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Can You Bet On The Simpsons Season 25 Death?

Big news for fans of The Simpsons which is that they intend to kill off a major character during this new season. Even bigger news? YOU CAN BET ON IT.

Yes – you can actually place money on who will die in the Simpsons. This bet is available at

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under their Entertainment-TV section.

As of this writing, no-one knows who will actually be killed off on The Simpsons. There have been rumours – but the writers have stated even the voice actor doesn’t know at this point. And if The Simpsons are smart they will throw out quite a few red herrings.

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So before we throw any analysis into this let’s check out the betting odds:

Simpsons Character Death Betting Odds:

We’ll be using fractional betting odds. For example 4/1 means you would bet $10 to win $40 on the bet. Odds are listed by favourite to least favourite to die:

Apu: 4/1
Sideshow Bob: 4/1
Abe/Grandpa Simpson: 6/1
Edna Krabappel: 6/1
Krusty The Clown: 15/2
Barney: 9/1
Moe: 9/1
Comic Book Guy: 10/1
Princess Penelope: 10/1
Rabbi Hyman Krustofski:10/1
Itchy: 12/1
Carl: 20/1
Chief Wiggum: 20/1
Ned Flanders: 20/1

All betting odds taken from

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Simpsons Character Death Betting Analysis & Tips:

As we can see – there is no one major favourite to die on The Simpsons. 4/1 is the lowest which is shared by Apu and Sideshow Bob.

Now honestly – I can’t give you as much analysis from a Simpsons perspective. I stopped watching the Simpsons awhile ago, as did everyone I know. I’ve did a lot of research into it – but I’m going to have to provide some advice mainly from a betting analysis perspective, as well as a general media perspective.

For example – The Simpsons wants people to talk about them. It’s Season 25. They want something fresh and dramatic. Plus I feel they want to create something that will affect future episodes. So Chief Wiggum is a possibility even despite the 20/1 odds. That would be a notable death, and would be something Ralph would have to deal with.

Or they may go for a cop-out like Edna who really is not that big a deal on the show. It would be like Maud where it affects things slightly, but doesn’t really change the show that much. However I read a fair bit about this and it seems the showrunners want it to be emotional, and I can’t see the audience connecting as much with Edna, which again leads me to Chief Wiggum.

It’s tricky because they don’t like to upset the apple cart. They killed off Fat Tony and what happened? Fit Tony showed up and became Fat Tony. However a major character death that means something would really freshen the show up, and actually challenge the writers.

Comic Book Guy is getting married on the show apparently this season, so that could be another good betting opportunity. At 10/1 those are fairly solid odds and that could be emotional.

Honestly, we’re not too sure. Hopefully some Simpsons fans are reading this and can weigh in on the contact form below. And remember to head to

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to place your bets!

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