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What Blackjack Superstitions Are There?

I think I’ve mentioned this before that I don’t believe in superstitions. Do I believe in karma? Sure. Even if it’s just doing something nice on the off chance something bad doesn’t happen to me, it’s all good. You know, tipping a waitress or a dealer isn’t mandatory, but it’s a nice thing to do and, you never know, it might mean someone or something reciprocates it somewhere down the line.

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But superstitions? No, in my opinion, they’re a waste of time, especially when playing games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc, where the cards are in a shuffling machine and there is no way I can get a lucky break. But still people insist that if you have certain things, or do certain things, they’re going to bring you good luck or bad luck. Of course, if you’ve read any of the other articles on superstitions at Casino Answers, I’m sure you know my thoughts on them by now. In short, they suck. Gambling superstitions should only be seen as a bit of fun, because they are not going to help you win and they sure as hell aren’t going to stop you losing.

But I know you’re desperate to know what blackjack superstitions people have. Well, perhaps the most common one that you might find is people not shouting for the card they want. If you’ve been dealt a King, you aren’t supposed to ask for, “An Ace from space, please,” because supposedly it’s bad luck. Of course, you could ask for Mr Bun The Baker’s Son, an Ace, a peppered mackerel, because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you ask for, the next card is never going to change. The same applies for the dealer’s hand. You’re never supposed to shout for the dealer to go bust, or for a specific card for the dealer, because apparently this will change the value of the next card in the deck. In reality, if you have the ability to change the next card being dealt, you’re performing witchcraft and you have more important things to be doing than playing in a casino.

Also, players like to take lucky charms with them to the table and sit them in front of them. Whatever floats your boat, but I find them damn annoying. I always remember sitting in a casino in Las Vegas (it could have been the Golden Nugget, but I really can’t remember) and some crazy woman was sat with enough lucky charms to fill a gift shop. It was seriously crazy and every time she would double her hand or split her hand, certain charms would get rubbed. She had all sorts of things from wooden mice, to lucky gems and Vegas trinkets. Needless to say, she was clueless and left the table carrying only her pieces of junk, not chips. It’s not that I mind people having lucky charms, but this woman took the biscuit and started slowing down the game and it didn’t even work for her!

There are other superstitions that I don’t really consider superstitions, just simply courtesy. For example, they say you should never curse a dealer. Well, sure, simply because I would never curse a dealer out. They don’t have a say in what cards you are dealt. Of course, the superstition is that being rude to a dealer means your luck will change for the worse. To be honest, if you started losing, you’d deserve it. Just be nice because you’re a nice person, not because you want to get some good luck. The same is said for tipping dealers, but then I think it’s just a nice thing to do, if the dealer has done a good job. You might think it brings you luck and if it does, more power to you.

If you do ever fancy trying any of the superstitions out, try them out at Bovada. You can sit with some lucky charms, without shouting for specific cards and let us know how you get on. Seriously, if you win big at Bovada blackjack and you think it’s down to some lucky charms, we’d love to hear from you. Take a picture of you and your lucky charms with your winning screen and we’ll be happy to post it, showing just how lucky you and your charms are.

Also, if you want to see if tipping dealers is good luck and being nice to them stops you from going bust, you can do that online, too. Gone are the days of having to travel to a live casino to be nice to dealers, you can now do it online with live dealer blackjack. So, check out Titan Casino, fire up the blackjack tables and start tipping the dealer and not hurling abuse when you lose to the dealer when she’s showing a 6. Again, if this does work for you, we’ll print your success story and your picture and we’ll vouch for the fact that being nice to dealers brings you some sort of luck, especially at Titan Casino.

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