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Bet on Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones / Sonnen vs Jones Betting Odds

It may not be the fight that MMA Purists want to see – but you can’t deny that from an entertainment value Chael Sonnen vs Jon “Bones” Jones is going to be an incredible match. Even moreso due to the buildup of it – Ultimate Fighter has suddenly become a can’t miss show.

The fight isn’t for awhile yet – April 27th, 2013 is the date of Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones – but the great news is that you can currently bet on this fight. Sometimes it is great to get in early too because this is where the value is at.

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The betting odds are going to be jumping like crazy for this one with so much betting action going on this. The purists will be going with Jon Jones most likely – but you can’t forget what Chael Sonnen did to Anderson Silva – who is undoubtedly the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.

Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones Betting Odds:

The current Sonnen vs Silva betting odds from

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Jon Jones Betting Odds: -750
Chael Sonnen Betting Odds: +475

Of course that will change regularly so be sure to sign up at

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so you can track them.

There’s a long time until Sonnen vs Jones – and there will soon be more bets available like betting the finish of Sonnen vs Jones or how many rounds it goes – when they are added we will update this page with the latest Sonnen vs Jones betting odds.

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    Additional Sonnen vs Jones Betting Questions:

    Do you have any Sonnen vs Jones Betting Tips?

    I would favour Chael Sonnen if his betting odds hit the +550 range. Be sure to keep an eye on geocode id=67] because the odds are constantly changing.

    I’ve been a fan of UFC since UFC 1 – I remember trading tapes back in the day just to see the shows. I understand the MMA Purists point of view – but at the end of the day, money talks. Chael Sonnen added 300,000+ buys to Silva vs Sonnen 1. This is a match that the mainstream fans are aching to see. Why the hell shouldn’t they do it? And if they can get the Ultimate Fighter ratings up in the process? I mean, I used to count the days until Ultimate Fighter. These days I forget it’s even on! Yet I am SO excited for the Sonnen vs Jones season.

    And anyone who thinks Jones is a “lock” – go back and look at any betting tips or betting previews for UFC 117, with Silva vs Sonnen. I mean here is one quote: “It’s impossible for Sonnen to pull off the upset. Silva will easily control the tempo.” And another: “Sonnen should consider it a moral victory if he can still manage to stand after the 5 rounds are up.”

    And how did that one work out?

    Chael Sonnen is an enigma. This isn’t the Toney vs Couture publicity stunt – Chael Sonnen is a serious contender and should be bet on.

    Is it safe to bet Sonnen vs Jones so early?


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    aren’t going anyway. Your money is safe. If the fight is canceled due to injury then they will give you a complete refund automatically. You can trust

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    When is Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones?

    April 27th, 2013. This will most likely be UFC 160, UFC 161 or UFC 162.

    When does The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 air?

    The Ultimate Fighter 17 does not currently have a set airdate. HOWEVER there will be a change – it is not going to be on Fridays anymore. No news on when it will be yet.

    I could see Saturdays as a solid option, personally. Using it as a lead-in for UFC PPVs and events could be huge.

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