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Rush Dogs Go

Rush Dogs Go is a greyhound racing-themed online casino game created by Inspired Entertainment Inc., a company that is based in London and deals with games technology operations. Rush Dogs Go is in the list of Rush-branded games of Inspired Entertainment Inc., alongside games such as Rush Horses Go, Rush Greyhounds 2, Rush Roulette, and Rush Cricket. Rush Dogs Go, which is apparently modelled on the so-called Barking Green track, has been in the gaming market for a few years. This game has also been subjected to and passed compliance testing courtesy of NMi Gaming.

Rush Dogs Go: Game Review
Ordinarily, dogs are the symbols used in Rush Dogs Go, wherein there are many racing dogs that are identified by the numbers on their canine anxiety wraps. These dogs include Andy’s Answer, Saints Strike, Magic Manc, Chilton Calm, Alex’s Dream, Tipton Twister, Harvey’s Hero, Bronze Sue, Wooden’s Wish, Silver Sandy, and Inspired Rich. The numbers on their wraps might be used interchangeably.

In order to play Rush Dogs Go, bettors click on the dog of their choice so as to place their stake; unlike other games where there are +/- icons for adjusting the stake–or sounds– Rush Dogs Go navigation panel lets the players press a specific dog repeatedly in order to increase the stake while pressing the “Undo” sign repeatedly decreases the bet progressively—pressing “clear” returns to the default bets. After placing stakes, players click the yellowish “Go!” icon, and the game begins amid a “woof! woof!” from an unseen yet excited dog. The smallest bet allowed in Rush Dogs Go is 20 cents (this is also the smallest betting chip) for any bet, whereas the maximum one is $200 (it is also the biggest betting chip) for every bet and every game; other betting chips are valued at $1, $2, $10, and $50.

The Great Britain pound, dollars, and Euro aside, the in-game currency listing can be customized to use 20+ other currencies, including the Indian Rupee, Romanian Leu, and Philippine Piso. Rush Dogs Go has: main bets for the favourite winner; special bets for, let’s say, an odd numbered winner; bigger returns bet for the first two (the first position and the runner-up) winning dogs, consecutively; and biggest returns bet for the first three (the first, second, and third positions) winning dogs consecutively.

Payouts depend on the bets; for instance, betting $1 on the number one as the preferred favourite winner pays $3.30 while favourite number five pays $8.50. Each bet in Rush Dogs Go can win a maximum payout of $100,000, whereas the biggest payout for a game is $500,000.

The settings icon at the top right side is for adjusting sound effects and video sound, contains the user guide, and has the “Quit” icon for ending the game. Players can fast-track the games to watch the results rather than watch a races. Clicking on the major buttons sounds like a whoosh while clicking on the on/off buttons for the sound effects and video sound produce bleeps. There is a bonus wheel that can multiply a bettor’s winnings up to tenfold.

Rush Dogs Go: Strategy
The theoretical return to player rate of Rush Dogs Go is 93.4%, although the $100,000 capping for winning single bets may have a negative impact on this RTP.

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