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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors, which is modelled on a similarly named age-old hand game dating from ancient China, is an online game developed by the Douglas-based Playtech Plc. The game, whose name is sometimes written as rock-paper-scissors, is alternatively called “roshambo” in some parts of the U.S. while Japanese fans call it “janken”. Rock Paper Scissors is named after the interpretations of three hand signals, which denote a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors; players use the aforementioned objects figuratively.

Rock Paper Scissors: Game Review
As showed on the logo of Rock Paper Scissors, the following hand signals are the symbols used. First, there is a clenched fist, which stands for a rock. Secondly, there is a stretched out hand—it is seemingly ready to get enveloped in a handshake—which stands for a piece of paper. Lastly, there is a V-like hand signal, which refers to the two blades of a pair of scissors.

To place their stakes, Rock Paper Scissors players use the plus (+) and minus (—) icons, which are located at the bottom left side of its interface. Rock Paper Scissors has a betting range of $0.10 to $100, although some versions allow $50 maximum bet. Traditionally, Rock Paper Scissors required two real-life players; however, the player plays against their computer—a virtual unseen opponent—in the online version, wherein the aim is signalling an object that is more powerful than that of their opponent. Rocks can destroy—and are more powerful than—scissors; scissors overpowers paper because scissors are often used for paper cutting; and a paper overpowers a rock because it can be wrapped in a paper. It is a cycle.

Rock Paper Scissors has fixed odds. In the first part, players can not only win or lose but also draw, particularly if the player’s and computer’s choices are similar at a particular time. The players’ bets are spared whenever there are draws, but any winning choice offers X1.9. The second part is named winning streak bet, and pays whenever the player wins two, three or four game rounds consecutively; the odds are X8.7 for two successive wins, X26 for three successive wins, and X78 for four consecutive wins. Players can opt in or out of this second part, where draws and loses are similar; draws do not refund stakes unlike in the previous part.

The logo colours, sounds, and graphics are fairly good. Unfortunately, the lack of extra features like autoplay, pay lines, reels, and bonus game among others implies that Rock Paper Scissors is limited to basics.

Rock Paper Scissors: Strategy
The RTP rate of Rock Paper Scissors is 96.67%, while the house edge is roughly 3.5%. When starting to play the face-to-face Rock Paper Scissors game, signalling a paper as the first pick is recommendable because opponents, particularly men, signal a rock. Other experts recommend imitating the opponent by signalling the opponents’ last choice, or maintaining winning choices while shifting losing choices. However, suchlike strategies are fruitless when playing against a computerised opponent, where the choices are randomized.

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