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Hi-Lo Gambler

Hi-Lo Gambler is a hi lo-branded Internet casino game made by Realistic Games Limited, a Berkshire-based video game designer. Realistic introduced it in 2015. Both paylines and reels are absent in Hi-Lo Gambler. Incidentally, the term “hi-lo” is a shortened form of “high-low”. Just like other similar games such as Hi-Lo Blackjack, the players are required to predict if—and bet on—a yet-to-be-drawn card has either a high or low value comparatively.

Hi-Lo Gambler: Game Review
Traditionally, hi-lo games use cards, including Hi-Lo Gambler. The dozen cards are Ace, cards 2 throughout to 9, and the royal set J, Q, and K; this also includes their respective suits, ranging from diamonds to clubs.

To start playing Hi-Lo Gambler, players need to first press the “STAKE UP” icon so as to place their stakes; pressing “STAKE UP” repeatedly increases the bet size while pressing “STAKE DOWN” decreases the bet size. Secondly, players have to predict the following card by comparing it with, let’s say, the 4 of diamonds (a specific first card by default for comparison purpose). Third, they click the values or suits which might be similar to just about to be drawn cards. It’s a win or lose scenario.

Hi-Lo Gambler players can stake between $0.50 minimum and $100.00 maximum; other bet sizes are $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, $75.00. There are nine possibilities: “Higher” face value, “Lower” face value, “Snap” (similar face value and suit), “Ace of clubs”, “King of diamonds or Ace of clubs”, “Jack of hearts or Queen of spades or King of diamonds or Ace of clubs”, “spades or clubs”, “hearts or diamonds”, and any face value or suit between cards “2 and 9”.

Hi-Lo Gambler has two types of payouts: bet size-based payouts and fixed odds. Only “Higher” and “Lower” options have bet size-based payouts out of the nine possible outcomes. For instance, staking $0.50 offers $3.14 and $1.79 if a player successfully predicts a “Higher” or a “Lower”, respectively; whereas, using the maximum bet size $100.00 offers $117.00 and $1,170.00 for “Higher“and “Lower” options, respectively. The following are the fixed odds (highest to lowest): “Snap” offers X11.70, “Ace of clubs” gives X11.70, “King of diamonds or Ace of clubs” offers X5.85, “Jack of hearts or Queen of spades or King of diamonds or Ace of clubs” offers X2.93, “spades or clubs” offers X1.95, “hearts or diamonds” offers X1.95, and “2 to 9” offers X1.46.

Hi-Lo Gambler has lackluster graphics; the sound, which can be adjusted by clicking the speaker icon at the top center, only gets activated after the player wins or loses the first game round. Hi-Lo Gambler has neither progressive jackpot nor non-progressive jackpot. It also lacks an “Auto Play” feature and a Wild Symbol.

Hi-Lo Gambler: Strategy
Card counting is impossible in this game of chance. However, the possibility of successfully predicting the face values in the “2-9” range is relatively higher than the rest. Unfortunately, this range has the lowest payout. A player should not play Hi-Lo Gambler blindly; instead, it is advisable to press the “Save Some” icon accordingly after every win so as to prevent a loophole wherein all previous unsaved wins are staked automatically without the player’s consent. Hi-Lo Gambler’s RTP is 96.00%.

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