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What is the Bruins vs Habs 2014 Playoff Schedule?

It’s a question we’ve recieved quite a few times over the past day – What is the Bruins vs Canadiens 2014 Playoff Schedule?.

And I understand the anxiety – I really do. I for example have tickets for Game 3 – which is the first Habs home game. However I’m out of the province on vacation, arriving back in the morning of May 5th. So I’m sweating it big time as well – will Game 3 be played on May 5th? If so no problem. If it’s May 4th I might be able to make it if I change my flight. But May 3rd? Forget about it.

So first of all here’s the bad news – as of this writing, April 28th 2014 at 3pm EST there is NO set schedule for the Bruins vs Habs. I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back – I’m checking every 20 minutes to see if there is a schedule released.

In saying that, me and my crack research team have spent some time looking at previous playoffs, previous playoffs for both teams etc – and asking some people who would generally know these things. We’ve came up with a potential Bruins vs Habs playoff schedule that we think will be pretty close.

Potential Bruins vs Canadiens Playoff Schedule Dates:

Here is what we believe – remember, Bruins have home advantage.

  • Thursday, May 1st: Game 1 – Montreal at Boston
  • Saturday, May 3rd: Game 2 – Montreal at Boston
  • Tuesday, May 6th: Game 3 – Boston at Montreal
  • Thursday, May 8th: Game 4 – Boston at Montreal
  • Saturday, May 10th: Game 5 – Montreal at Boston
  • Monday, May 12th: Game 6 – Boston at Montreal
  • Wednesday, May 14th: Game 7 – Montreal at Boston

Of course this is all hypothetical, but we’ve did the research and think this is the most likely scenario. Depending on the series, you will often see a 3 day break at some point. With the rivalry between these teams, this is arguably the biggest series of round 2. Based on that, we believe they will aim for two Saturday night games – and that would work out perfectly.

As I said – completely hypothetical and we will have to wait and see. I’m checking the sports news and twitter and ticket sites every few minutes hoping for it to be released. Based on the history, there’s the chance that the schedule won’t be announced until all of the round 1 games are finished.

For that to happen, you will need all of the Game 6s on April 28th to be decided – with the Penguins, Avs and Sharks winning. 3 road teams – eek, can’t see it then the Rangers the next night. At the very latest the schedule will be released on April 30th.

As I expect they will want to kick off hockey on May 1st I’d expect the schedules to be released today or tomorrow.

Domenic Fazioli, who is a TV reporter in Montreal, said on Twitter “Looks like it will begin Thu or Sat” which backs up our above prediction. With the Habs sweep and the Bruins wrapping it up in 5, it’s most likely going to be Thursday. You can Follow him on Twitter.

Ron MacLean said it would also be Thursday that it will start.

Either way – keep this page bookmarked, and we will list the actual schedule ASAP.

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