not give up. Angle grabbed a table and dragged it into the ring, then pushed the referee out of the way, and set up the table. He then put Ric Flair on the top rope. Oh my god, Angle is signaling for an Angle Slam through the table!!! Angle went up on the ropes, started to get Flair in position, but Flair fought with Angle and started punching him, Angle grabbed him anyway and they both went flying through the table!!! Oh my god. The count started, 1…2….3…4…Angle struggled to get up then fell, holding his leg…5…6…7…8….9…Flair gets up!!! FLAIR GETS UP!! RIC FLAIR GETS UP, AND RETAINS THE TITLE! Angles legs gave out on him from the extended figure four, and Ric Flair retains the US Title! [A+]
– Randy Orton/Edge vs Sting/Randy Savage: If Sting or Randy get the pin, they win the World Title. Sting started off with Edge, and was a house on fire, and tagged in Savage. Savage was then used as whipping boy by Orton and Edge, who double teamed him a lot and beat down on him. Orton and Savage were in the ring, and Orton signaled for the RKO, and went for it…but Savage belly to back suplexes Orton!!! Orton is heading to his corner…as is Savage…Savage crawling over….Orton tags in Edge….Edge races after Savage…WHO MAKES THE TAG!! Sting immediately springboard spears Edge to the ground, and starts pounding on him. He whips him off the ropes, and hits him with a flying shoulderblock. Uh oh, here comes Randy Orton…and Sting superkicks him to the ground. Sting sets Randy Orton up in one corner, and Edge in the other…and starts hitting Stinger Splashes on them one after the other! Oh my! He just went to splash Orton, and hit him so hard the two of them went flying over the top rope! Edge is struggling in the corner, he staggers out…and does the FLAIR FLOP! Edge is down! Edge is down!! And look who is up…it’s the Macho Man, Randy Savage!! He points at Edge, he points at the top rope…we are going to see the flying elbowdrop!!!!!!! Randy climbs the top rope, as Sting and Orton battle outside the ring…..FLYING ELBOWDROP BY THE MACHO MAN! Randy pins Edge…ONE…TWO…THREKICKOUT!! HOW DID HE KICK OUT OF THAT??? Savage looks stunned, then points to the top rope again!!! We are going to see another flying elbowdrop, my god!! Savage climbs up to the top rope, but wait, there’s Randy Orton…he’s managed to get up and hits the top rope, crotching Savage! Orton then climbs up there with him and….TOP ROPE RKO!!! RKO FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Orton pins Savage…Sting comes charging in the ring….….ONE…..TWO…..SPEAR ON STING BY EDGE…….THREE!! RANDY ORTON AND EDGE WIN THE MATCH! Unbelieveable! And…whats this? Randy Orton gets the world title…and he holds it aloft, as Souled Out goes off the air! [A+]

Overall: B+

And unfortunately, that was that.

I did not even come close to a year, and I had to pay the $1k. Although Vin enjoyed my reports so much he dropped it to $500 so that wasn’t too bad.

We’ll probably do this again, come TEW 2010.

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