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What Is A Football Treble Bet?

A treble bet is a bet that you can make across most sports and is most popular in football / soccer. It is a combination of three separate bets which you are combining together into one bet.

With a treble bet, you are placing a bet that all three results will come out in your favour. When you place this sort of bet, you are getting better odds than if you were to bet all three outcomes separately.

Football treble bets are very popular when it comes to betting in leagues such as the English Premier League where you have a few teams that week in, week out are more likely to win.

Using decimal odds as a good example, on one particular week, the odds for these three big teams to win at home are:

Man City To Win: 1.11
Liverpool To Win: 1.33
Man Utd To Win: 1.45

If you bet £100 separately on all three of these football matches and they all won, you would make a profit of £89.44. That’s with you risking £300. Not very appealing return, is it?

What if you put all of them into a football treble bet? Well, the odds can vary slightly depending on the sportsbook, but you will likely get 2.14 odds for those. Now if you bet £300 on all three outcomes and they win, you will have profited £376.66, or £287.22 more in profit.

That’s why despite the extra risk, it’s much more appealing due to the reward when you win treble bets as the profit difference is quite substantial.

You can of course pick more than just three matches but a treble bet is generally most appealing as the more teams you add to it, the more risk you are putting yourself at.

Football Treble Bet Strategy:

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to betting trebles is blindly picking the teams. They look at the Man City and Liverpool’s of the football world and assume they will win those games so take the risk.

You should always be analyzing each individual match-up regardless of teams, and deciding if that team is worth adding to your treble. Look into injuries, previous results, upcoming results, and so on. Teams like Man City are notorious for fielding weaker teams with an upcoming big game, so that should be a factor in betting your trebles as well.

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    Additional Live Betting World Cup Questions:

    What if the football match is a draw?

    Well, chances are when you picked the team to win, you chose the three-way option which factors in a draw as well. As a draw is one of the potential outcomes you bet on, that means you would lose your bet.

    Of course you good have added the “Draw No Bet” option for one of the matches if you were a bit wary. Or if it was American sports you could have factored in a point spread that resulted in a tie.

    In that case, that bet is removed from your bet slip, and you get the portion of that returned.

    You then get odds based on the double. In the above example, if we remove Man City from the list, the odds for this would end up being at 1.93 odds and you would get paid based on the £200 staked.

    Can you cash out football treble bets?

    If the sportsbook that you bet at offers the cash-out feature on bets, they will usually always allow you to cash out a treble bet at any time.

    The odds will depend on the current results of the games. If all three games are in your favour at the time of cashout, then you will get a much better return.

    If the results of Man City and Man Utd saw both teams win, and you were simply sweating out the Liverpool game to win your treble – you may wish to cash out the bet if it is getting close. When Liverpool were leading Brentford 3-2 for example with 10 minutes left – that might be a good time to cash out.

    Rather than getting a return of £376.66, it would be more likely to be in the £300-£330 range. While that may not seem as appealing, that was a game Liverpool were expected to dominate defensively. With it being an open game and Brentford already scoring twice it meant they had a good chance of scoring again.

    As it is – if you cashed out your treble bet at the 80th minute you would have profited while if you let it ride just a few more minutes, you would have lost your entire stake due to an 82nd-minute goal by Brentford.

    Are odds at all sportsbooks the same for treble bets?

    No, they are not. When placing treble bets, it is advised to shop around at the online sportsbooks you have an account at to determine which sportsbook to place the bet at.

    There are a variety of things that can affect the odds. The odds on each individual match for one – if Man Utd are 1.33 at one sportsbook and 1.40 at another, then the latter would give better odds for the treble if the other odds are the same.

    There are even some sportsbooks that offer treble bonuses and accumulator bonuses such as 30% better odds or return at the sportsbook if you place a treble. They usually refer to it as a “boosted accumulator bonus” so that is yet another thing to consider when looking to place your treble bet.

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