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Rush Horses Go

Rush Horses Go is a horse racing-themed Internet casino game developed by Inspired Entertainment, Inc, which is a London-based mobile gaming-oriented company. Rush Horses Go is among the company’s Rush-branded casino game series, which consists of other games such as Rush Football 2, Rush Basketball, and Rush Darts Live. This game, which was introduced around 2015, is modelled on Ascort Park. NMi Gaming dealt with Rush Horses Go in terms of conformance testing.

Rush Horses Go: Game Review
There are about twelve jockeys who are wearing numbered jerseys. Each of these jockeys is named and the numbering might as well double up as the horses’ identities. Jockey number one is called Big Match, number two is Arabian, number three is Kings Power, four is Baby Got Back, five is Amazing Dancer, six is Rita’s Wish, seven is Steve’s Dream, eight is Indian Cowboy, nine is Aztec Star, ten is Carl’s Claret, eleven is Vinny’s Vixen, and twelve is called Rich’s Wish.

Playing Rush Horses Go is a simple two-way action. First, players click an image of a specific horse, which not only acts as their preferred choice, but also functions as the icon for placing the stake. Second, the players are required to click the light blue “Go” icon so as to begin the virtual race. The lowest stake that players can stake is 20 cents (every bet), whereas the largest stake for an entire game is $200. Rush Horses Go has six types of betting chips, which are valued at 20 cents, $1, $2, $10, $50, and $200. Rush Horses Go supports twenty-nine different currencies, including dollars, British pounds, and Japanese yen.
Rush Horses Go has four sections of bets. The first section, called main bets, pays thus: jersey 1 gives $13, 2 offers $18, 3 has $12, 4 offers $30, 5 is $26, 6 for $34, 7 is $52, 8 has $15, 9 offers $13, 10 for $42, 11 is $46, and 12 gives $22.

The second section, called Specials (bets), pays thus: $3.90 for even numbered winning pony, $5.20 if Lucky 8 is among the top three, $4.20 if a favourite horse is among the top three, and up to $21 for a bust, that is, the winning horses have the first three numberings. Section three, called bigger returns, is for first and second winners consecutively: horses 3 and 1 or 8 and 2 get $76 and $142, respectively; also 6 and 1 is $222, 6 and 9 offer $252, 5 and 4 pay $402; 2 and 7 pay $452; 10 and 11 pay $1102; and 7 and 11 pay $1302. The other section, called biggest returns, is for first, second and third positions, consecutively: 3, 1 and 9 offer $402, 8, 9 and 3 offer $502, respectively; others are 1, 4, 12 for $1802, 11,1, and for 9 give $2002, 5, 6 and 8 give $3602, 6, 2 and 12 give $3602, 2, 7, and 4 give $7002, and 7, 11, and 10 offer $30002.

The highest payout associated with every bet in Rush Horses Go is $100,000 while the highest possible payout for a given game is $500,000. There is a virtual cog at the top right side of the navigation panel, which lets players adjust sound effects and video sound and shows the bonus wheel, betting list, a progressive update of the horse race, previous results and odds. The graphics is spot on, proof of Inspired’s claim to possessing award-winning visual effects artists.

Advantages include the X10 multiplier refunding the losing bets, and fast forwarding the game so as to skip the video and opt for the final results instead.

Rush Horses Go: Strategy
The RTP rate of Rush Horses Go is 93.5%.

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